New IPhone case

I wasn't really sure if anyone would be interested in this post, but I love pretty IPhone cases - but I've never had one before so I thought I would share the new and really pretty one I got for my Christmas. My friend and I only recently exchanged Christmas presents, so I didn't get the chance to show what she gave me, the case was one of the presents. 
The case is from Accessorize and is a clip on one, it fits so snugly - its just perfect. The beautiful blue with purple butterflies and flowers - its so girly and sweet. I definitely think I'm going to have to get a few more of these cases. 
I hope this post wasn't to boring


Ray-ban Wayfarers

Something I've always wanted was a pair of Ray-ban sunnies. And now I have a pair! I'm now the proud owner of Ray-ban Wayfarer sunglasses. It was a squeal with joy moment when Sandra from The Black Pearl Blog contacted me on Twitter to say I had won her Ray-ban giveaway. I'm not the kind of person to put loads of entries into a giveaway, yes I'll do the ones there if they apply to me but I won't tweet everyday for extra entries. So I tend to think that I won't win anything, since other people put billions more entries in than I do. I've been reading Sandra's blog for quite awhile now and I really love it, everything she posts about I want to buy and her make-up always looks amazing. If you don't already follow her you definitely should!
I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is right, but when I think of Ray-Bans and the classis syle of them I always think of the Wayfarer style. I could be completely wrong to think of these as the classis style but thats just what I think. The one I have are in the Medium size, I'm quite lucky that I wear glasses, it made trying to figure out what size I needed so much easier. 
The little case they come in is really really sturdy, so you can be certain that when the glasses are in there that they wont get damaged when your not wearing them. 
 I think I look pretty cool in them? I can't wait to get some sun so I have a reason to wear them! When If I go to France in the summer then these will definitely be coming with me. They look so sleek and beautiful and I love them. Thank you a trillion times over the Sandra for firstly hosting the giveaway and secondly for picking me as the winner. 


I'd like to ask a question

At the end of December and beginning of January I posted daily on my blog, this isn't realistically going to continue what with me going back to University 5 days a week. So I'll be aiming to post two or three times a week with my posts going up at 9am. The days I plan to put up posts are Tuesdays, Thursdays and if I'm feeling a third post then that will go up on Saturdays. I'll have a post going up on Fridays as well - but they will be fitness posts. I think 9am is a good time to put up posts as it means they are there ready for you at the start of the day or when ever it is you check Bloglovin' or blogger.

Now, what I'd like to ask you if what kind of posts you want to see from me. I'm getting a little bored of my blog constantly putting out reviews. So what type of posts would you like to see more of or have me do for the first time? FOTDs, OOTDs, makeup looks? Anything  you'd maybe like to see I will try my absolute hardest to do them for you.

Sorry that this is just a small post, back to normal next time. 


YSL Babydoll Mascara | Review

I had said a few months ago I would never pay more than about £12 for a mascara - well it appears I may have lied. I was scrolling through FeelUniques sale one night and came across YSL Baby doll mascara and eye makeup remover in a little set for £20.83. I really wasn't sure about getting it - its a lot of money for a mascara, I had also never read a review about it before so I didn't actually know how it looked on the lashes. Like any normal human being I decided to ask Twitter what to do - totally sane and rational right? A fair few girls told me it was an amazing mascara - but dries out fairly quickly. I'm hoping mine doesn't dry out quickly cause if I love it then its going to be a fairly expensive thing to love. A girl I went to school with, has this mascara and showed me a picture of it on her lashes. It looked amazing - basically as soon as I saw how it looked I bought it.
It came a couple of days later, Feel Unique are incredibly fast with delivery. Oh and their delivery is free! The mascara came in a beautiful gold box and was housed in a black felt type plastic container. The box seems to pretty to throw away, but it will save space to get rid of it.
The skinny gold tube with the red babydoll text on it looks super sleek and classy. The wand I believe is plastic, and the little bristles look really tiny - I've found in the past little bristles can be either really good or absolutely rubbish. There never seems to be an in-between.
First time using it I was blown away, it made my lashes look really dark, full and long. It also gave them an incredibly good curl without even using a curler! Since 99% of the time I wear glasses, I always judge how my lashes look behind my frames - sometimes they can look fab without my specs but as soon as they go behind my frames the beauty of them goes as well. Not with this though - both with and without my glasses on my lashes look amazing. I think I love this just as much as my YVES Rocher one. I find it kind of incredible - my lashes sort of look like I've got false ones on? I think I may be in love with this false eye look mascara - its my new baby.
I usually have one section of my lashes that just doesn't want to co-operate, but Babydoll fixes that. I've gotten myself in to quite an expensive love affair. My eyes look bigger and better when wearing this - I really wish I could show you a picture, but I just couldn't get a picture to show how good it looked!

