Real Technique Brushes

My love affair with Real Technique brushes started when I got really into watching Pixiwoo on YouTube. I had never used a make-up brush to put my make-up on before buying these - even my eye shadow was put on with those rubbish sponge things.

My collection is slowly growing, the first Real Techniques brushes I bought was the Core Collection. This is such a lovely set, and the brushes are so versatile. I use 3 out of 4 of the brushes in the set, but recently I have been using all 4.

The detailer brush is meant for concealer and can even be used for lipstick application. I use this brush for applying my lipstick, I find that it lasts so much longer using a brush to apply it than applying straight to my lips. I also found that I could get a nicer shape, and not go over the lines by using a brush.

The pointed foundation brush is one of the brushes I don't use very often. It's meant for liquid foundation but I find I can get a nicer finish if I use the buffing brush to apply my foundation. I've started to use this now though to brush over my face to soften out any lines on my face.

One of the brushes I use most often is the Contour brush. I love this brush, I have a chubby little face and I love the way I can make my face look by using my Sleek Face Form kit. I use this for 3 different things. - blush, bronzer( contour) and highlight. I am in desperate need of getting myself a blush brush, and some brush cleanser.
Buffing brush. Well, what can I say about this? It is fantastic! I use this to apply my foundation, I don't use it straight away. I first use my fingers to apply the foundation and then finish off with the buffing brush, I think it just gives a really nice flawless looking finish.
The brush isn't specifically for liquid foundation, in fact I don't think that is what it's meant for at all, they say that you can use it for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.
This is such a lovely set and totally worth £21.99.

One of my newer sets of brushes is the Eyes Starter Set. I got this set from a site called iherb. Iherb is an American site that sells loads of different health care things along with quite a few different make-up brands - including physicians formula. This set cost me around £12(£21.99 in the UK), which is a massive saving! I've not had much of a chance to play around with these yet so I wont be able to give a huge amount of detail on these. The kit contains:

Base shadow brush, this is the brush you would probably just use for any wash of colour on your lids.  The brush is really soft and fluffy, it's really dense as well so will be perfect for packing on shadows.

The deluxe crease brush is just the thing I was needing. I've gone for so long with one cheap fluffy shadow brush. Been unable to do any proper make-up looks because of my serious lack of brushes. The crease brush is lovely, soft and thick. It looks like the perfect size for fitting into the crease of the lid. It's described as brig " soft, oversized design for effortless contouring". Perfect. Just what I needed.

Pixel point liner brush this is quite a thick brush considering what it is meant to be for, I'm by sure what else I could use it for but I'm sure I could think of something.

The brow brush looks like it would be really nice for using powder to fill in your brows, it seems quite thick and sturdy so your brows should be looking lovely in no time.
I wasn't sure what The Accent Brush was for, it's said to be "designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging". I think I could use this for highlighting my brow bone - instead of using my finger - and maybe even making a smoky eye? I'm not sure, so many possibilities.

Another brush I recently bought also from iherb, is the Fine Liner brush. I love gel liner, and have been wanting to buy a nice eye liner brush for quite awhile so I could get a nicer line. It's really soft and the perfect size for the cat eye flick. This cost me about £3/4 so I saved about 50%. Bargains!!

If your planning on using iherb.com, you can use the code VKK826 for up to $10 off your order! Gotta love a discount code.

What are your favourite brushes? Do you like Real Techniques brushes? 


The Autumn Tag

I've noticed a lot of people have been doing Make-up Pixi3s Autumn tag and after reading quite a few of them I decided that I'd do it as well. Autumn is a season that I generally love, the season before Christmas. The season to bring out big fluffy jumpers and thick knitted scarves. The leaves fall off the trees and the refreshing cold air in the morning. I love most of the things in Autumn. So with out any further adu, lets get into the questions.

For Autumn, what is your...

1.  Favourite thing about it?  
Being able to wear thick knitted scarves and big thick jumpers without looking odd. I also get really excited for Christmas and 9 times out of 10 start buying presents toward the end of October. 

2.  Favourite drink?  
The only drink I have year in year out during the colder months is Hot Chocolate. I don't like coffee and I've never had a "seasonal" drink, but this autumn I think I might try out the limited edition drinks. 

