OOTD | Lunch With Friends

I barely leave my house these days, believe me when I say my social life is practically dead. Today though I did venture outside and it was a reasonably nice day outside - chilly wind but nice sunshine. I haven't seen a lot of my friends from school for quite awhile and it genuinely saddens me that we saw each other almost everyday last year and now we barely see each other. But anyhoo, we went to Wetherspoons and had a really lovely - and really cheap - lunch. Since I dressed up a little I thought I would share my outfit with y'all.

Jacket - Depop
Top - Oasis
Leggings - TopShop
Boots - Newlook
Sunglasses - Rayban

 I actually really love how this outfit looks. It looks fairly dressy despite it not being overly much - if that makes sense? I've hardly worn my red vest from Oasis so I thought it was time to bust it out. I also decided on wearing my lovely little Newlook booties since I forgot that I even had them, I also forgot how much they hurt my feet. My absolute favourite part of my wardrobe is my TopShop Treggings, I've pretty much wore them to death and am in dire need of a new pair.


Life | The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
I've been getting a lot of books from my local library recently, one of the books I've borrowed recently from them is The Perks Of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Back when the movie was released I wasn't really overly fussed with reading it, but when I noticed my local library had it I jumped at the chance to read it. I now want to watch the movie - yep, haven't seen that either. I don't tend to read during the day, so leave most of my reading to before bed, I find I sleep better when I read a few chapters before I go to dream land. So I did take about a week or so to read this. If I read during the day I probably would have finished it much faster.
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Blurb
 The book really wasn't what I was expecting it to be. I'm not sure what I was expecting from it but I really didn't expect it to be written in what I can only describe as hundreds of letters - the type you send other humans not the type that make up words. I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I won't say much about it other than if you haven't read it, I would really recommend that you do. Everyones been to high school or will go at some point, so I think in a way we can all sort of relate to Charlie. But yeah, read this bad boy.
Page from the perks of being a wallflower
One of my favourite bits from the book is this little section here, its pretty close to the end, I just love "remember when we all felt infinite..." Its just so lovely, that whole page in all honesty is brilliant.

Have you read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower? What did you think of it? 


New Favourite Nail Colour: Tanya Burr in Bright and Early

Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Bright and Early
When Tanya Burr brought out her nail polishes, I'm not going to lie - I really wasn't interested. I didn't really think a "celebrity" nail polish would be any good - even if one of the most amazing women was the head of it. About a week ago though I was making an order on FeelUnique - and one of Tanya Burrs nail polishes found its way into my basket.
After looking online to see what the colours looked like on the fingers I decided to go for a colour that I normally wouldn't go for - Bright and Early. This colour is super pretty - completely not me, I'm much more a purples and blue kind of gal. But when I saw this on various blogs and such like I fell in love. I automatically thought it would be such a gorgeous spring/ summer colour, and its not been off my nails since it arrived.
Tanya Burr Nail polish in Bright and early
I was actually really surprised at how good this nail polish was -  very few nail polished surprise me and make me fall in love with them. Dry time, opaqueness and wear time all factor into how I overall feel about a polish. This really gets two thumbs up in all categories. I find it dries reasonably quickly ( at least compared to other nail polishes I've got) so I've not had the dreaded smudged nails. The colour is pretty vibrant after just one coat - I do like it really vibrant though, so I put two coats on. Its just the most lovely bright (almost neon) pink. And best of all I find that it doesn't chip all that much. General colour fading at the tips, yes, but no proper chips. And that's without a top coat! Imagine how long it would last if I used a top coat?! I got a good week out of it before I felt my nails needed to be redone. So off came the colour, and on it went again. The weather recently has been crazy good (heres hoping that when this post goes live it still is lovely outside), and this colour and the sunshine really makes it feel like summers coming.
All in all I really do love this nail polish and I'm definitely going to be purchasing more from the line - Little Duck I've got my eye on you!


A few new products...

