Rimmel Apocalips Review

Upon a wander around Boots I decided to take a look at Rimmels products and all the new and wonderful products they had brought out. It was then that I found the brilliance that is the Apocalips Lip Lacquers. These are a god send, their colour is amazing and they last for hours.
I only got 3 from the collection - of which there is 8 colours. The colour range is pretty amazing, some colours I wouldn't wear, as  I'm not a huge fan of nudes, but my mum and I were in awe of almost (if not all) of the colours. The ones I chose were Stella and Big Bang and to take full advantage of the 3 for 2 my mum got the shade Galaxy.
The product feels luxurious and creamy on the lips, its not sticky which is a major plus for me as I'd rather not have my lips being stuck together.  They also feel really moisturising, so I didn't feel the need to constantly have my lips covered in lip balm.
The finish of these isn't overly glossy, its actually more on the matte side, I also get the impression that these are more of a stain than a gloss ( but they are kind of a mix of both gloss and stain).
The wand is pretty impressive, I say this as a total gloss/stain virgin. In the past when I've looked at or tried lip glosses I've found the wands quite annoying - as I found they were a horrible shape, didn't have enough gloss attached to it or had waaaay to much, not with this though I feel it is the perfect shape and holds the perfect amount of gloss on the wand ( due to the little package of colour held in the wand).

Over all I have to say I am completely sold on these, and I will probably be going out to buy more of the collection - maybe even the entire collection. They aren't overly pricey, maybe even on the cheaper side for what your getting, £5.99 is a total bargain for these.  I hope as time goes on they bring out more shades, it would be the cherry on top to have lots and lots of shades to choose from and to marvel over.



Nivea lip butter review

I had been dying to get my hands on these little tins since I first saw them. One day I finally decided to buy them, and am I glad I did. The Nivea lip butters are truly amazing. They come in different scents, Raspberry Rose, Caramel, Vanilla and the plain original one. I bought the Raspberry and the caramel ones, and boy oh boy do they smell heavenly.
Not only do they smell amazing, they make you lips feel pampered and super soft. I have very dry lips, so I'm in a constant battle to keep them soft and to try keep the flakeyness at bay. This has helped so much!
I use these constantly, I have one by my bed and one always by my side when I go out. 
Out of all the lip balms I have ever bought, so far these are my favourite. They tick all the boxes for me, they smell nice, they actually help my lips, last for a long time (unlike all the chapsticks I have used) and they are affordable.