Arbonne Nutrition Pack

It's getting closer to that time of year again - the time of year where everyone wants to lose their festive weight and get a kick start of a healthier year. 
In general, I'm a rather healthy and fit person, I use protein powders most days anyway and as I'm wanting to try move to a more plant based life I thought I'd give the Arbonne Nutrition pack a go. The cheaper and smaller of the two nutrition packs came with a box of the Herbal tea, a box of Fizz Sticks (you can pick pomegranate or citrus flavoured), a box of digestion plus, a bag of daily fibre support and a bag of their vegan protein, I got the chocolate one but they also have vanilla. 
Arbonne have a 30 day to Healthy Living plan that this pack is based around, during the plan your meant to completely cut out dairy, wheat/gluten, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Its quite a lot to cut out, but when you think about it these things were never meant to be in our bodies, way back when we wouldnt have had toast or cereal for breakfast, would have been anything we could have caught, killed or grown. So I'm all for cutting out crap we are most likely intolerant too. 
I mix the digestion plus, the tea and the fizz sticks together and they taste insane together! It basically just tastes a bit like warm ribenna - I say warm cause I cool mine down. The tea in itself tastes really nice too! 
I've yet to try the Fibre Support - but the whole point in this is basically to replace the nutrients that we are meant to get from our foods but don't anymore. Basically cause our foods come from many places over seas - after they've been harvested they instantly start to lose their nutritional value - essentially cause the crop is dying as soon as its been cut. So this is just there to supplement what were no longer getting from our foods. 
Final item here now is the Protein Shake powder. I got the chocolate one as I'd already tried it a few weeks ago, it was just the most velvety smooth chocolate protein I'd ever tried. It provides 20g of vegan protein per serving which is pretty good! It will definitely help get me to my goal of 96g of protein a day! 

Have you ever tried anything from Arbonne before? What do you think of these products? 


H&M Beauty

Back when the new maaaassive H&M opened in Glasgow David and I went in for a wee look - it was then that I had noticed the huge beauty section that they had (there was also a huge homewear section but thats for another time). When I got paid the other week I decided to get a few things from their beauty range, mostly masks though. 
First of the masks are both for combination skin, both of these two are peel off ones. The yellow coloured pod is Raspberry Leaf - it says its got vitamin E for combination skin, it says it helps to clear away dead skin cells to leave skin fragrant and soft to the touch. Not sure how I feel about the fragrant part of it but hay ho, we'll see what its like to actually use. The other mask here is a Manuka Honey and Jasmine Blossom mask - it also removed dead skin cells, and again says it leaves your skin feeling fragrant and smooth. 
I also got a Dragon Fruit and Fig Mask - this one is an exfoliating mask, this one says it gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, this one is designed for oily skin. The other mask here is Tea Tree cleansing peel off mask with peppermint oil, this helps to ease irritation & leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 
Last 3 items of this very mask heavy haul. Theres a Witch Hazel and Rosemary mask for oily skin - this helps to cleanse the skin, reducing unwanted oil leaving the skin feeling refreshed and clear. The final mask is a Witch Hazel and Willowherb mask, this one is for blemish prone skin - it contains soothing ingredients to remove excess sebum leaving your skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. The masks all cost £2.99 - apart from the Tea Tree one which cost £1.99. 
The final thing I got was a Brush Cleansing Spray, I just thought this would be a good thing to have to refresh my brushes between deeper cleans. It was £3.99 so could be a good wee bargain if it does the job. 
I don't think I've ever seen anyone talking about H&M's beauty line, what do you think about their products? Have you tried any of it before? 


CoverFX Liquid Highlighter

I honestly don't know how I've not done a post on these before - this is probably one of my all time favourite highlighters! The Cover FX Colour Enhancing Drops come in 9 different colours, a few look like bronzing shades though, and cost £34. I got this a long while ago and every time I wear a full face I wear this! The bottle is glass and has 15ml of product in it. The product is applied with a little pipette type applicator. The rubber squeezy bit is was black, but through using the product the rubber top has turned shimmery from the product. 
Quite frankly, the pipette thing is pretty useless - I'll never suck up product to apply it as that would give you waaaaaay to much product to use on your face. You literally need the tiniest amount of product with this - it is so pigmented that I only dab a tiny bit of this on my face and thats it - dab dab and done. Well... Not quite. You will need to blend it in - I just use my finger to blend it and it does the job v nicely if I do say so myself. 
When you first apply it, it comes out as quite a thick liquid - its not overly runny, its just the right consistency for you to be able to play around with it and blend it nicely. I took a lil picture of how it looks unblended - aka dab dabbed onto the skin - and when its been blended out. It is a fairly intense highlight but honestly you could just use less for a more subtle look! 
Have you tried these before? What do you think of them? 


Bath And Body Works | Winter Collection

 I have an issue, and the issue is I can't stop buying Bath & Body Works candles, these two make my collection 5 strong now. I'm probably going to get more at another time, all 5 of my candles are autumnal scents - one is even a lovely Halloween one (you can see my other candle haul here).
The two candles I bought are Hot Cocoa & Cream and Campfire Donuts. The candles are both 3 wick and have the same sort of rustic looking label on the glass jars. They also feature the same metal lids with the forest and stars design on them! These scents are definitely not for everyone as only my brother and Davids Auntie like the smell of them - they are very strong and if you're not a fan of sweet cakey type scents then I'd probably steer clear of these ones. 
Hot Cocoa & Cream smells just like a super rich hot chocolate - smells insane and honestly it smells good enough to eat. It is definitely the stronger of the two scents. Campfire Donuts smells amazing too - it isn't nearly a strong a scent as Hot Cocoa & Cream though. 
It smells cakey and sweet, just like a warm donut would smell. 
Both these candles are literally drool worthy!! 

What do you think about these two candles? Would they be scents that you'd want?