I've treated myself to a few lovely products recently so I thought I would share them with you before doing a full post. So recently I bought a little Benefit perfume set (Crescent Row Set) from Depop, I managed to get it for £17 - I wanted to get the set at Christmas but I missed out on getting it. But I've got it now! 
The 4 little perfumes smell amazing, and they are the perfect little travel sized bottles, I did expect there to be a spray but alas the bottles are the types that you use your finger to apply the scent. The perfumes that come in the set are Ring My Bella, Laugh With Me LeeLee, Under My Spell Noelle and My Place Or Yours Gina. The bottles, as expected from Benefit, are absolutely beautiful - so sweet and quirky.
The next thing I treated myself to, that came the same day as the perfumes, was my brand shiny and new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I got this for the amazing price of £18.50 from Cohorted - they only launched very recently and I was so excited, happy and all sorts of other emotions that I managed to get this palette. When it was first released I really didn't care for it at all - but after going to the Urban Decay event recently and seeing the palette in action - I instantly wanted it. Naturally I had to buy it - I mean how could I turn down that brilliant offer?!

I'll most definitely have better reviews of these products that will be up soon. 


Plans For The Summer | Lifestyle

At the start of the year I was very much excited to be going on holiday - it would have been my first time abroad - but unfortunately the plans fell through for it. So I've been thinking of new things I can do during my crazy long summer holidays - my summer officially starts on the 5th of May so I have just over 4 months off! What does one do for four months? So I've been thinking recently of things to do and I've come up with a few things so far.
One of the things I'm really wanting to do is explore more of Scotland. Obviously I'm not going to be able to see lots of Scotland during the summer but I'm hoping to go to Stirling and other places that are reasonably easy to get to. So I want to go to Stirling, visit more places in Edinburgh and wander around Glasgow more. Does anyone have any places I can visit that are close enough to Glasgow that I could see in a day? 
Another thing I've been wanting to do is read at least 5 books, people read when on holiday and I've really missed reading now that University has got busier. 
I've recently started building my family tree, I've not managed to get very far with it but as soon as my exams are over I'm definitely going to work toward building it more. I think its going to be really interesting finding out things about my ancestors that I never new or even thought about. My grandpa has made a family tree but as far as I know its basically just their names with no information about the people - despite this I think it will be cool to see if I can match up all the people he has on his tree.  
Another of the things I'd like to do is take my driving lessons and pass my test before the end of the summer. I'm not sure if I'm being overly optimistic by hoping to pass by my 15th lesson? 
The final thing I've been wanting to do is get fitter, last summer I did pilates quite a lot and I got pretty good at it, so hopefully I can do at least 15 minutes of it daily throughout my long summer. 


Australis Get The Look Pretty Pastels Palette | Review

Australis was a brand that I had wanted to try but obviously my not living in the sunny land of Australia made that a little difficult. I was however very lucking in being paired up with the lovely Maddi during a Halloween swap organised by Jasmine last year.  I wasn't really familiar with all of Australis's products, only ever having had seen a few of their products on various YouTube channels and blogs, so everything I got was unfamiliar to me and unexpected. I love doing swaps - you get the opportunity to try products that otherwise you would maybe never have heard of before or just never been able to get your hands on. I love trying things I've not seen before, in a store or on a blog. 
One of the items Maddi kindly sent me was the Australis Get The Look Pretty Pastels palette. This palette is pretty darn cool, its basically everything you could need to make your face look pretty. Pressed powder, bronzer, blush and 3 eye shadows. All housed in a lovely sleek black palette with Australis written in big pink writing. The palette also has a lovely big mirror the entire size of the palette. So its perfect for if your on the go and need to apply a little makeup. The only things you would need to take along with you is a mascara, a couple of brushes and a lip stick. I think this would be perfect if you were wanting to travel light make-up wise. 
It took me a long time to get around to using this, but now that I have I actually really quite like using it. There are 3 rather pretty eyeshadows, a neutral beige colour, a taupe colour and a shimmery black. 
 I found the shadows to be quite powdery, and a little bit crumbly. Without a primer I did notice, on my oily lids, that the colour didn't seem to last very long and it did crease quite a bit. With a primer though, the colour stays pigmented and lasts a lot longer. Meaning with a primer I really like these colours. 
The bronzer and blusher are actually really pretty, the bronzer does have a slight shimmer to it - I think it looks a little bit goldy? I probably wouldn't use this for contouring but I would be more than happy dusting this over my face to add a bit of a healthy glow to it - I need to be careful though since I'm very pale. The blush colour is perfect for everyday wear, you can see from the picture it is incredibly light and is a lovely pink shade. The blush looks really natural and gives a nice pink glow, the bronzer like I said is less of a contour colour and much more of a lovely gold all over face duster type of thing. Very lovely. I've not yet used the powder, but I'm sure I'll get round to it eventually. 
Overall though I really like this little all in one palette. Sorry if your not from Australia or aren't visiting soon as I think you might have a hard time getting your hands on this. 


Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review

I have a horrible problem with buying things, putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them. This concealer is one of the products I bought, never used and then forgot about. The Kick Ass Concealer is like a 3 in 1 type thing: it has a powder, and 2 different colours of concealer. Its a 3 step process, each step is written on the front of the box, although which colour you use for what did baffle me a little at first - I was just being silly though.
Step 1 is to apply the brightening under eye concealer. It's the peach coloured one, I don't know enough to explain why its peach but I suppose the colour will just cancel out and cover dark circles? The concealer is incredibly creamy, and blends really easily. I think I maybe like this for the under eyes as much - if not more - than my Seventeen concealer. I've not noticed this creasing, and if you were maybe worried about it then you could always set it with powder.
Step 2 is the other concealer is pretty close to my skin colour. Its a pretty full coverage concealer - this makes it great for covering spots and redness. Its not nearly as creamy as the under eye concealer, but it is still pretty easy to blend.
Step 3 is a setting powder, perfect just for making extra sure that the concealer isn't going to move. This really helps my make-up stay in place, which is really helpful for me since my skin is incredibly oily and make-up usually just slips off my face.
I've used this a few times now, and from what I've tried of it I find it slightly to dark for me. The under eye concealer is pretty darn good in the grand scheme of things, I think I maybe like it as much - if not more - than my Seventeen Phowarr Paint. It blends pretty seamlessly, brightens the eyes and hides any nasty dark circles. The blemish concealer I'm not overly fond of, I find its a little dark for my skin and doesn't blend as easily, I just couldn't seem to get it to blend properly for me - I always could see the edges of it, maybe I'm just doing something wrong? Who knows. I like it, but I'd rather just have the under eye concealer if I'm honest.


Glasgow Urban Decay Event + Haul

So a week or so ago I went to an event run by Urban Decay in Glasgow wit a bunch of my friends, it cost £5 to go to it - but you got this back as a voucher later. It was really really fun - the event was basically just giving us the chance to look at and see the new products in action. The absolutely gorgeous make-up artist Danielle - who's YouTube can be found here - demonstrated, on other UD girls, the Naked 3 palette, Naked Skin and the new Naked lip glosses. I unfortunately didn't take pictures at the event - silly me - but trust me when I say that I left wanting every single last product used.
After the demonstrations we were able to go back to the counter and purchase till our hearts were content. It was pretty mad, so many people attacking the counter to try and get their hands on all the absolutely stunning products. If you spent £50 or more on the night you got a little goodie bag with it, so y'know I just had to spend £50.
I walked away feeling happy with what I got, although some of the item I originally wanted weren't in stock. But I'm really happy with the things I got, I knew I wanted a lipstick and a eye liner - I wanted a concealer but they were all out.
I bought one of their Revolution Lipsticks in the colour F-Bomb. Its possibly the creamyest lipstick I've ever used, the formulation of these is just amazing. It lasted such a long time, fading out to just a pale pink. Because it is such a bright red, you do need to be quite careful when applying it so you don't smear it all over your mouth. But, I have to say - it is probably one of the nicest lipsticks I own.
I've been meaning to buy this setting spray for the longest time, and I finally picked it up. At £20 I cringed a little when I bought it, but I have to say from the few times I've used it - its really worth it. I wore this on a night out in a hot sweaty night club and I don't think my make-up budged. It looked like my eye make-up and my foundation were still in tack - purdy impressive I think.
This is the most unbelievably good eye liner ever. Another item I wore to the horrible sweatyness of a club, and this didn't budge. Not. One. Bit. And boy is this hard to get off at the end of the night. It seriously doesn't budge, like you really need to scrub away at your eyes quite a fair bit before it budges. The colour is a really dark purple colour that can look a little black sometimes but it is most definitely a beautiful purple. Its a really creamy liner, that is able to be smudged if you work quick enough - I think you have about 30 seconds to smudge them out before they set properly. I'm definitely going to pick up a few more of these soon. 
The final thing was this little gift set, it contained 3 sample sizes of a few of their products. Naked Skin, their eye primer and four of their lipsticks. I've not actually tried these out, but I'm sure that I'll be using naked skin very very soon.