3.  Favourite scent/candle?  
I don't actually have specific scents for different seasons, but I would like to try and get some limited edition candles. I love the Christmas Cookie candle but that's more of a winter scent, I really want to try the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle sounds like it would be beautiful!

4.  Best lipstick?  
A lipstick I think I'll be wearing a lot this season is the Milani lipstick in Plumrose, its such a beautiful colour. Its a sort of dusty dark pink/purple colour, its like nothing else I own and I looove it!

5.  Go to moisturiser?  
I don't actually have a "go to" moisturiser, I just tend to use which ever one I have lying around. I might as the month get colder but a better moisturiser, but for now I'm happy to use what ever one I have. 

6.  Go to colours for the eyes?
No matter what the season, I will always wear neutral colours on my eyes. I might add in a slightly different colour, but I'm most likely to just stick to browns. 

7.  Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?  
I'll listen to almost anything if it sounds nice, currently though I've been loving You me at Six's new song Lived a Lie and All Time Low's new song Love like War. 

8.  Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)?  
I love wearing my black Topshop Joni jeans with a nice little cami top, a thick cosy jumpers over it to keep me warm, a nice scarf along with my new topshop jacket. It keeps me warm, I think it looks pretty casual whilst still being fashionable. Oh and I usually wear converse or little ankle boots!

9.  Autumn treat?  (i.e. a new scarf or bag you have your eye on)  
I think this year I'm going to treat myself to a couple of candles, maybe a new pair of shoes and if I can ever find it - the Zara Office City Bag. I've been after that bad boy for months but can never find it anywhere and now it seems to be sold out online. Great, I really wanted it for university as well. 

10.  Favourite place to be?  
I'd have to say, probably at home all cosy watching TV, its better than being out in the cold!

I tag to do this-

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Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys! I was really happy when I noticed that Zoe from The Caribbean Flower had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was doubley happy when I got a little tweet from Kaitlyn at Ohh... Kaye telling me she had also nominated me for this award! I had never heard of this before hand, so was really interested in it. It basically consists of you sharing 7 completely random facts about yourself and then nominating 7 people to then do the same. So shall we begin?

1. The toes on my left foot are smaller than the toes on my right foot. The first 3 toes on my right foot are all basically the same length, its really weird. The first time I noticed it I had to ask my mum if I was imagining things!!

2. I've never seen Forrest Gump the whole way through. I've either seen the start or the end, I should probably try and watch it.

3. I've never been on a plane. The furthest I've been on holiday is Paris, I went with my school and we drove down. I can't remember most of it due to lack of sleep.

4. When I was around 14/15 I used to dye my hair lots of weird colours.
Exhibit a, b and c. I really miss having strange colours in my hair, but I don't think I could pull it off any more.  
5. I've never not had a pet. When I was born, I had a cat - the cat was 2 years older than me. So far in my life time I've had 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 hamster, 2 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit, 2 snakes, 1 bearded dragon, 2 rats, 2 mice and several hundred gold fish. For every pet I've had (apart from the fish) I've cried when they've died. I love animals.

6. I've never been to Nandos, TGI Fridays and Wagamamas. I don't think they would live up to the hype they are given. Don't want to disappoint myself. 

7. I really want to travel. I don't even care where. See other parts of Britain, visit Europe? One day though I'd love to visit America, Japan and Australia. I would love to move abroad.

The people I tag are:

Rhi from Beauty Bucket List
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Emily from Freckles and Flaws

I couldn't actually think of 7 people to nominate, so if you'd like to do this please leave your link in a comment and I shall check you out! :)



