NYX Lipstick in Snow White | Review

Recently I did a swap with the lovely Rena from Kiss and Makeup and one of the items she kindly sent me was a NYX lipstick. I'm a huge lover of lipsticks, so this was more than welcome in my ever growing collection. 
The colour Rena picked out for me is Snow White. It is possibly the most perfect deep red, its quite a dark red I would say - maybe a bit vampy. But I love it. A lot of the reds I have in my collection are very bright, so this is quite different from the rest. The colour is actually really similar to my hair now that it's been dyed! 
Packaging wise, the NYX lipsticks remind me of the MUA ones. Basically just a plain black tube, with the logo for the company and a little bit of colour to give an idea of the shade at the bottom of the tube. 
 I really love the way this looks on, I think it really compliments my paleness - and I think it makes my teeth look whiter! This is definitely going to be one of my most reached for lipsticks - it looks like it would be absolutely perfect for all year wear. WOO! 

The colour does last a fair while, the deepness of the colour lasts a couple of hours then your left with a nice paler red. 

After trying this I think I'd be quite interested in maybe getting a few more colours, as I'm really really impressed with this. 
What colours would you suggest I get, do you like these lipsticks? 


Before Bed Skin Prep | Bedtime Routine

The past week or so I've really got into quite a routine at night: 1. to try help me fall asleep quicker and 2. To try make my skin feel and look better. For me personally bed time is just the burden of my life. I 99% of the time can't fall asleep before 3 in the morning or my puppy goes mental meaning I just generally can't get to sleep.
The absolute first thing I do now when I'm getting ready for bed now is to light a candle - preferably a non-scented one. I've been burning Avon's Sleep Serenity one recently just to see if it can actually help me drift off better. But I just like have a candle burning as I get into my pj's and fix my face and what not. I'll also spray my pillow with a pillow mist, the one I use is also from Avon - anything to help me drift off. I do quite like this one, and while I was still going to classes this really did help me fall asleep a lot quicker and when I did drift off I slept a billion times better.
The next thing I'd do is to moisturise my face, so just now that means the La Roche Possay Duo followed by Hydraluron and finishing off with a cheap Garnier moisturiser that I've been trying to use up. After my skins all lovely and soft its only fair to give my lips a little attention - so on goes Reve De Miel. Perfect little pot of sherbety lemony buttery goodness.
My body does need a little bit of loving as well, more so my feet. I've been making sure that they get a good slobber of cream on them each night. I'll quickly buff over my feet with my pedegg, I'm not high class enough to have an electric foot buffer, and then cover my feet in a thick layer of cream and wear socks over night.
For the rest of my body I apply some of the Body Shops Pink Grapefruit lotion to any overly dry bits on le bod. The smell of this is heavenly.

What do you do before you go to bed?


Superdrug Facial Hair Remover | Review

A bit of a different post from usual today. I'll admit something thats bothered me for awhile is the slightly darker hair on my lip. My brother always teases me about it and once a boy in my school (he was a few years below me) asked why I had a moustache. I was mortified. At the time the lip fuzz didn't really bother me, but as I've gotten older its begun to bother me more and more. Especially as I realised that my foundation looked darker around my mouth. I've gotten vain in my old age.
When I was perusing through Superdrug I noticed these little facial hair remover pads. They were only something like 98p so I wasn't really too fussed if they were rubbish or not.
Directions wise it is so simple and easy to follow. I don't know why but I found this a lot harder to use than the instructions made out. I just couldn't seem to get rid of the hair, and when I did manage it I think I look off half my lip with it. Awch. I used this twice and shortly after using it the second time my lip came out with about 4 really really sore spots. Yes it was less than £1, but I don't really think I would recommend it. A friend of mine loves these type of things (she uses a different brand) but I just can't jump of the band wagon with her.
I'd love to know ways that you deal with lip fuzz, needing to find another way to deal with my little problem.