Have you tried Babydoll? 


#BloggersWLW | Inspiration and Motivation

So again I forgot to take pictures of my meals - so this is a very last minute post. I basically just decided that for this post I would put up a few pictures that help motivate me or that I like? Ok so here goes.

I think the first picture is something you should try to keep in mind when working out - your not going to see results over night, it takes time and hard work so don't give up.
I plan on trying to do some Yoga over the next few weeks to increase my flexibility - if I could be as bendy as the girl in the picture then I would be more than happy.
Squats. Ah, the maker of a beautiful bum. Recently I've neglected doing my daily squats becuase I've been trying out the 30 Day Fat Burn workouts. They are quite the work out and only take 10 minutes. I've been doing them recently as my cardio, its not a huge amount but its better than I was doing. The first video, which I'm planning on doing for 6 days, leaves your legs feeling sore and like you've had a really good work out.
I'm starting the gym on Monday so my cardio will be increased dramatically. Wish me luck.


Ted Baker Ipad Case

On the first on January I received a tweet from Allie who is the girl behind The Friday Girl, saying that I had won her Ted Baker IPad giveaway. I was so so so happy, and felt extremely lucky. I had only just started reading her blog and only put a few entries in for it, so I never thought that I would even have a chance of winning. 7 days later the beautiful case arrived, I was in love with it as soon as I saw it.
I don't actually own an Ipad but I figured that my little Google Nexus could be carried about in it, it is a little small for it but at least it will be safe when I travel with it. It does sit happily in there, it also helps me hide it from my mum - who constantly uses it, who also broke it last week. As you can see it is a little small, but I figure I can carry the Nexus and a note pad and if I go on holiday it can hold any and all gadgets I take with me.
I've wanted something Ted Baker for ages, their make-up bags call my name, I don't carry make-up with me so I don't need it but it's just so darn pretty! The case is a beautiful pink colour with the black bow and rose gold detailing - so pretty! 

Thank you so so so much Allie for this, I absolutely love it.


Highend Wishlist

So I started making a little wishlist post and by the time I had finished it I realised that everything I had added to it was on the pricey side. So yah, high end wishlist.
Two of these things aren't available in the UK - or at least I don't think they are - Marc Jacobs make-up. Their Style Eye-Con No.7 palette in 206 and basically any of their blushes. They look super pretty - Marc Jacobs bring your make-up line here!
I really want to try one of Smashboxes eyeshadow palettes - either their Full exposure palette or their Fade to Black one. The Full Exposure palette is £36 and looks like it would be so so so good.
Three things from Estee Lauder. One of their Pure Colour blushes - purely because the packaging looks beautiful. And their Double Wear Foundation, I don't know the difference between the bottle and the tube so I added them both.
NARS Adult Content Blush Palette. £30. 4 Blushes. I need this now. Dior Fusion Mono eyeshadow, I don't know why but I want one - but I do.
Origins face mask - don't care what one, I just know I want to try one and I also really want Ginzing moisturiser.

Whats on your wish lists?