Face Of The Day #2

Last night I went out with some friends, so this is going to be a different look for my normal everyday one. We went to a club, so the look I'm going for is going to be a little more extravagant. Insert contact lenses.
For foundation I'm using the little sample pot of Bobbi Borwns Long Wear foundation, this gives a little bit more coverage than I usually go for, it has an SPF in it which is kind of annoying but whatever. I then used my Collection concealer over any red bits and on any spots that have decided to appear, this concealer is pretty amazing I've found that it covers almost anything. I then used the contouring powder from my Sleek Face Form Palette to contour cheeks - my little chubby face could do with a little shaping. I also used my Milani Blusher in Luminoso, this is kind of like a miracle blush. Its the prettiest colour and acts like a highlighter as well! To finish off my face I used Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, this just helps to keep my face looking fresh for a bit longer.
For my eyes I decided I was going to go for a look I usually wouldn't - aka anything with more than one shadow. I first primed my eye lids with Smashbox Lid Primer, I then used Maybellines Colour Tattoo in On And On Bronze all over my lid, and another Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold in my inner corner. I then did a kind of "cat eye" liner thing using Revlon Colourstay Gel Liner, I really like this one. Its easy to use and gives a nice dark line. I decided to put on my false lashes, it took quite awhile for me to do since I've not quite mastered how its done yet. The ones I use are by Eylure, I can't remember which ones I have but I think they are the smallest ones I could buy. I wanted the look of false lashes without it being obvious that I was wearing them.
Lipstick wise I decided to go for a Red lip, and used my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I love the colour and its quick and easy to put on if I needed a touch up later.

What do you think of my look?


Face of the Day #1

apologies if this is a crappy photo....  

I love reading peoples FOTD posts, and thought that I would do the occasional Face Of The Day as well. 99% of the time my make-up is the exact same, so unless I change it up and use different products - I'll be lucky if I do one a month.
This week is my first official week of University - attend lectures and what not. Its also the first proper week for freshers for my university.
Since I don't have a lot of time in the mornings, my make-up is pretty simple and extremely easy to do. This morning I wanted a little more coverage than my normal BB cream so opted for Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation, I use the colour Ivory and it seems to be a pretty good match. I used my fingers at first to apply this then finished off with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Normally I wouldn't do much else face wise - maybe a little concealer and then powder - but today I decided to pop a little blusher on. I was struggling on which one to go for, my Milani blush or the Physicians Formula one.  In the end I went for my Milani Luminoso blush, its a lovely peachy colour and has a little bit of highlight in it. Its such a pretty colour, looks natural and gives a fresh radiant look. I really wish Milani was available here in the UK.
For my eyes I decided to give them a little bit of colour by using my Collection Work the Colour Shadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate. I love these shadows, they are really easy to work with and are such lovely colours. I applied it all over my lid and used my finger to blend it out a bit. For my lashes I first used my Vintage Cosmetics Eyelash Curlers and then used YVES Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara, this is my all time favourite mascara. It is the only one I have found that doesn't stick my lashes together.
For my lips I first used my NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm to smooth everything over, and to help my lipstick last a little longer. Lipstick wise I went for Milani in Roseplum, this has fast become my favourite lipstick and I wear it almost everyday.
A quick spray of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume and I'm good to go.

My simple everyday look, easy to wear and quick to do. 

Maybelline 24Hr Foundation

I bought this foundation specifically for prom, with the intention of shoving it in a drawer after. However, using on prom I kind of fell in love with the coverage and finish it gave.
The packaging is nothing special, but it is simple and I think sometimes we forget to appreciate the simplicity of things. Especially when the packaging in no way effects how the foundation works. I've never been the kind of gal that has more than one foundation going at once, but now I am! Do I feel proud or a little ashamed?
But anyway, the foundation I would say is a medium coverage - and it is definitely build able. The colour selection isn't great, they have 7 shades to choose from so you might struggle to find a colour to fit your skin. I was quite lucky, the foundation seems to match my skin almost perfectly, I usually have the problem  of something being either slightly to dark or slightly to light.
It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and it lasts a really long time on the skin. I have extremely oily skin, and I usually struggle with keeping my make-up on my face ( sounds mad, but its true) most of the time it seems to disappear. Not this though, I would say this gives a good 10 hours on my skin, other skin types could probably get even longer from this.
I think now they have brought this out in a new formula, and I think I might pick that one up - since it can only get better right? The new one is oil free (this could be as well, but I'm not sure) and says that it will give 24 hour wear( just like this one does) and will not transfer with heat, sweat or humidity.
Overall I'm pretty impressed with this, especially considering it only costs £8.99 - I do think it is slightly better than some high end foundations I've tried.

Have you tried this, what did you think of it? If not, what's your favourite foundation?