The Summer TAG

Since it is an absolute scorcher of a day - at least is is as I type, god only knows what it'll be like when I publish this - I thought now is probably the best time to do The Summer TAG that Georgina from Makeup Pixi3 created. 

1.  What's your favourite thing about Summer?
In Scotland we don't tend to get much sun, it basically rains all year round here. But we do tend to have a few days (maybe even a week if we're lucky) of really nice weather. The heat at night annoys me, too hot for a duvet but I can't sleep without one, boo. But I do love waking up in the morning to sunshine - it makes being woken up by my puppy so much more bearable.

2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
Over the past few weeks I've been drinking berry smoothies in the morning, they are ice cold and just so delicious. Other than that the only other thing I really tend to drink is water, I'm not big on fizzy drinks. 

3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
There are many places I'd like to go, but I'm actually yet to leave the country (at least properly, I went to France with my school years ago but I was so exhausted I barely remember it). I'm hoping next year to go abroad - maybe do Camp America? 

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
If I'm honest, for me Summer means looking like a bum for most of the week, with maybe the occasional washing to see friends. Summer is basically the time my skin, face and hair get a break from the constant covering with makeup and heating with straighteners. So year, 95% of the time I don't wear makeup in the summer.

5.  Dresses or skirts?
Its usually not hot enough to wear dresses and skirts in Glasgow, but when it is I'd probably be more likely to go for a skirt, most of the dresses I own are very dressy so not exactly ideal for daily use. 

6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
Emm, I'm going to say Converse. I don't own sandals or ballet pumps - I'm a horrid excuse for a girl I know. I just find Converse are so much more comfortable. I do own a pair of ballet pump style converse, I got them last year and they are sooooo comfy! 

7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?
A bit of both I think - but mostly up, since I don't wash my hair everyday (and if I want to wear my hair down I need to wash it so I can style it) so it's just easier for me to pop it up in a ponytail. 

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
Bold lips! I can't pull off smokey eyes, I'm not sure if its just that I can't pull it off or if it's down to the fact that I just can't do a smokey eye. I think I look like I've been punched in the face when I wear a smokey eye... I only own two (I think) nude lipstick, the rest are very much bold reds. 

9.  Favourite perfume for Summer?
I don't actually have a favourite, recently though I've been using my DKNY Delicious Red one. 

10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
I tend to listen to the radio more during the Summer months, so just now I've been hearing a lot of Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora - I'm actually loving them both atm!

Thanks for reading my answers to Georgina's TAG. 


Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Review

I feel like I may have done a review on this before, but since using about a year ago I basically haven't gone back to it. Until recently that is. The last few times I've properly done my face up - so like the works, face, eyes brow: everything - I've used this brilliant little palette.
My absolute favourite part of this little palette is the brow bone colour. It is the absolute most perfect brow highlight colour. I don't think words could describe my love for this colour - I will be devastated when this colour runs out - might need to call in a favour with a State side friend. The other two colours I do find a little bit shimmery for my liking - but they are still beautiful colours. The crease shade is a really lovely bronze brown, personally I'd rather have a matte colour for my crease, and this colour would be 1000x nicer if it were matte. But even still it is a beautiful colour. The lid colour is super pretty but again I find it really really shimmery. Its a lovely champaney pink colour, I'm thinking now this might be a good colour for the inner corner area of le eyes. Non?
I'm really hoping that these come over the Britain soon, I know for a fact they would be super popular over here. We all love the American stuff after alls.

What do you think of these palettes? 


