NARS Laguna Bronzer Review

Move back a few months and I never used bronzer, the only time I ever used it was on a night out - where its too dark in a club to see how horrific the bronzer looks on my skin. I had NARS Laguna applied to my face by a girl on the NARS counter, and as soon as I saw how lovely and natural it looked I knew that I was going to buy it very soon. This was the very first NARS product that I've owned and its safe to say that I don't regret it at all.
I use this every time I wear make-up, its now a part of my make-up routine that I just can't leave out - I'd rather leave the house with no mascara or lipstick on than without Laguna. This is the only bronzer I've tried, loved and fell completely in love with - others that I've tried have just looked a bit dark or orangey on my skin. So for me this is the best bronzer, and possibly the only one I'll ever use again? It's going to be absolutely perfect for me when the sunnier months come around, giving my skin a bit of warmth that it never gets normally.
You get quite a lot of product in it, 8g of product. As far as I'm aware that's pretty good, especially since their blushes contain just under 5g. The packaging is pretty snazzy as well, if you're not used to the beautiful NARS packaging then you'll know how wonderful it feels to hold it for the first time. The slightly rubberised packaging gets really grubby really quickly - but its nothing a quick wipe can't fix. The bronzer comes with a really big mirror, fairly handy if you were travelling and needed to have a quick peak at your face. For me though, no mirror seems to be big enough for me - my mirrored wardrobes don't seem to be big enough for me to apply my make-up.
Laguna makes it incredibly easy to brighten up your face really easily, you can also easily contour with it since it is basically completely matte - it does have a slight shimmer to it though. Its just perfect. It lasts all day, and makes me look less like Casper the ghost and more warm living human being.

What NARS product should I try out next?


Black Tied Jewellery

For the longest time I've oohed and ahhed at Black Tied jewellery, I'd always put off buying anything from them. But recently I got a discount code and decided it would be rude not to take advantage of it.
One of the first things I saw was this really pretty and dainty textured bar necklace - how could I say no to it?  Pretty, simple and something I just had to have. It cost £18, and I think it is totally worth the money - the bar sits just below the in between part of my collar bones, the perfect length for me. Its sterling silver, so its made of pretty good stuff.
The next thing I got was this really pretty circle necklace, again its textured and I think it looks so lovely. The chain is slightly longer on this one, the chain is 22inches so it sits just around boob level. For £16 I think you're getting a lovely piece of jewellery that can be worn on almost any occasion. I think I'll wear this with pretty shirts or dresses - I've got it all mapped out, at least in my head I do.
I've already got a few more things I want to buy from them, and no doubt I'll make another order soon.
Have you bought from Black Tied before?


Clinique Neutral Territory Palette

I first saw this palette on Suzie from Hello October and as soon as I read her post I knew for a fact that I wanted this palette. I didn't want to order it online since I wanted to see it in person before committing to buying it. So like any other sane normal person, as soon as I got an email to let me know it was in sale in stores I went out with the intent of buying it. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it, I took literally no convincing.
My palette collection is now slowly growing (In August I had no palettes what so ever), its still a small collection but its growing, and this is a happy addition to the collection. Recent palette launches have left me feeling a bit left out, the Naked 3 palette really didn't catch my eye and neither did the Smashbox Full Exposure. So I was really happy that this was so pretty and so perfect. Its a beautiful set of neutrals, the colours as well are quite different from the other palettes I own, so its not like I've wasted money.
The packaging is beautiful - the mirrored packaging is so stunning. It will need a good wipe every so often though to get the grub and finger marks off it. Its small and compact - so would be perfect for travelling.
Colours from L-R:Sugar Cane, Light shade of Diamonds and Pearls, Light shade of neutral territory, light shade of Day into Date, Brown shade of Polar Blue Quad, Hazy, Black Honey and Dark brown shade of Morning Java Quad
The mirror inside the palette is huge, I think its possibly the biggest palette mirror I have? Inside you get 8 lovely neutrals, a white that could be used for highlighting, a couple of light beige colours that could be used as a base, a pink toned, a couple of light browns, a gorgeous redish colour and a dark brown with hints of purple. Black Honey is possibly my favourite colour from the palette, its the type of colour I've been wanting to buy for ages and for now that urge to own a red coloured shadow is filled.
The little brush in the palette could have been a billion times better, its a double ended brush with one side being a little sponge applicator and the other side being a little brush. The palette comes in at £32, and I personally would liked to have seen a better brush, or even the same brush with out the cheap sponge applicator.
I'm not going to tell you to run out and buy this - although I do think your palette and eye shadow collection would be better with it - since £32 is a fair bit of money. If you're looking to treat yourself to something nice or have a little extra money left at the end of the month, you really should seriously consider buying this baby. You really won't regret buying it.