Handbag essential - Hand Sanitiser

I don't often go out, and when I do I don't take much with me. The one thing I always make sure I have in my bag at all times is hand sanitizer. I was thinking of doing a small series of posts, but then I thought I don't really ever take much with me when I go out, except hand sanitizer I always have that.
I think hand sanitizer is a huge must have, I hate feeling like my hands are dirty - especially after a train/ bus journey. You could say I'm a bit of a germaphob - my friends do.
Hand sanitizer is just a quick and easy way of staying clean and hygienic when your out. When I was in school, the bathrooms never had soap, disgusting and unhygienic, so I always needed to have sanitizer with me. Since not washing my hands after using the toilet is a huge nono.
There are so many different shops that sell sanitizer and in lots of different scents, so your guaranteed to find one you like. The body shop and boots are my favourite places to get them.
Boots usually have a deal on, so its really cheap but they may not have as many different scents. That is where The Body Shop is brilliant. They have so many different scents. Strawberry, Lemon, Mango ect. Your spoilt for choice. Cant decide on just one? Buy a couple, keep them in every bag you own so you don't leave the house without one.
If your lucky enough to have easy access to Bath and Body Works, then you should buy loads of their little hand sanitisers. They are little bottles of heaven.

From left to right - Strawberry Bodyshop,
 Cuticura Passion Flower & Mango, Wilko Fruity berry
 and Bath and Body works Bee Well. 

What are your handbag must haves? 


Blog Swap

A couple of months ago I got in touch with Zoe offering to send her some of the products that she featured in her international wishlist post. We decided it would be cool to do a swap, that way we both get to try products that we can't get our hands on. There are so many products I'd love to get my hands on American products but postage prices make it near impossible to do.
I had a lot of fun picking out what I was going to send Zoe, and had just as much fun packing it all up. I was really excited sending it off, I get overly excited when giving people gifts. When Zoe told me her box had arrived I was so happy, I was really excited for her to see what was inside - and I was really excited to see her thoughts on it. It made me even more excited for my box to come through!
Zoe received her box 2 days before I received mine. And I was really excited when it came through - my mum was even excited to see what was inside.
When I opened the box there was a lovely little note from Zoe, it was so sweet and now makes me feel bad that my note to her was so rubbish. 100 million thank you's to you Zoe! ( I had no trouble reading your note, your writing is lovely). On most - if not all - of the items Zoe had left little notes with little bits of info on her feelings on the items or why she bought them.
To say I'm excited to try out these products would be an understatement! Any free time I have will be spent playing around with all these items.
Lets get on to talking about zee items!

The first things I opened were a little sweetie and a keyring, It was really sweet and thoughtful of Zoe to include these and I wish I had thought to do the same!(next time I shall!) This picture really doesn't do justice how lovely the keyring is - it has already found its home with my house keys.

In the same little bubble wrapped package was a Wet N Wild Colour Icon trio, I've wanted to try something like this for ages! It seems like the perfect way to get into eye-shadow since each colour is labelled so you know where it should go on your eye. The colours are lovely neutrals - just my cup of tea.

The next thing was a Maybelline Colour Whisper, we don't get these in the UK yet so I asked Zoe if she could get me one. The colour is Berry Ready which is a beautiful berry toned red - perfect for the winter months! I wish it was acceptable to use smiley faces in blog posts, this one would most definitely be covered in ":D".  The packaging is really pretty, I would say cute but I doubt many people would agree with me, its quite dinky so should fit perfectly in my little storage drawer.

The next item I unwrapped was a Milani lipstick. For whatever reason I hadn't thought of Milani making lipsticks - silly me - I was honestly under the impression they only did their amazing blushes (thank you Zoe). The colour of this is Plumrose, and I have to say but this lipstick smells bloody amazing!! It smells like a sweet, but for the life of me I can't remember what one... The colour is a lovely dusty/ vintage pink? Or dark pinky/ purple? I'm not sure, but it is a lovely colour. Not one I'd usually go for but I really like the way it looks on, and so does my mum. (I can smell the beautiful smell while wearing it, heheheh)

Apologies for the dark photos, but these are the next things I got. I love shadow pencils, they are such an easy way to add a little bit of colour to your lids. So these Wet n Wild ones will be getting an awful lot of love and attention. Zoe got me the colours Graphite and Pixie. Zoe said that she has the lighter coloured one and that its a great inner corner colour - I've been trying to find a really lovely inner corner colour for ages so I'll definitely be trying this for that. Graphite looks to be a really dark brown, I do love me some good brown shadows.