Health and Fitness

At the start of the year I was doing so so so well with exercising and avoiding junk foods, for the last two or three months though I've been so far from eating healthily and exercising moving that its untrue. Since university finished in May I've basically become a couch potato. I've gone from walking 3 or 4 miles a day to being lucky if I even do 1 mile.
I decided recently that I absolutely had to get back into the way of movement as not only if my overall fitness suffering but so is my skin and the amount of sleep I get. On an average night I'll be awake well into the wee hours, usually I fall asleep around 3am - its currently 1am and I'm not even a little bit tired.
To kick start my body into functioning properly I've been following a 10 day plan that I got on Tumblr. It has quite a strict meal plan and a few easy (Jesus these are not easy for me) to do exercises to do daily. I've been on it for almost a week so I'll update you at the end of it with how I did on it. The meal plan is basically just eggs, poultry, fish (not a fan), fruit and veggies ( also not a huge veggie lover). Oh what have I got myself in for?
I think most of my days are going to be spent eating turkey bacon and boiled eggs with me chocking down greens.
Along with this I'm going to try drinking protein shakes and a detoxing tea. Recently I've been spending quite a bit of money in Holland and Barret - for someone that has no form of income I spend waaaay to much money in there. But anyway, I love going in and having a wee look around at snacks and such like that I can eat instead of devouring packets of crisps and bars of chocolate. I'm currently loving their own brand flapjacks.
Hopefully by exercising and eating better my skin will stop being such a disgusting mess - face and back (anyone know how to get rid of back acne?) and fingers crossed I can fall asleep quicker than usual.


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Okay, so I know I said that the Naked 3 didn't interest me and that I wasn't going to buy it. But after seeing the absolutely stunning girls at Urban Decay using it, right in front of me, I knew that I had to have it! Luckily I restrained myself from getting it on the day, because not even a week later Cohorted had it on their site and I was lucky enough to snap one up. I really do mean snap - I got it for half price, so all in all I paid £18.50 for it. BARGAIN! I really couldn't contain my excitement, I think I must have told almost everyone I knew that I got one - even the girls that paid full price the week before, sorry.
When it arrived, I practically ripped it out of its packaging, mentally telling myself to be careful so I could take pretty pictures of it for le blog. 
The colours really are stunning. How could I ever not have wanted to buy this? Lets face it, everything about this palette is beautiful. From the colours to the packaging. All. Absolutely. Stunning. I've tried playing around with it and I still love the colours, but I have to say only a set few look good on my face.
The pinker toned ones I am slightly struggling to use, but I still have 7 other colours that I absolutely adore. I've reserved strange specifically for my brow bone, and Limit for my lid. Dust is a really pretty shimmery colour that I think works really well in the inner corner - c'est magnifique. Nooner is really the only one I absolutely can't get to work for me, I just kind of look like I've been smacked in the face. Not a great look, I think you'll agree.
I really do love this palette - like really love - but I'm just not 100% sure how much love it will get from me. It might be one of those palettes that only gets played with my friends or only taken out once in a blue moon.

What are your thoughts on this palette? 


Magazine Freebie | Marie Claire Ciate Caviar Nails

I'm not usually one to let folk know about the little freebies that come in magazines, but I thought I would share this one. Marie Claire is a magazine I usually don't buy but the little Ciate set that was being given away sold it for me.
The shop I went to didn't really have much in the way of choice, there was the red set and this purple one. That could be down to the fact that cheap so and so's stole the sets out of the magazines. But anyway, I'm really happy with the one I bought. The purple polish looks really lovely - the shade is called Pillow Fight, it is just such a lovely greyish purple. The balls that go with it are in the shade Sweet Dreams, and are a mix of light and dark purple shades. Since I've just got it I've not really had a chance to use it properly but I'll be doing a review soon hopefully on it.