Hello Naked Palette

I'd like to welcome to the family, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. For the longest time I've wanted to own a palette from Urban Decay but just couldn't bring myself to part with almost £40, but I had vouchers so it made it easier to part with my cash. This isn't going to be like a full in depth review of the palette - since I've only tried a few of the colours, but I can give my thoughts on it so far.
I've yet to have a good play around with this to see what colours I like best and what looks I can make with this, but today I made a simple (would have been better if I had more brushes) look using Virgin, Naked and Hustle - are these colours even mean to go together? Who knows. But I really liked the look of it, simple and easy enough to do - quick as well, so potentially a every day look?
The packaging, oh my. The velvet feeling packaging is so classy, very elegant - if you have the Naked palette go grab it now and feel it. I love the packaging - the only downside to it is I don't think the magnet that keeps it shut will last forever. I'm not to bothered about that though, it will probably just live its life out in a drawer so it really wont matter very much if the lid doesn't close very securely.
The colours in this palette, now that I look at it with my reviewing hat on, are sort of similar to the Stila In The Light colours. A few of the colours are very similar, but for the most part most are different. I really love the look of Toasted, Hustle, Half Baked and Smog - they all look incredibly pretty and I really want to find a way to wear them all at the same time - is it possible?
The brush that comes with the palette, I'm not quite sure about. I can't decide if I like it or not - is it bad for eye shadow or does it do the job nicely. Now that's something I just can't decide. I think I'm going to have to make a little order for some Crown Brushes.
The colours are really pretty though, crazy easy to blend and feel silky soft - I now understand why people use the word "buttery" in describing these shadows. They are a total dream, and I think I'm now going to save up some Debenhams points so I can get Naked 2. Do I need to get Naked 2? No, probably not. But I really really really want it. You do though need to try these eye shadows, you will be completely smitten with them.

Whats your favourite neutral palettes? 
If you have this palette, what are your favourite looks? 


Lily King Jewellery

I schedule practically all of my posts a fair few days (if not weeks) in advance, this is both an annoyance and a god send for me. I love the writing of posts - but hate missing days for posting. So this post is probably going to be going up a fair while after I write this. But currently: its night time, I'm watching YouTube videos and I've not had dinner, but I wanted to write up a blog post - what I wanted to write about still hasn't quite come to me yet. I'm sure as I look round my room I'll come up with something.
The other day I noticed on twitter that Lily King was having a sale on. If you haven't been on the Lily King website then you are really missing out. I don't tend to wear jewellery, but this year I really want to wear more jewellery. So I bought what I think is maybe the more adorable necklace ever.
I snagged up this beauty for just a measly £5 - how cute is that!? The little gold cloud hangs just above the chest - if you want to see a picture of it on, you could have a look on my Instagram since there is a few on there. I ordered it on Wednesday night and it arrived on Saturday morning, so the delivery is super quick.
Along with the necklace, they kindly included a beautiful pair of gold earrings - such a lovely little gift! They are very simple but I think they will add a lot to an outfit without it being to much. Not only did they include the free earrings but they also gave me a discount code for the next order I place - I will definitely be ordering something from them again soon.

If you're looking for some really pretty pieces of jewellery you really should check out Lily King!


