MAC Duo Palette

My mums friend kindly picked me up a MAC palette while she was in Miami recently, the price difference in the palettes over there is insane! I think it came to approx £7 for the inserts and the palette, which is mad because it costs over £30 in the UK to buy! Absolute madness. 
Anyhoo, I'm hoping to pick up a few colours soon. This obviously isn't going to get filled up over night but I think it will be a nice wee (expensive) project for me. 
I'd love to know what colours you recommend. I'm already looking at Sketch, Cranberry, All That Glitters and Woodwinked. :) 


Hello Mouthwash Pink Grapefruit Mint | Review

It was one of those days, went into Boots for one thing but managed to come out with things I hadn't even thought of. I have no idea what possessed me to buy a mouthwash, I think it was maybe that they were new, or maybe that they were on offer or was it maybe the cute packaging? 
From what I've read online, Hello is an American brand and they do a variety of different oral hygiene products. The only part of their range that is available here (so far) is the mouthwash. I do hope the rest of it comes over soon, cause I'm fairly chuffed with this so far! 
There are 2 other flavours available, Spearmint and Mojito Mint. I picked this one because it was different from the usual flavours - like the Spearmint one - but it wasn't too crazy sounding - like the Mojito Mint one. I personally really like the smell and taste of this, but my mum and my brother really dislike it. More mouthwash for me then! I think it basically just smells like a slightly fresh and fruity mint. Taste wise, I don't think its all that strong when your actually using it - I tend to notice the taste so much more when I've finished rinsing. It just leaves you feeling really clean and fresh! I have noticed that your able to taste this hours after using this, sometimes I can wake up and still have a slight taste of this - perfect for sorting out bad morning breath, y'know if you suffer from that. I know I do...
The mouthwash is 99% with no alcohol, dyes and no ouch. I'm guessing by no Ouch it means that your mouth won't sting, probably because there are no alcohols in them. The packaging is bright and eye catching, each flavour is a different colour, but I really like the colour of this one - the bold pink with the contrasting white, it looks super cute. I have found that the lid isn't very tight and it can leak a wee bit - so make sure you keep it upright at all times. 
It's currently available to buy from Boots for £2.99, full price it will be £5.99 - maybe a bit steep so lets stock up while its cheap. 
Update: After scheduling this post my puppy knocked this bottle over and the lid popped off. This unfortunately meant that most of the almost 500ml bottle spilt all over my carpet. I think I maybe have a week or two left in it - sigh. I really do like this, but I definitely couldn't justify spending £5.99 on this for it to potentially get spilt, my room absolutely stinks of the stuff now - I liked the smell but when its seeped into the carpet its not that great... The lovely people from Hello kindly sent me some products out to makeup for the one that burst, A++ for their customer service. 

Have you tried anything from this line?


OOTD | Maxi Skirt & Kimono Lovin'

Glasgow last week felt more like ( or at least I imagine it did) Spain than a city in Scotland. We had temperatures of 25 and above for more than a week. With Friday being 29 degrees (Celsius that is). I meant to get the next couple of outfit posts up while it was still hot, but y'know I wanted to take advantage of the sun and soak in it for as long as possible. I did take advantage of the sun - however by the colour of my skin you wouldn't have thought that I spend literally hours and hours sitting outside in the scorching heat. My mum and my brother tan so easily, and then I'm sat next to them, white as a ghost - well I'm more peach now (apparently). I don't tan easily nor burn. I do have tan lines but they are barely noticeable. Fair skinned problems. 
I saw this Kimono a couple of weeks ago in Primark and picked it up on a whim, I'm  glad I did. I'm a jumper addict, and obviously I couldn't get away with wearing one last week so this came in handy. My maxi skirt is also from Primark, I bought it last year and wore it once, I think it made me look slightly taller than usual. I'll take any help to look taller, being 5'2 ish kind of sucks. My top is just a little strappy thing from Topshop, its one of those ones thats always on 2 for £10. My dog, well she cme from Falkirk - she loves a wee cuddle, I think she was confused as to what I was doing as she kept looking at me in a weird way. (my dog makes lots of facial expressions, I'm not crazy - promise)
I really liked the way this outfit came together, apparently I do have some sense of style. 


