A Way To Make A Few Pounds | UK My Survey

My friend introduced my to this site a few years ago and I'm so glad she did. Back in the day I was getting a tenner every month. Recently there's not been as many surveys coming through - although I did just recently receive £20 into my Paypal account - yaaaaas!
But anyway, the site is UK My Survey, and if you're looking for a really quick and simple way of gaining a few extra pounds then I would seriously recommend signing up. The surveys vary from 5 minute ones to ones that you fill out over the course of a week - these ones usually pay a lot of points.
This post isn't sponsored or anything, but I just thought I would do a quick post to let everyone know about this awesome site - its nice to get money without really needing to work for it.


Puppy Update | 4 Months

Daisy is now just over 4 months old and I thought I would just do a really quick post about her and how I've found having her. She's crazy smart and I just love her. She can already do the basics like Sit, Paw, Down and she even knows Roll Over! We're beginning to teach her sit pretty and then we'll hopefully move onto Play Dead soon. She's not quite got Stay fully yet but she is learning - she also needs to learn leave. 
My mum got her a little Diamonte collar, she said she never would but got one in the end since she thought Daisy didn't look cool enough. A little bit of bling never did anyone any harm. 
Her favourite toy is this little piggy, we got it from a local Garden/ Pet Store, it seems to have a hard ball inside it and a squeaker in its head. She goes nutty for it. Like proper mad. She gets on quite well with our other dog, Holly, they play together but if Daisy annoys her too much she will snap at her - it doesn't deter Daisy though. 
She sleeps almost completely through the night if she does a pee around midnight, and wakes me up at either 5am or 8am before going back to bed again. She does still have the odd accident in the house but the majority of her pees are done outside. I absolutely adore her and she has really changed the way my house is - we all just seem to be happier and get on a lot better ( shes a wonderdog). 


Fitness | Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Everyone and anyone that knows me would agree that I am so lazy and absolutely cannot stick to any form of exercise. Despite that though I've decided to start doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I tried doing this ages ago and gave up half way through the first day. Pitiful. Although I don't have proper weights - I'm using tins of food - I've been going fairly strong with this and have just finished the first week. I had a couple of days off, the first to let my legs recover (they were in proper agony, could barely move haha!) and the next was because I had a wax and wasn't allowed to exercise that day. But I did do it for 7 days.
My diet for this first week has been pretty crap, so thats probably effected my results, but I have to say I feel stronger and I don't hurt as much after the workouts. When I do them, I do still need small 30 second breaks between each circuit - otherwise I feel like I might pass out or throw up. I've not taken progress pictures but I think I might for the next 2 levels - more so for myself than anyone else.

How do you like to stay fit? 


MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter | Review

So first of all just let me apologise for the lack of posting, but life has just got in the way recently and I've just not had any time to write any posts. But anyway, a while back I bought a highlighter from TheBalm and I've barely used it, so when I saw that Superdrug had the well raved MUA highlighter was in stock I was a bit wary of buying it. Yes its only £4 but if I don't use it then its a £4 thats been wasted. I went for it though and bought it, and boy am I glad that I did.
Back story aside, this is a seriously good highlighter. Nothing too over the top, so you could easily wear it all day everyday.
MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter Swatch
It seems that everyone and their cat has this highlighter, bloggers love it and it is almost always sold out. This is a really pretty frosty pink shade, although I describe it as pink it is absolutely stunning on the skin. I've not really found that this can be applied to heavily, maybe its just the brush I use? I tend to apply it with my Real Techniques Blush brush, I find it gives a nice good dusting on the cheek bones, and if I feel like I want to then a little dusting on my nose and chin. I think because of the colour of this and the fact that its a fairly light highlight that this would suit almost all skin tones. It's also perfect for day time wear as well as for the night, at night just apply a little more to make it slightly more obvious. 
Whenever I apply a full face of makeup this definately gets applied to my cheek bones, I'd love to be able to contour and highlight properly, but because of the shimmer in this it probably wouldn't be great for that. 

Do you have this highlighter? Whats your favourite? 


Ecotools Foam Applicator

Every time I'm in Boots I see this, give it a long hard look then leave without it, but recently I was in a bit of a hurry to get 4 bonus retailers from Quidco and added this and a couple of other bits into my basket - hey I'd been wanting it for ages! When it arrived I was really excited to try it out - I'm not a sponge user at all so I wasn't sure what to expect, or really even how to use it. If I'm honest I'm still not 100% sure how to use it properly.
After using it a fair few times, and trying a few different methods, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not actually sure if I like this. I don't like the fact that I do have to go over my face with my buffing brush, but I have found that using this does give a sort of flawless finish? When I first used it I tried to apply to much foundation to quickly, the applicator just kind of slipped across my face - I got frustrated and gave up using it. I did go back to it though - cause y'know can't judge it by one use. The second time I took less on the applicator and found it easier to use, it made the application a billion times easier around my eyes and nose - I think I'll probably just use it for that instead of an all over face applicator. I do find that I still need to buff the foundation in to get a good finish - I don't mind though since the finish looked better than usual.
Overall, I do think for the price of £4.99 this is an okay way to apply your foundation. However I don't think I'll be using this on a daily basis as it just takes a little longer to apply my foundation. It does make me feel a little better about sponges, but I still much prefer my Real Techniques Buffing brush...

Have you used this, what did you think of it? Whats your favourite way to apply foundation?