Blog Swap | UK & USA

I don't even remember how long Rena and I have been planning and buying for this swap but let me tell you its been a long time! We set quite a high budget, and that is maybe why we took such a long time between starting and sending. But anyway, I've been reading Rena's blog for a year or so and I really enjoy reading all her posts. Her blog is Kiss and Make-up and I highly recommend that everyone goes and has a wee look and maybe gives her a follow. She is seriously good with make-up and I'm envious of her skills.
Rena received her box before me - which just made me even more excited to receive mine. I have to hand it to the Royal Mail, they managed to get it over seas so quickly. I dare say quicker than some British parcels I've sent....
My box arrived the day after Rena received hers, it came stupidly early in the morning but I was so excited I wasn't bothered my being summoned from bed at an ungodly hour. The box was a blooming nightmare to get into, you taped this up so well! When I finally got into it I had to contain my joy and stop myself from just ripping through the box. I stupidly forgot to take a picture of all the items together (at least properly) so it'll just be lots and lots of smaller groups of items.
Can I just mention how beautiful the card she sent me is? Like, wow, its definitely getting saved - might see if it will fit in my photo album. I did try to film me opening the box but half the film was corrupted so yeah, that was a fail. Obviously the pictures are in absolutely no order, but I'll try say a wee bit about each thing - like what it is and colours and such like, nothing too detailed.
 In this pretty little black and pink striped box was a few lovely little bits from NYX, it was such a cute wee detail to put them in a box. Rena got me two eyeshadows in Golden Amber and Nude - Nude looks to be the colour I've been searching for, it just looks like it will be the most perfect base. Also in the box was a Roll-on Shimmer in the colour Almond and a lip stick in the most gorgeous red shade, Snow White. Very fitting.
 So much Bath and Body Works!! I'm so happy! The candles all smell amazing, Hulas and Hibiscus smells really sweet I can't quite figure out what it reminds me of but it definitely smells like some kind of baked good. Rena also kindly picked up for me Peach Bellini - smells exactly like peach with the cocktail edge to it - and Pomelo Grapefruit, this smells exactly how it sounds. Heavenly all of them. As if the candles weren't enough - Rena you spoil me - she also kindly sent over a couple of lotions and shower gels. She sent a few things from the Sweet Pea range - shower gel, body lotion and body spray. Its the absolute best thing I've ever smelt, she picked these out because they are her favourite so thank you a billion times over. She also sent me a body lotion in Endless Summer, not a strong scent but it is really nice and Japanese Cherry Blossom. The final Bath and Body Works product she sent me was the Aromatherapy Sensual Bubble Bath and Body Wash - this really does smell sexy. Its kind of musky? Is that the word I want... Hmm, could be. But this really is an absolutely amazing scent when this runs out I'll be so so sad.
 I love nail wraps, they are the lazy girls way of getting really cool "nail art" looking nails. The designs on these are so cool and not only do I have some for my fingers, I now have some for my toes! I don't think I've ever seen toe ones in the UK so it will be really fun to use these ones.
 This I know for a fact was the last thing I got, since it was hidden right at the bottom of the box. But this little notebook is so sweet. The colours are right down my street, chevron blues with a pink band. Perf.
Oh Rena how I love thy choices, she sent over two trios and one - shall we call it a palette - palette. The trios are in the colours On Cloud Nine - which is a blue toned one - and Sweet as Candy which is much more of a neutral kind of one. I'm not sure how much use On Cloud Nine will get but I'm sure Sweet as Candy will get a lot of use. The palette she sent me is in the colour The Naked Truth - the colours in this look really wearable and I'll definitely be trying it out very soon. 
 I was sent a few more bits from NYX. Although we are able to get NYX in the UK its harder to come by and tends to be a lot more expensive than it would be in the States. Rena sent over two of the Jumbo eye pencils, a blusher, an eye shadow palette and a pair of eyelashes. I love eye shadow pencils so I was really happy to have received these - and in two lovely colours as well! The colours I received were Iced Mocha - a lovely bronze-y colour - and Cottage Cream - possibly the perfect silver colour for the inner corner? The blush she sent me is in the colour Dusty Rose, I was actually really close to buying this not too long ago so good job I didn't eh? The eye palette - in Adorable -  is the perfect kind of neutral colours, there is a pink shade in there as well but the palette is so so so wearable. Now for possibly the most beautiful eye lashes ever? These look so fluttery and feathery and just out right perfect. I can't wait for a night out so I can wear these bad boys.