FrojoDesigns Dinosaur Birthday Card

Birthday cards, something we all buy at least a few of every year. Theres always that awkward moment when your with the person and you notice they already have one (if not two or three) of the same card your about to hand over to them. Just me that finds that awkward? Okay then. 
No one seems to spend much time thinking about the cards, I personally, like to keep some of the birthday cards I get each year so I usually buy birthday cards that are maybe slightly more expensive or are not from the big chain supermarkets - since most people spend very little on cards and grab them from ASDA or where ever as they drive past.
This year, I decided I would go down a different avenue for my friends birthday. I noticed Josie from Josie's Journal had an Esty site where she sold cards - so y'know I took a look. I fell in love with all the designs she had, they are all so cute and quirky! They are completely different from anything you would find in a shop and they look (and are) very well made. Josie is seriously talented, I tried my hand at card making last year and well lets just say it didn't end well, they looked awful. So I have a serious amount of admiration for Josie and her mad skillz. Anyhoo, the card I picked from her Esty page (which is here) is this really cute dinosaur card, I think my friend will appreciate it - I mean I do, so I'm sure she will. This card is probably more for like 5 year olds but 19 year olds are basically just big kids. 
Josie's designs are really affordable, with cards ranging from £1.50 to £3.50 with I think free delivery. So you basically pay the same price for a rubbish card from the supermarkets - I know that I'd rather pay for Josie's cards than a buy an alright/ nothing special one from the shops. 

Anyway... I just wanted to share Josie's page with you, because her cards are so lovely and completely worth every penny paid. 


Healthy Yummy and Delicious Smoothie

I love smoothies, but when you buy them in the cartons from the supermarket you can guess that they probably aren't that healthy - most are filled with sugar and such like. Recently though I've been making my own smoothies after getting a really yummy recipe for them. You only need 3 really easy to get ingredients and less than five minutes later you've got a delicious and filling smoothie. 
I tend to make these and have them in the morning, its a really filling breakfast and obviously really healthy. The way that I make it, usually makes about 3 big cupfuls - yummy yummy in my tummy. 
So first up, your going to want to gather the ingredients. You'll need berries - I chose frozen ones as it worked out cheaper, milk and yoghurt - I picked the alpro versions as I'm trying to eat less dairy. If you want to - I do add this to all mine - then you could add some protein powder, but this is completely optional. You'll also need some kind of blender to mix everything up. 
I usually start with the fruit, and I add 1 cup of the frozen berries into my blender. The berries I used here have Blackberries, Rasperries, Strawberries, Cranberries and Blueberries. Very berry indeed. 
Next, you'll add a cup of milk. Put any type of milk you want in. I put almond milk in mine, I think next time I'll try Hazelnut milk or soya milk. 
Then to make it really thick and creamy, you add a cup of yoghurt. I would maybe suggest not using regular yoghurt and maybe go for Greek as it would be a lot thicker, but like I said I'm avoiding dairy atm so I went for the Alpro natural one - it is pretty thick so it does a good job for the smoothie. 

And tah-dah! You have yourself a nice big batch of smoothie. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of this once it was done, mind fart I guess. 

Do you have any smoothie recipes you just love? 


Mini Boots Haul

This is basically the first proper couple of things I've bought for ages from Boots. The foundation is actually my mums but it seems really cool so I thought I would mention it - since I plan on reviewing it soon. 
Champneys Foot Butter. My feet are horrendous, so dry and hard and just genuinely not in great shape. I bought this - amazingly scented butter - in hope that it would soften my feet up a bit. The peppermint smell is lovely and I'm really looking forward to  applying this and seeing if it does a good job. I think this was £8, more than I would usually pay for something like this but it smelt too good to resist. 
If I'm being completely honest I don't know why I bought this - its basically the same price as the Liz Earle one and I've never seen this reviewed before - so y'know I thought I would give it a try. At £10.50 I expect good things.
This looks really cool, I applied a little bit on my mums face and it blended in really well. I'll be interested to see if it looks just as good on my mums darker and more yellow toned skin as it does on my pale pink toned skin. I'll keep you posted, for £15.99 this better be amazing!

Have you tried any of these, let me know what you thought of them if you have. 