Skin Care Routine

Recently I've been really keen to take better care of my skin and even spending more on the products that I use. I've got into a fairly regular routine, at least compared to how I used to be with my skin care routine. I enjoy my routine - and I think thats where I was going wrong before. Before I got stuck into this routine I had been trying to use up a fair lot of the products that had been in my collection for awhile, and as each old product was gone I slowly brought in shiny new ones. I'm still working through some products that I've had for awhile so in a few months my routine will probably change slightly again. My skin care routine for in the morning and before I go to bed are very similar, there is maybe only a slight difference in it.
In the morning I tend to wash and exfoliate my face while in the shower. I tend to exfoliate my skin before cleansing, the one I'm using just now is the Soap and Glory Scrubatomic - I only use this 2 or 3 times a week because the scrub is quite abrasive, and even though its described as being daily scrub I really don't think you could use it daily. The cleanser I use in the morning is the Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash. You don't need very much of this - at little really does go a long way. I love the smell of this, its quite minty.
After I've washed my face I'll take myself back to my room to finish my skin care. If I have any spots I'll use a spot treatment on them - just now I'm using the La Roche Possay Efficlar Duo. I've not tried this as a moisturiser yet - because I've heard that it doesn't work well that way, but it seems to do pretty well as a spot treatment. I'll then use my Hydraluron before my moisturiser, I don't quite know what this does for my skin but I think my skin is better off with having it. Final step in the morning is to apply moisturiser, I've not yet got myself a new brilliant moisturiser, so the one I'm using is by Garnier - I'm not quite sure what its called but it smells nice and controls my oil pretty well. Origins GinZing is waiting in the wings for me.
My night time routine is pretty much the same, the only difference is how I wash my face. If I've been wearing make-up, which now I'm back at university is most days, then I'll have a double cleanse. First up I'll probably use Garnier Skin Natural Makeup removing gel, this removes everything so easily. If I've been wearing a fair amount of make-up then I'll use this twice with a face cloth before going in with a different face wash. The next face wash I'd use is the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay cleanser. I've never used a clay cleanser before, so I wasn't really sure on what to expect. I do really like this though - for taking off make-up I wouldn't say this is the best for it. I find this is really good for absorbing excess oil, so I don't tend to feel like my skin is feeling yucky when I wake up in the morning. This doesn't strip my skin and hasn't broken my skin out. I genuinely love using this. The next steps in my routine are the same as in the morning.
My routine is pretty simple but I think it is really effective and works well for me. My skin is in such better condition than it used to be and hopefully it will just keep getting better.

What products do you love for your skin?


5 Things to Save For

Since I got up this morning I knew I wanted to write a blog post. What I wanted to write about was another story though. I had no idea at all about what to write about, I had nothing new to review and my outfit, well it consisted of a fluffy jumper and gym gear - not that I was actually doing any exercise.
I had spent the morning trying to figure out ways to get some extra pennies, so I took to eBay and sold a few things. That got me thinking - what am I saving up for? There are a fair few things I want to get this year - all of which are crazy expensive. I could buy one of them now but I like the idea of saving up and not blowing all my savings in one go.

Brand New Shiny Camera
I recently put my camera on Gumtree before I move and sell it on eBay - just to see if I can get the amount I want for it. So when it goes the money that I get will be going straight to my DSLR fund, also I'll be stuck using my IPhone for pictures - I hope that it takes good pictures. I've got my eyes on either the Canon EOS 600D - typical blogger camera or the Nikon D5200. The D5200 is fairly more expensive than the 600D, but it looks hella brilliant! I'm aiming to have about £500 saved before I go and buy a new camera - that way I get to have more choice about what camera I buy.

Beautiful Designer Bag
I saw a Michael Kors bag on a few peoples blogs and instantly felt jealous of them. £310 ish for a bag though is a lot so I think in terms of when I get this it will be somewhere between August and the end of the year - getting a new job would help brilliantly with this.

NARS Narcissist Palette
At a whopping £55 for an eyeshadow palette this is something I'm definitely going to have to save towards if I want to be the proud owner of it. My mum will probably kill me if I spend that much on it buy y'know its NARS and its beautiful. I have until June to get my hands on it - even if I don't NARS will release something just as pretty soon after.

A Holiday
I've never been on a plane and I haven't been on a holiday of any kind since I was 15 or 16. My friend and I are thinking of going to Paris in the summer and I think I'll need at least £300 for that, just for hotel and flights, then a few ore hundred for spending money and stuff like that. And if I want to go to Disneyland then I need £60 for tickets.

Leather Jacket
I've wanted a real leather jacket for such a long time and recently I saw a really lovely one by Free People on ASOS, its £138 but it is a real leather jacket so should last a really long time. I also think Leather jackets are kind of a classic piece and looks brilliant with basically all items.

Do you have anything your saving towards?