 Two more eye shadow palette type things, my eye shadow collection has grown so much. lolz. The Almay trio is so pretty, the colours look perfect for everyday wear - not too shimmery either - and its the one designed for brown eyes. The ULTA palette is very bright but the colour that I homed in on was the blue colour - wow it is such an amazing colour, I've never seen a blue like that before.
Next up is some bits from Milani, the last swap I did I got a blush and a lipstick from Milani and I quite wanted to try some more from them. Wait a minute... Quite wanted? That is such bad English, but you know what I mean. Rena kindly sent over a shadow eyez pencil, an eye shadow, a lip gloss and a liquid liner. The shadow pencil - your feeding my love - is in the shade Sand Dunes, it looks to be quite a gold toned brown colour. The shadow is in the colour I Heart You and my oh my, can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this colour is? I adore red eye shadows like this - I have a few cream ones in my collection - so this is going to get a fair bit of use. The lip gloss is in the colour Sweet Grapefruit - unfortunately it doesn't smell like grapefruit - and looks to be a really pretty pink shade. The liner really intrigues me, this seems like an odd thing to say but I've never owned a liner in this colour and I very rarely buy liquid liner, I really want to use this but since its blue I'm not sure where I'll find the confidence to wear it out.
 I've come to the conclusion that American beauty products use a lot of packaging in comparison to British ones. With that side note, two new mascaras to try. I'm not sure if we have these in the UK or not but I'm really excited to try them. The L'Oreal Volumious Carbon Black mascara looks amazing - so hopefully it will be as good as it looks. And the Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara looks really cool as well, this is one of the Mega Plush ones and is purple so it'll be quite cool to see what it looks like on the lashes.
Rena had said she would be able to get me a sample size of the Benefit Bad Lash and she did! The They're Real just doesn't work on my lashes so fingers crossed this does a better job. I'm assuming these are all sample sizes? Why don't we get samples when we shop? Tarte recently came the the UK on QVC and I was quite interested in the mascara so now I get to try it before I pay full price for it! Okay so I'm not 100% sure if this is for your brows or for your lashes but it is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius, I think I'll look up what its for then go from there.
 Liners, liners, liners! Pencil and Liquid. Rena sent me over two Essence liners in Teddy and Love Me Lavender, along with a Wet N Wild black liquid liner. The applicator nib bit for this looks like it could be pretty easy to use, it seems to be pretty thin so in theory no crazy thick lines. Right?
Rena also sent me a Stila lip glaze - I think I had one of these years ago - in the colour Strawberry Lemonade and a Pacifica Color Quench lip tint. This is in the shade Guava Berry and it looks really pretty, I love lip balm things and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one so this will for sure get lots of use.
 Next up is a few products from ELF, we do have access to this in the UK but only if we order online and sometimes I'm a bit wary of ordering makeup online if I'm not sure of my colour. Rena sent over a set of three lip glosses - the darkest one looks pretty darn cool! She also sent over two Jumbo Eye shadows in Little Miss Thing - a lovely gold - and Midnight Rendezvous - a really pretty brown. The final ELF product was a Shimmering Face Whip in Lilac Petal, it looks like it will be a really pretty light highlight.
 I'm not sure if we have this concealer in the UK, but I'm excited to try it anyway. The colour Rena sent me matches my skin so well. The Maybelline Fit Me range seems to be a really good range.
 Face wipes are the thing I use when I'm too lazy to take my make-up off properly, I'd ran out of wipes but I now have these Green Tea ones to use.
 I know we do get NYC in the UK but its not a brand I've ever really been interested in. Until now though - the bronzer (in Sunny) looks like it could be even better than my NARS Laguna!!! She also sent over a Sparkles Eye Dust in the colour Amber Glitz.
Final thing now from the swap box! Miniature shampoos/conditioners by Paul Mitchell - I think we have this brand in the UK, although I honestly wouldn't even know where to get it from. I was sent the Awapuhi Shampoo and the Detangler Conditioner - after I wash my hair it gets very tuggy so it'll be interesting to see if this helps.

This post was massive! I hope you enjoyed reading it and thank you so so so much Rena for doing this with me I love everything you sent me! Any items you would like to see reviews on let me know and I'll try get them up soonish :) x