Latest In Beauty | The Glamour Beauty Edition

I was out walking my dogs when I saw on twitter the new Latest In Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit box. If I can remember correctly I had missed out on previous boxes from them - le cry, so y'know like any rational person I decided that I absolutely must have it. I didn't even wait till I got home before ordering a box, dog walking and box ordering. The box costs £16.95 inc postage and its contents were worth £86 - I think thats crazy good value!
The box itself is lovely, the neon pink against the white back ground looks stunning - or at least I think it is. There was two products in the box that I was really excited for and new that they made the box more than worth buying!
These products were by far the products I was most excited to get my hands on, the Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick I got is in the Cherub - I don't think all the boxes had the same shade though... This is one of their new nude shades and retails at £18.50. Considering the box is £16.95, you get an amazing deal as it is worth more than what you pay for the box! I've not tried the shade yet but it looks like it could be a really lovely colour - maybe my perfect nude? We'll see... 
The next item I was really excited to get was Magnifibres Brush On False Lashes, this retails for £21 on their webpage - it can be found for cheaper elsewhere but you get a money back guarantee when you buy it straight from them. I've wanted to try this for ages, I'd seen it awhile ago on blogs and the results it gave looked amazing! I'm really happy I get to try it out before spending so much on it - if it works then I'll be so so happy. I'll write up a blog post to let you know how I find it. 
The Bourjois Cream Blushes were something that I'd wanted to try for awhile, but being rubbish at blush and not being sure about the colours or how to apply it I kept putting it off. The shade I got is 01 Nude Velvet, it looks really natural and nothing to crazy - hopefully I'll manage to work with this and make it look good on me. 
Crabtree and Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Apple. When I first saw this I was a little like - what is C&E, then I looked at the bottom of it and understood - I didn't know that Crabtree and Evelyn did nail polish, I thought it was only creams and body things they sold, but what do I know - eh? I love a good red nail polish, personally I prefer the darker shades to lighter ones. This colour looks absolutely stunning! When you look at it in the light it looks like it has gold running through it - definitely need to apply this soon! 
 The Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip, this retails at £7.19 and looks pretty cool. It claims to give body and bounce - both of which my hair could do with. I think it looks like a thick body butter in the tub but feels a lot more creamy, it doesn't smell like anything special - I think just like typical hair stuff. I can't wait to try this and see if it can give my hair a wee bit of oomph. 
The DHC Deep Cleansig Oil really interests me. It's £21.50 for the full sized 200ml bottle - for whatever reason I thought this was a lot more expensive than it is. I've never used a facial oil before, I just figured my skins oily therefore I do not need an oil for my skin. Apparently though oily skin loves oils, especially if you have dehydrated skin (which apparently I do). I'm looking forward to trying this, hopefully it'll sort my skin out.   
I think there is now a BB cream/thing for everything now, the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector retails for £6.99 and I'm quite excited to try this - I really like Rimmel tans, they are the only ones I've found work for me and they are reasonably affordable. 
Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Sun Lotion SPF30 is available for £5.99, it smells so lovely - like coconuts, which is odd cause I usually can't stand the smell of it. It feels really silky and absorbs quickly into the skin, it should get a lot of use as it has been uncharacteristically sunny in Glasgow recently. And I've gotten just the tiniest bit darker. 
The final item in the box was the Velvotan mit, it costs £2.99 - more than I'd usually spend on a mit, but it looks nice and I'll use it with the Rimmel tan. 

The products in this box are really amazing, it is seriously worth the money you've paid for it. I'm not sure if there are still some left but if there are then I would seriously recommend nabbing one as soon as you can. 


Colgate Toothpaste and Free Nails Inc Nail polish

It was brought to my attention that I could get a free nail polish with the purchase of a Colgate Max White One toothpaste. Being me I decided I absolutely had to get this deal - y'know why wouldn't you take advantage of it? Also I actually needed new toothpaste, so its easily justified. The colour is super pretty, a lovely mint/ light blue - super pretty! The shade is Optic Wave and I can't wait to apply it to my nails - I currently have gels on so I'll need to wait a while before I can apply it.


Crabtree and Evelyn Mini Haul

I was completely enabled into buying these by Joanna  from Joanna Loves - she posted about the Honey and Peach Blossom body butter, and basically as soon as I read it, I wanted it. So like any rational person I put an order in basically straight away. And y'know to get free delivery I had to spend £20. So I bought a few things from the Honey and Peach Blossom range.
The Crabtree and Evelyn English Honey and Peach Blossom Body Butter (£11 in sale), and my this smells lovely. With my stuffed nose, I can't really get any peach but I get the Honey through very well. I love honey scented things so this is just perfect. Its so thick and creamy, and it just sinks into the skin so quickly - so no waiting around for it to sink in!
The Honey lip balm doesn't really smell like anything (it was £2 in the sale). It glides on the lips though and is really hydrating. It feels kind of tingly on your lips, at least I felt that it did. It feels a little oily on the lips, but I think that helps with how well it moisturises the lips.
The English Honey and Peach Blossom All purpose balm I believe is £4.50 - again in the sale. This can be used anywhere from a moisturiser to a lip balm. I really probably didn't need it but I bought it anyway. Sign of a shopping/ product junkie? I think so.
The English Honey and Peach Blossom hand therapy is so lovely - I think it was £2.50 and smells and feels amazing! Your hands feel super soft for hours after applying it and the smell lingers for ages as well! Totally worth every penny.

I'm actually really happy with everything I bought from Crabtree and Evelyn, I really couldn't be more happy with what I've tried so far. The smells - its amazing!