Make-up storage | Before and After

So for the longest time I've not been overly thrilled with my make-up storage. I just really didn't know what to do with it. Its not that I didn't have enough space - it just didn't look pretty. And then Christmas came, and I got given a lot of make-up and beauty items. And of course I bought some beauty items in the sales - it couldn't be helped really.
I had wanted to get one of the IKEA Alex units for ages but they only came in white, and all my bedroom furniture is black. My mum kindly said she would buy me it if I decided on getting one - she said it would look fine since my room is black and white themed. Also its getting shoved in a corner next to my dresser and would probably be hidden by my curtain most of the time. As I type this I pray to god that when it comes it actually fits in the little space - I'm not very good with measuring things out.
 On my bedroom floor I currently have all my Christmas presents that I can't find a home for - there is just no space for all of it! If you can see where the bin is next to the shoe, then that is where I plan on putting my new unit.
 This is basically just an overview of how my dresser currently looks - its a bit cluttered. Also my chair doesn't match with any of my furniture. My brush pot and the little muji dividers will be moving to the new unit, along with my perfumes.
 I got the acrylic drawers from Ryman stationary ages ago - I think they still sell them - it was £12ish and holds most of my day to day makeup. Its drawers aren't quite deep as I'd like them to be, so its not able to house any of my foundations. Hence why they are sitting at the side of the unit.
The final before picture is a little crappy - so apologies for that. But basically what I was trying  to show here was the little bucket and the stuff around it - that you can't actually see. The bucket mostly holds empty boxes - random yes. But the boxes are ones I'm keeping until the post for each product goes up - just in case I lose any pictures and need to retake them. I also have some nail varnish remover and perfume bottles that don't have a place yet. 
When IKEA delivered all the furniture - trust me there was a lot of furniture, i was really excited to build it all - I like to build stuff... 
Inside my Alex unit, I've not yet got proper organisation inside it, but its ok for now. 
So under my dresser is a lot tidier now, my bin now has to go there as I have no space else where for it. I have to little storage buckets there as well, the grey heart one is currently just storing empty boxes of things I need to write a blog post about. The yellow one is basically just got things in it that I can't find a place for - so yeaaah. Hopefully I'll find them a place soon. 
 So I got the ALEX unit from IKEA - I really wish it came in black, but y'know take what you can get. On top of my unit I have my Urban Outfitters Owl candle holder, jar filled with cotton pads, Marc Jacobs Daisy, DKNY Red and Taylor Swifts perfumes.
So this is my rather unimpressive face drawer, most of my face make-up is in here. There is only a couple of concealers, a powder and one foundation left out on my dresser. This drawer is only about 1/3rd full - I NEED MORE!
My eye drawer is even sadder looking than the previous. The majority of the space used is by palettes. I suck. 
My fullest drawer of makeup products. Its still not very full though- I have the Nails Inc set box at the back along with a few tools. My Ciate set and a couple of nail wraps. I've still to find a way to organise these properly.
This drawer is completely full to the brim, it literally has no space left in it. Its a mix of face and body items - mostly body. I also have a few candles right up the back of the drawer. The front is facial products - I wish it was sort of tidier than it is but it does the job. I am certainly not going to buy any body items until most of this is gone. 
So this is my new tidier storage. If you have a make-up storage post let me know!


#2014BloggerChallenge | Skincare

So this is the second week of the 2014 Blogger Challenge - and a topic I'm much happier with, the last topic was fun but I'm - in general - not an inspirational or motivating person. Anyway - skincare! Gaby - the creator, if you will, of this challenge - picked this to be the second topic as it is still winter - probably never will end in Scotland - and looking after your skin - not just your face - is really quite difficult. So yah, this week over 400 bloggers will be posting their tips and tricks, products and routines on how they look after their skin - or don't... 
Like I said before this is a topic I'm much more at ease talking about, I've recently been trying really hard to look after my skin and get into some kind of routine. So far, its been going all right - but the days where I don't do it I notice a huuuge difference in how my skin looks and feels. I think I'll do this in two sections, facial care and body care stuff. That way I can sort of see where I'm going and ramble a little less. 