The camera has not picked up the colour properly at all! But anyway, another eye pencil! ( :D ) I fear soon I may need a separate drawer just for eye shadow pencils! This one is by NYX and is one of their Jumbo Eye Pencils. We can get NYX over here, but I think we can only get it online - not the best when yo can't physically see the colour so I've never actually placed an order before. Filled my basket up many a time but never actually purchased. I think if I enjoy using this then it'll be the little push I needed to actually buy some stuff. (so many "actually's" there) the colour in the picture looks really brown, but its actua more of a champagne pink colour, in the shade Yogurt. I think this will be a good colour for days when I only want a light wash of colour. Unfortunately the cello tape held on really tightly to the pencil and took a little of the white paint stuff off the packaging. Sad face.

This NYX Mosaic powder, is like nothing I've ever seen. Also is it a blush? Is it a bronzer? I'm not really sure, I thought it was a blusher till I realised it said powder.... It's in the colour Peachy - further making me think its a blusher. I'm going to have to have a little play about with this to try find what its best suited for, I'm going to have so much fun with this. It is a lovely colour though and I will make it work for me.

As soon as I saw the packaging for this I started saying "oh my god" over and over again. I also may have squealed and bounced about. To be honest with you, I don't know why I've wanted one of these for so long or even as much as I have. It could just be the beautiful packaging - that's actually probably exactly what it is. But none the less, I am reallysuper, no, immensely excited to use this!It really is a Happy Booster, since I was really happy before I saw this and afterwards - well I was over the moon.

This Milani blusher is possibly the most beautiful colour of blush that I have ever seen. This had me "ooooing" when I saw it. Milani blushers are always talked about by American bloggers and YouTubers and I've wanted to try them for so long! This is such a beautiful colour, Thank you Zoe!! The blush is in the colour Luminoso, I can't wait to see how it looks on! 

Wet n Wild seems like such an amazing brand, and this lipstick looks like such a beautiful colour. The shade is Purty Persimmon, it is such a lovely orange red colour. Beautiful!

Zoe had said that these were the best knock offs for Bath and Body Works, and my oh my. If these are knock offs then I wonder how good the real things are. This body mist smells heavenly, its by essence of Beauty, I think... Zoe said she got this scent so that I could have a little reminder of the Caribbean. In the winter I think this will be lovely and fresh and a lovely reminder of the sunny weather that will be back (hopefully). 

I love hand sanitizer, and Zoe got me a hand sanitiser in the same scent. I'll be taking this with me to university with me so I can have clean hands all the time! Yay for hand sanitiser, the smell is so lovely and fresh.

Another thing from the scent range is a hand cream, this will probably also makes its way into my school bag. Now that winter is coming my hands are going to need a little moisture boost, this shall do the job nicely. 

The final item is a face mask. I love face masks and finding a good one is brilliant! Zoe says she really likes this one, and said it removes all the dirty stuff on your face. This makes me really excited to try this, if I like it I'll have to try find out where I can get it from in the UK. 
Thank you again Zoe, I love everything and I hope you enjoy everything you received as well! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and please check out Zoe's blog, you'll love her blog and her just as much as I do. 

Have you tried out any of these items? What do you think of them? 


Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray

A few weeks ago I was reading cosmopolitan, and I stopped to read an article title "Love Your Skin". My skin needs little loving so I thought I would read it. I even pulled the page out so I could keep the wisdom it contained.
My skin is ridiculously dry and the hot, dry weather has made it worse. The article was basically just saying that Johnson's Baby oil Spray is the thing you need to make your skin heavenly.
I agree 100% with this. My skin has never felt better than it does now. 3 squirts on each limb and tah dah you are done. Soft as a baby.
My biggest worry was that this would be greasy when it dried. But no! When it dried, it soaked right in to your skin. And it didn't take very long to dry in. This is a complete no fuss way to moisturise. Hip Hip Hurray.
I hate moisturising. But I love this. This gets top marks in my books.

Have you tried this? How did you find it? 