Spring TAG

I love a TAG as much as the next person does, and when I saw that the lovely Georgina had made another TAG I couldn't help but want to do my version. So here we goooo. 

1.  What's your favourite nail colours for Spring?
For the first year ever the colour I'm really into the pastel trends, usually though I like burgundy nails - but this year I'm definitely going to try the pastel trend. 

2.  Best drink for Spring?
Last spring I tried M&S Peach Green Tea for the first time and basically fell in love with it - so I'll be stocking up on that very soon! It's basically the only flavoured drink I'll take, water and hot green tea are the only other things I drink. 

3.  What goes on your lips in Spring?
I'm probably going to move back to wearing my bright reds or orangey reds - I've been slowly but surely wearing MAC So Chaud more recently.

4.  What's your favourite thing about Spring?
I really like the Daffodils and the blossom that comes on the trees - its basically like the pre-summer flowers that let you know that spring is here and the weather is heating up. I also love that the days get brighter, makes everything seem nicer when is bright outside for longer. 

5.  Best perfume for Spring?
I don't really have specific scents for different seasons - but I go for my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume a lot more than the rest. 

6.  What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?
Oh golly, I watch all series equally. I've been watching Bones, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and such like. I've probably been watching The Big Bang Theory more than any other programme though. But I'm crazy excited that Game Of Thrones comes back very soon!

7.  Do you wear a different colour eye shadow in Spring?
Not really, I don't tend to wear colours on my eyes - I stay very neutral on my eyes and no matter what season it is I'll only really wear neutral colours. 

8.  Do you change your hair for the changing season?
Nope not at all. Well, a few weeks ago I dyed my hair red so this season I've changed my hair. But 99% of the time I keep my hair the same. 

9.  What kind of music do you listen do in Spring?
Just the same stuff as always I guess. A little bit of Taylor Swift, All Time Low, Paramore, Katy Perry and other lovelies. 

10.  What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Spring?
I tend to take my sunnies with me everywhere in the spring, I'll maybe get some pretty scarves to wear. I keep wearing cardigans with all my outfits but I might wear more skirts and dresses in the spring :) 


Small Body Shop Haul

When the Body Shop has a discount code, you have to put an order in - I mean its only polite, right? Since I hadn't placed an order recently, I decided that I should pick up a few items. I used the 35% off code with free delivery, and since Quidco was having a cash back event I got extra money back as well. All the things I bought I had never used before, and two of the things I had never even seen before in their stores. I've used everything that I bought so I think I'll make it also like a mini review.
I've wanted a new moisturiser for ages, and, as much as I love the body butters I thought I would try one of their body purées. I picked the pink grapefruit scent, I thought it sounded like a nice smell and I'm really glad I did pick it. It smells so lovely and just sinks so well into the skin. I actually think I might prefer these to the body butters. You only need a little bit as it goes such a long way and it has been really good for my skin recently since my arms have been so dry. 
I spotted this on the site, and was really interested in it - at first I actually thought it was the one everyone's been blogging about recently but its a different one. The Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee smells amazing! It basically just smells and looks like blueberry jam. Along with the larger seeds, there are tiny little scrub particles, that manage to give a really good, not overly abrasive scrub. I'm really impressed with this, its a scrub unlike any other that I've used, I'm definitely going to get the new one when it comes out. 
This was a complete impulse buy. I don't really know why I bought it - its just a cute little novelty sponge. Maybe I'll use my scrub with this? Who knows. It kind of reminds me of the Ribena advert with the cute little blueberries. 
 Another product I hadn't seen before in store before - I know if I had I would have snapped it up straight away! The Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt is so lovely, it smells gorgeous and the bubbles it creates are just so silky soft. You hardly need any of the product to make lots of bubbles, so this should last such a long time. 

Whats your favourite Body Shop product?