Illamasqua Sales Haul

I restrained myself pretty well on the Illamasqua site, but still wanted to share my sales buys with you. Cause who doesn't love a bargain? I only bought two things, but one of the two was a gift set so there's a few more in that one thing, ya get me? 
So the first thing I bought was the Eye Shadow Palette in the shade Demise. This little quad has some really pretty looking shades - there's a white, a grey toned black, a lovely rich purplely pink shade and a creamy gold pink looking shade. I'm really looking forward to trying out these shades, I've already got a palette from Illamasqua so know they blend pretty well, it'll be fun to see what kind of looks I can make from this. For only £10.20 its an absolute steal! 
The only other thing I bought was the Extinct set. The Extinct set contains everything you could need to make a beautiful eye look. Everything in the set is full sized - its nice to for once have a makeup gift set that's not full of minis!  The set has one of their mascaras, the precision gel liner in Infinity, a liner brush and a tube of Broken Gold. I've wanted to get my hands on Broken Gold for ages, but it seemed to always be sold out, and now the only way to get it was in this set. I'm really glad I decided to get the set, the value for money is amazing - all these items for £20 is an absolute bargain, unfortunately its sold out online now, but they still have so many amazing items left! 
I'm hoping 2017 will be a year of more cautious spending, so heres hoping I use what I buy and not just buy for the hype. I'll definitely be reviewing the Broken Gold at least at some point, I only wish it was still party season.


Lush Sales Haul | Boxing Day Buys

For whatever reason my brother and I were both awake at 7 on boxing day morning, so like any normal people we decided to go do some sales shopping. So off we went to Braehead, arriving before 8am and hitting up the most important store first - Lush. 
God knows what time they actually opened doors at cause there was already soooo many people in store and a queue had already formed. Scott and I just grabbed literally anything that was part of the Christmas range, and by about quarter past were in line to pay. All in all I think we were in Lush for about an hour? I'm glad with the amount that I got, spending over £100 on everything I got. I kind of wish we had got there slightly earlier so I could have got one of the maaaaassive gift sets but alas they were all gone when I got there. 
So, without further rambling lets look at all the goodies that I bought! 
I got myself 3 gift sets, just y'know for the options of more bombs. I got the Jingle Bells set which came with two bombs, Peeping Santa and Father Christmas - I've tried both before and I like them both lots. I also got the Jester set, this had 4 different items in it: Jester reusable bubble bar; Santasaurus reusable bubble bar, Lord of Misrule bath bomb and Monsters Ball bath bomb. The Jester set came really nicely packaged in one of those scarf things with bells on top too. Santasaurus looks so cute and has such a great name too! The last gift set I got was the Noel set, this also came with 4 things: Lord of Misrule shower cream; Papa Noel shower jelly; Smugglers soul shampoo bar; and Fireside soap. This set has alottttt more options in it than just bath stuff, and to be honest with you until right now I didn't actually realise what was inside it.. I honestly just grabbed it in store and added it to the basket - I got sale eyes.
I also got myself not one, not two,not even 3 but FOUR 500g bottles of Snow Fairy. Can't have enough Snow Fairy, and now I think I'm set till the summer for shower gel. Along with Snow Fairy I got myself a 500g bottle of Bubbly shower gel, it smells amazing and I'm really glad I bought myself a bottle, just one. 
Along with the big bottles of shower gel I got a Snow Fairy fun, 3 different colours so I'm hoping that its easy to pull off a colour to use at a time. There's also a Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, I don't use body products much but Snow Fairy smells amazing so lets hope I actually use this. I also got myself a Santa Baby lip scrub, my bubblegum one is almost empty so at least I have a back up one. 
Now for all the bath bombs! Luxury Lush Pud Bath bomb, Shoot for the Stars, two Never Mind the Ballistic, Golden Wonder & Northern Lights Bath Bomb.
Theres also a bunch of bubble bars here too. Ruby Red Slippers, Candy Mountain, Christmas Penguin and Magic wand bubble bars, finally for the Lush haul of all Lush hauls is the Snow Angel bath melt and a big block of Snow Globe soap!
I'm set for Lush stuff for awhile now I think, god bless the Lush sale!


Hello 2017, Nice To See You

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new? Compared to previous years, 2016 was really quite good for me. I finally made my way into 3rd year, I got a new job that I really enjoy and I travelled to so many amazing places with my equally amazing boyfriend. 
As this goes up I'm most likely in bed nursing a hangover, hoping to god I'm not in the state I was last year, please lord no. 
In 2017 I want to carry on with two of last years resolutions, those being to be healthier and feel happier. In September I started doing weight watchers with my friend and started to consistently go to the gym, mostly classes but it was a start. 
In the months leading up to Christmas I managed to lose write in how much weight i lost. I honestly felt loads better in myself for losing it and in the new year getting some muscle on me and toning up is what I'm hoping to do. Up until now for me its been all about reducing the amount of fat on me, 2017 is project build muscle. 
Along with getting fitter, I want to see more of the world. Just like last year, although this year I'm going to specify places that I want to see by the end of the year, and I definitely want to see at least 4 new places before 2017 is done. On my list of places to see this year is: Iceland, Venice and Slovenia. These three are places I definitely want to visit this year, come hell or high water I'm telling you. 
Finally, I want to get into fourth year. The only way for me to do this is to study my butt off, January exams and May exams are going to be so hard but I'll work my hardest to prove that I can do it. 

Anyhoo thats the last of my resolutions for this year, do you have any resolutions for 2017?  


A Final Look on New Years Resolutions

Last year I decided to set myself three New Years Resolutions: see 4 new places; be healthier; and be happier. 
For the most part I managed to achieve them. I've seen 3 new places - Rome, Turkey and Paris. I was one trip away from reaching this goal, and by the end of January I'll have added London to my list of places I've been. 
The other two resolutions I think I've done well at too, I definitely feel that compared to this time last year that I'm happier than before and I know I'm healthier. Going to the gym multiple times a week and being more conscious of what I've eaten has helped me manage that. 
My resolutions for 2017 will probably be somewhat similar to this years, but more on that in another post!