Facial care
Really recently I discovered what I now believe is the answer to every ones prayers. I could not use any other product - can I continue to use moisturiser - and just use this product and I think my skin would be better than it is without it. I really hope that made sense. A few weeks ago I bought myself Hydraluron - after looking at it for so so so long and reading blog post after blog post about it. I have really oily skin so I was unsure about getting it since its essentially a moisture booster. Most of the reviews I saw for this were positive and from those with dry skin - one post I read the girl said she had oily, dehydrated skin and that it worked for her. I'm now thinking thought that in some form or another everyone has dehydrated skin. I can for sure say that my skin is dehydrated - I haven't stuck to my skin care routine and my skin is disgusting, I seriously think its just down to me not using Hydraluron. I don't know what it is about it, and I can't pin point what its done for me but I just think my skin looks and feels better after using it. I've also not had a spot since I started using it. Result! 
Now, this is obvious - but cleaning your face properly is a must. Even when drunk I always make sure to give my face a good clean, it may not be squeaky clean but I do use my Bioderma to take off my makeup before I pass out. Bioderma isn't exactly the best way to wash your face though - as a quick fix or to take your makeup off before a good cleanse is fine though. I've recently been loving adoring using my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean face wash. It doesn't foam - so if your skin doesn't like that then your good with this. It is a very creamy product, I recommend 1-2 pumps massaged over your face then wiped off with a flannel. Deep clean, check. 
Exfoliating, this isn't a must as such - especially if your using a flannel - but I would seriously recommend you do it at least twice a week. Doing this will just clear your pores out, and potentially stop horrid spots appearing. For me, I find it helps to control my oilyness as well - and that is always good. On top of these things, if you have little flaky dry patches - I get them on my nose and inbetween my eyebrows - then exfoliating will just help to get rid of that. I would recommend Soap and Glory's Scrubatomic for use 2-3 times a week. 
Moisturising - the only other step in my skin care routine now. I don't really have any tips for this apart from do it. Do not cut this step out of your routine. Use a cheap one, an expensive one - what ever works for you. Currently I'm using one that cost me about £4 - its by Simple and its their oil free one. One day I'll invest in an expensive one - but for now this one works so I'll stick to it. 

Body Care Foot Care
Body care, oh I really shouldn't give advice on this. I 99% of the time neglect to give my body more than about 10 minutes of care. The only part of my body I scrub and moisturise often is my feet. My feet are horrid - they even put me off, I'm sorry for the image I've just planted in your head. They honestly aren't awful, they are just really dry. And ever since I ran bare foot through my town to get to the train station on time - my soles have been extremely cracked and hard and dry.
Sorry about the photo, had to use an old one as lighting was bad
 So we're now going to forget our bodys and take care of our poor poor feet. They carry our entire body weight everyday - my little size 3/4 feet must feel so happy at bed time to be given a rest. I recently picked up a Joules set from Boots in the sale, and it has the best foot care stuff. The scrub and foot stone work wonderfully together to soften down skin and to help the foot lotion sink in so much easier. Also they both smell lemony. The smell lingers for awhile as well - so instead of smelling like an old sock your little peepers smell cool and zesty. 
So scrub away at your feet and drown them in foot lotion - cover your feet with socks as well, its so much more satisfying. 
I get bored of talking about body care really quickly, as you can probably tell - but I figure by the time I add the pictures - that you'll all now see - the post will be really long and adding any more of bodily care would make it crazy long. Also I never moisturise my body, I should, but I don't... 

What are your favourite skin care products?