Blog Sale Purchases

 Before now I had never bought off blogs before, I don't know why - as lots of them have crazy good deals on really good products. Maybe I just waste time and miss out on the products I want? None the less, I've bought from not one but two blogs recently. 
Lucy recently uploaded her blog sale and I just couldn't resist! I jumped at the chance to get the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara for £9 - I kept hearing about this and I'm so glad I got to try it for the £10 cheaper than what it would be full price. I also bought from her blog an EOS lip balm in the scent Strawberry Sorbet - brand new for £2.50. Bargain! She also cutely sent out a couple of MAOAM sweets with them and a wee note. 
I also bought this amazing palette from Helen's blog - this is the Illamasqua Complement Palette. It's four stunning colours and I could not be happier with it - Helen's blog sale is amazing, and I got this for the phenomenal price of £15 - again another massive saving! 

Any blog sales you've been hitting up recently? 



Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint

Today I thought I would do a review on one of the items I received in a swap that I did recently. One of my absolute most used products that Rena sent me is the Pacifica Color Quench All Natural Lip Tint. I think, the scent/ colour of it is Guava Berry - I could be wrong though so don't quote me. 
First of all the packaging of this is really pretty, at least I think it is, although slightly unnecessary. The lip tint itself came inside a plastic tube, that's the slightly unnecessary part. The tube is wrapped in a lovely wrapper of purple, pink, gold and whites - with of course the branding written in gold and pink. On the tube it says, big hydration, sheer color with coconut oil and cocoa butter. I have to agree, it is really big on the hydration front - my lips feel seriously moisturised for ages after I apply this.  
Colour wise its nothing spectacular, but it is stated as being a sheer colour, by description I would say its a deep pink with a little shimmer running through it. Did I mention how soft it makes your lips feel? 
It also smells phenomenal! When you apply this you can actually smell it for awhile after. I keep getting little wiffs of it. Mmmmmm.  It smells very sweet, I'm not sure what it smells of other than it just being really sweet. This comes basically everywhere with me now - I have insanely dry lips so its always good to have a good lip balm on me.  
Apologies to all us British folk, you might find it near impossible to get your hands on one of these. Sorry - it ws just too lovely not to review. 


June Playlist

I've really enjoyed seeing other peoples playlists, I've managed to find some really good tracks because of them. So I thought I would share my most loved/ top played songs for this month. 

Clarity - Zedd feat Foxes
Ghost - Ella Henderson
Heart and Soul - Twin Atlantic
Fancy - Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX
I Will Never Let You Down - Rita Ora

What were your favourite songs for this month? 


June Favourites

Monthly favourites time! I've done almost nothing since my holidays started and I'm so confused as to where the time is gone - I mean I now have just over a month until my University resits. Oh god, wish me luck. I'm trying so hard to keep posts coming onto my blog whilst studying - so I'm sorry if the posts stop for a little while.
 My entire house has been smelling of this beauty, my brother - as savvy as he is - made a tart and a few tea-lights out of the extra wax from another one of these giant candles. Every room smells like this - so lovely. Even when this isn't burning it smells amazing.
 Two bath products from the Body shop. Anyone that knows me will know that my absolute favourite body scrub is the Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory but this Blueberry Scrub Gelee is amazing! It smells, looks and feels like jam! It gives a really nice, not overly abrasive scrub and from the get go I was majorly impressed by this - could maybe be my new go to? I love baths, I love bubbles in my bath and I love honey scented things. The Honeymania bath melt ticks all the boxes for me, it smells divine! I just pop a wee bit in the lid and run it under the tap, it makes the softest, silkiest bubbles - and obviously they smell so good.
 The Stylfile is something I've been interested in for ages, but was always wary of buying it because it is almost a fiver to buy and well - I kind of thought it was maybe a bit of a gimmick. Its not a gimmick though! It really isn't. Its so easy to get a nice round shape for your nail and its pretty much effortless. The only slight thing with it is that I think you might need to replace it every month as I've already pretty much filed it as much as I can. Sigh.
The Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream, now I bought this donkeys ago and basically shoved it in a drawer shortly after buying it. I've been wearing this a lot though recently and I've really been liking how it looks and feels on my skin. I'm not sure if I like it because its good or if I like it because its beginning to run out - I take great joy in finishing a product. I'm weird I know. Any time I wear foundation I apply the Smashbox primer before hand - I'm not sure if my makeup lasts longer after applying this or what, but I find that my foundation just sits and looks better on my face. Final item is something I recently got from a blog swap recently - and I love it! The Pacifica Color Quench lip balm, smells like heaven and gives a pretty sheer tint for the lips.

So thats that, all the things I've been enjoying this month. What have you been loving this month?