Pay Day Haul | Urban Decay, Origins, Boots

I've been pumping out a lot of hauls recently, I think I've missed a few on my blog but if you watch my YouTube then you'll know that basically all of my recent videos have been hauls. Is that bad? It probably is, but y'know I probably won't have another haul any time soon ( my bank balance begs me no more). But this last haul was 1. due to me getting my last pay through and 2. because I had vouchers and coupons.
So after university I went to Boots, had a stroll. Bought two things.
The first being a Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate. I've been wanting to get into eye shadow recently - so I've been gathering more and more eye shadows recently. £4.99 for a brilliant long lasting beautifully coloured shadow.
The second thing I got from Boots was the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Cleanser - I had a little voucher to get 1000 (£10) bonus points on my card. How could I say no to that?! This is something that I saw about a month ago when it was released and wanted instantly to try some of the products from the range, this was the cheapest thing from the range, but even then at £22 wasn't exactly cheap. But I justified it by my getting £10 worth of points back on it. I can't wait to try it out - if anyone has a review please let me know.
Next up I went to Debenhams. Now I went there in mind with getting the Urban Decay Naked palette - either one or two - surprisingly they had all 3 in. In the end I went for the original - people I had spoken to about it said to go with the first one for your first palette. I used the vouchers I had to buy this, I had a £5 Debenhams voucher and some love to shop ones - in the end I only ended up only paying £15 cash for it! Brilliant. I can't wait to start playing around with it and make some pretty looks with it.
The final thing I purchased was Origins GinZing moisturiser. I have been eyeing this for awhile, and since I only had one moisturiser left I decided now was the time to pick it up. It was £23 and came in a box with 4 sample sizes of the Clear Improvements Charcoal Face Mask. It smells like chocolate oranges and I can't wait to start using it.

Have you picked up anything special recently? 


January Favourites

I didn't do a favourites for December, for me December tends to be a month where I use the same old products and tend to use as little as possible. But January is one of my favourite months of the year - most people hate January, you spend loads and the build up to Christmas and New Year is gone. Not me though - I love January, I buy loads of new products and try so many new things. This month I've got 8 products that I've been completely loving this month.
I have four make-up bits that I've been using basically non-stop since getting them. The first is an Illamasqua blush in the shade Lover, I got this on their sale - as soon as it arrived I was in love with it. Love at first sight. It is the perfect peachy coloured blush, it looks lovely on my skin - fair skinned girls, this will be your best friend. It is highly pigmented though, so you only need a tiny bit - and if you needed to then you could build it up. 
Another make-up item I've been loving is my NARS Laguna Bronzer. As soon as I had it applied to my face I knew I wanted needed it in my life. I got mine from ASOS since I could get student discount on it. Again for fair skinned girls this is perfect. I didn't own a bronzer before this and I'd honestly be happy if I never tried another one. This one is just perfect for adding a bit of colour to the face and to contour with - it doesn't look muddy or orange, and its subtle enough for daily use. I'm completely smitten with this. 
Second last make-up item is my wonderful YSL Baby doll mascara. It makes my lashes look so so so lovely, fluffy, full of volume and incredibly long. Everything about this is perfect (apart from the price), the packaging is beautiful - the gold with red writing looks so sleek - and the way it makes my lashes look - magnificent. I really am so glad that it is as wonderful as it is, it makes it worth the price you pay. 
Final make-up bit, if you can call it make-up, is my Nails Inc polish in the colour Baker Street. It is the most beautiful blue colour, its not as dark as I'd like it to be but I think that makes it an all year round kind of colour. I got this is in the Nails Inc Nail polish Diary back in the sales, I've not tried all the colours yet but this is one of the ones I've tried most, and I've basically worn it all month. Must be love. 
The next few things I've been loving are skin care items, two of the items I've included I haven't been using for very long but I love them so much already so I thought I had to include them. The first thing I've been loving is my Origins Checks and Balances Frothy cleanser. This for starters smells amazing, very minty and lovely. You only need a tiny amount to wash your face and it fixes any dry or oily bits you may have, I use this in the morning and I think it really helped to control my shiny forehead. Before using this between my eye brows and on my nose was quite dry and the rest of my face was quite oily - but I genuinely think this has helped to fix that. I'm really wanting to now try more of Origins products since this one is so good.
The second cleanser I've been loving recently is the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser - such a mouthful to say. It smells reasonably nice - sort of lavendery, with a slight herbally smell. When you use it, you skin is left feeling really fresh and soft, I also I think this has helped with the redness in my skin - I've noticed in the past few weeks that my cheeks and stuff don't look nearly as red as it used to. 
The last skin care thing I've been really enjoying using is Hydraluron. I don't know really what this has done for my skin, but I do think my skin looks and feels better for using it. I think when it runs out I'm going to leave repurchasing it for a few weeks to see if I can notice my skin going downhill slightly - I think its easier to see your skin getting worse than improving. 
The final thing I've been loving is by Avon. Its their Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Spray. The pillow spray smells really nice, its Lavender and Camomile scented, when I smell it I feel really calm and sleepy. I don't think it helps me fall asleep, per say, but I do think it helps me have a better night sleep - when I wake up I feel a lot better and so much more rested. I think it also helps my brain to think less when I use it, it relaxes me and helps my brain calm down - I tend to have a lot on my mind when I go to sleep. 

So that's everything I've been loving this month.
What have your favourites been?