Fitness Fridays | #blogggersWLW

So I was going to do a food diary type thing, but I forgot to take pictures of my meals last week - whoops! But I decided to share with you a really quick and easy breakfast idea - I found this recipe ages ago online and I've basically just changed it to suit me.
When I say Banana pancakes most people look at me like I'm insane - but they are healthy, quick and so yummy. You only need three ingredients: 1 banana, 2 eggs and if you'd like to add some cinnamon for extra flavour - I recommend you do. If your looking for a meal that I completely guilt free and basically free of all bad stuff then I've got you covered.
So gather your ingredients, and if you  have one then grab a blender of some sort - I find it just makes the pancake mix smoother.
So first up, break the two eggs and put them into the blender (if you don't have a blender put them into a bowl) and then cut (mash) the banana and add to the eggs. So now you blend away. (Or mix if you don't have a blender)
Keep mixing until the mixture is smooth and has no lumpy bananas in it. Now is where you add the cinnamon, add as much or as little as you like - then mix again to spread out the cinnamon.
You'll want to use something on the frying pan to stop the pancakes sticking, I just used the Fry Light 1 Cal Spray.
This mix makes about 6/7 pancakes and takes no time at all. A few minutes to cook on both sides and your good to go. Then when you've cooked them all add fruit and some maple syrup and enjoy! Oh and make sure and have some kind of fruit drink as well - its not breakfast without it! 



Joules | Fabulous Fingers and Toes set

The only part of my body - apart from my face - that I make an effort to take care of is my feet. that could be because when I was younger I got an infection in my foot that travelled up my leg - it hurt so so so much. Ever since then I have made an effort to look after my feet. My feet still don't appreciate the effort. Any sets for foot care I tend to jump at the chance to get. So when I saw this one by Joules in the Boots sale I didn't think twice at picking it up. I hadn't seen this in the store before the sale - hence why I didn't pick it up sooner.
I got this for a measly £7 (£8 without staff discount). Even if the products were rubbish, I now have a pretty box and a pack of mini nail files. I think the little pack of mini nail files was a nice little extra - and for me a much needed item. I always seem to break my nails when I'm out and never have a nail file to stop it breaking to far - I usually end up with one really short nail and the rest are long. The little nail file pack contains 6 mini nail files and are a pink and white box print - similar to the foot lotions print.
The set contains basically everything you could need to take care of you hands and feet. You get their Tantalising Toes Foot Scrub, Fabulous Feet Foot Lotion, small bar of soap, How Handy Hand Cream and a foot rock - for buffing away dead skin. Something in the tin smells really zesty - but from having a sniff at the products I can't actually figure out what it is that smells like that - I figure it has to be the soap, right?
I've had a foot rock in the past and I quite liked it - but my mum got me a PedEgg, so it got replaced. I will use the little foot rock in the bath when my skins a bit softer - it might be slightly easier to soften my skin up.
The How Handy Cream has a slight lemony scent to it - which now makes me think the zesty scent is coming from all the products. When I first used it I thought the cream would be slightly harder in consistency than it was - more body butter feeling. It just looks hard, but its not. It's a really soft, quickly absorbing cream. It instantly makes your hands feel silky soft, and it definitely has a slight lemony scent to it. The little tub contains 50ml of product - Soap and Glory's travel sized Hand Food has the same amount of product as this. I think I would prefer to carry the small tub in my bag over a small tube - it just seems more compact and like it would take up less space.
The bar of soap - now is this a body soap or just a hand soap? I think I'll keep it as just a hand soap, keep it on my sink for people to use. It has the same sort of scent as the hand cream, and is 50g of soap. I've not taken its wrapper off yet - purely down to the fact that the wrapping for it is so darn cute. The little floral pattern with the joules rabbit holding it together - I mean how could you remove that?
 I kind of love the name of this scrub - Tantalising Toes. How cool is that?! Of the times I've used this scrub I've used it with the foot stone to give my feet a good buffing - they deserve to have the living daylight buffed out of them. First few time the dry skin didn't completely go away - but the bits that were once really hard had begun to soften up.
The name of this isn't nearly as cool, but the lotion is pretty darn good - so that makes up for the lack of a cool name. Again, the same as the soap and hand cream, it has a lemony zesty scent. After using the foot scrub ( which I tried to use every other day) I applied this. Even on days that I hadn't used the scrub I applied this. I applied a good dollop onto my feet then put a pair of socks on over the top to make sure my feet got a really good moisturising.

Have you tried anything from Joules before?