Killer Queen by Katy Perry


For my birthday I was given Katy Perry's new perfume. I hadn't even realised that she had a new perfume out, its that new.
I wasn't a huge fan of her earlier perfumes, the scent just wasn't something I liked. This, however, is such a lovely scent. It is a lot more grown up compared to her earlier perfumes, the bottle is glamorous and sophisticated and I think this reflects the scent. 
The bottle, and even the box it came in, is beautiful. The bottle is shaped like a diamond and is a gorgeous ombre red colour. 

I suck at describing scents, so I'll put down what the sites say is in it. 

Top Notes: Dark Plum, Wild Berry, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Natural Jasmine Sambac, Rainbow Plumeria, Red Velvet Flower
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart, Liquid Praline

I think it smells lovely and floral, whilst being a little musky. It smells really lovely, and if your looking for a more grown up, sophisticated scent I would 100% recommend this. 


Make-up Firsts And Fails | Tag

Thank you so much Rhi for tagging me to do this! I always get really excited when I have realise someone has tweeted me, and even more so when it is blog related. I found it quite difficult trying to remember all the silly make-up mistakes I've made, not because I've not made them (cause trust me I have) but just down to the fact that I have a rubbish memory.

Wearing Bronzer

This isn't an all out bad thing as such, but wearing to much of it or a bronzer that is waaay to dark or orangey for my pale skin. I can recall looking like I just got smacked in the face with mud, not a good look. Funny but not attractive.


Again, same as with the bronzer, I love the way blush looks but in my younger days I was awful at applying it. I wouldn't really ever wear blush for fear of getting it wrong. Wrong Colour, too much of it. So many things could go wrong with it. God bless YouTube, and actually asking for help, since now I have a better idea of what colour and where to apply blush.


Everything about eyebrows, to do with eyebrows and all things eyebrows. I used to use a brow powder that was BLACK, this is maybe about 2 shades darker than I actually should have been using. I usually get them waxed, but I never keep it up, I'm to lazy to actually go on a regular basis to get them done. I don't tend to fill my brows in or anything now due to fear of looking like a clown.


Back in my younger days, like two if not three years ago, I used to wear very heavy black eyeliner. All round my eyes. It looked awful, it never stayed where it was supposed to it slipped and slide everywhere. Leaving me with black eyes by the end of the day about 10 minutes later.

Not wearing Primer

This is something I always fail to do, every time. I still do, even though I know that my make-up lasts longer. Silly me. I'm definitely going to try and use primer more since I know for a fact that it makes my foundation/ eye shadow last so much longer.

I tag:

Jessica @  http://www.themodmermaid.com/
Rena @ http://welcometokissandmakeup.blogspot.co.uk
Zoe @ http://www.thecaribbeanflower.com


MAC matte lipstick - So Chaud

At the end of August I decided I was going to go into the MAC store and buy myself a lipstick. Although I do already have a MAC lipstick, I'm pretty sure it is a fake, that's what happens when you buy from eBay I guess. I've been lusting over them for long enough. When I went in I was a little shocked at how busy it was, usually when I've been in there's only been one or two other people. Not this time, the shop was full. I struggled to get one of the girls that worked there to help me with finding what I was after. When I did get ahold of one, she was really nice and helpful.
When I went in I wasn't 100% sure what lipstick I wanted but new there were three that I really wanted. The MAC girl kindly applied the lipsticks on me one after another so I could decide which one I liked best. We all - the MAC girl, my mum and I - decided that So Chaud looked best.
I love red lipsticks, but I have lots of red lipsticks, so So Chaud was perfect for me. It is an orangey red lipstick, so still what I love but slightly different to what I usually go for.

 The lipstick is beautiful, I really can understand why people have lots of these. I would love to have more but the price of them just won't allow me to keep buying them - it's why I've not bought one sooner.
Although this is a matte lipstick, it doesn't cling to the dry patches on my lips like some matte ones.

Apologies for this frightful picture, its the only one I could take that best showed the colour of the lipstick. I lightly applied this with a lip brush so I could get a nicer finish, I am really bad for going over the lines. The lipstick if a little drying, if you put a good lip balm on before hand I don't think you would have much of an issue with it. 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? What lipstick would you recommend?