Hello Natural Friendly | Mouth care products

After trying and loving the Pink Grapefruit mouthwash, I'd been wanting to try more from Hello. They are an American brand that make the loveliest oral care products that I've tried. They first launched the mouthwashes and the breath sprays, and I believe that soon they'll be launching their toothpastes. The lovely people at Hello, kindly sent me a few products to review for them. I was really excited to try these, and let me tell you they don't disappoint! 
In the UK, they currently have three different flavours of the mouthwashes and breath sprays: Mojito Mint; Pink Grapefruit Mint and Spearmint. I've tried both the Spearmint and Pink Grapefruit Mint mouthwashes, with the Pink Grapefruit one being my favourite. The Mojito Mint Mouthwash* was the only one they sell in the UK that I hadn't tried and I was definitely excited to try this. I actually really liked this one, it might even rival my love for the Pink Grapefruit one. I can't really describe the taste of this, its just really fresh. Smells lovely, tastes lovely, is just lovely. 
I'm not 100% sure why I have so many pictures for the breath sprays... But I really really like these! They are so handy to have in your bags, and are more convenient than chewing gum. They sent me two of the breathsprays, Pink Grapefruit Mint* and Spearmint*. I already favour the Pink Grapefruit Mint one, it just tastes really really good, I don't quite know why I prefer it but it is so so so good. I think I like it because its a bit different to the usual minty ones. They are quite dinky, so are perfect for taking with you when you go out. They are really really cute as well, the pink and white (or blue and white, or green and white) packaging is really quirky, and if you've noticed the "e" is like a little smile. Happy products for happy mouths. My mum prefers the Spearmint one so she's stolen that one away from me. The mouthwashes are really just cute bottles of happiness. 
The mouth washes are available from Boots for £5.99 (2 for £8 at the moment though) and £3.99 for the breath sprays.


Frank Body Scrub | Review

I've been seeing this everywhere, and all I've heard are rave reviews, so I thought it was about time that I bought one for myself and see what all the fuss is about. There are 3 options to pick from, I just went for the Original one though. Although after using it - I really think I'll be going back to try the other ones. 
Inside this simple, but insanely cute and quirky packet is 200g of all natural, vegan, animal friendly coffee scrub. Its packed with loads of beneficial oils and minerals to help with the apperance of stretch marks, scars and cellulite. 
This scrub was £11.95 and was the cheapest of the three, but the most expensive was only £13.95. I hate coffee, the only time I ever drink anything with caffine in it, is during the winter months when I get cosy with a Salted Caramel Mocha. I was a little worried that I wouldn't like the scent of this, but I actually really really like it. A little goes a long way with this, and two small handfuls is perfect for your whole body. 
I was a little sceptical at first as to how this would be a great exfoliator but boy was I amazed with the results. Once you rub it in, you leave it to dry for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. When you do rinse it away, your skin is just left feeling super smooth and nourished - I was actually amazed at how moisturised my skin felt after I used it.
I can completely understand why everyone raves about this scrub, it is worth every penny you pay. And I'll definitely be buying any other one before this one runs out. 


Nails Inc Micropedi | Review

The other day I went into Boots and picked up their star gift - its that time of year again folks! The star gift was the Nails inc Micropedi set, it was originally meant to be something like £79.99 and was on deal for £29.99. How could I say no? It came with 3 nail polishes worth £33 on their own, and obviously the foot buffer. 
I wanted to try get this post up before the offer ended, but I was just too busy to write up a post before the deal ended. So sorry about that, but keep a look out on Boots for the new deals they have every week!
I've used this a few times since I got it and I'm actually really impressed with it, its sort of gross though watching the flakes of skin fall away. Ew. But despite that, it really does work! Your feet are left feeling softer and smoother than before. It takes next to no effort to use and takes no time to get soft toes. 
The nail polishes are really pretty as well, there's a really pretty gold that would be so perfect for Christmas, a red that I'm pretty sure I already have but its my favourite colour and a pink - this I'm not so fond of but it is pretty none the less. 

I'm so glad I picked this up, it was a total bargain and works a treat. 


A Small Boots Haul

Being back at university means one thing, I spend a stupid amount of time in Boots. I've been into Boots 3 separate times in the last 2 days. Yes I went in twice in the same day...
So the story behind buying this, is basically because I couldn't be bothered going back to the salon and paying £20 or so to get a tidy up. In hind sight paying £9+ on this wasn't worth it. It took so long to use, I used so much of it and it hurt so so so much! I think I'll just stick to letting a beautician do it for me.
My DHC cleansing oil had almost run out when I decided to buy this. I think this was about £10, it looks pretty good and there is lots there. Here's hoping my skin doesn't freak out when I use it!
 Complete impulse buy, but at a pound I was hard pushed to say no. The black seaweed one looks like it might be good for unblocking pores - heres hoping. 
I saw the invisibobble's online ages ago and had wanted to get one for ages, they were just under £4 for 3 bobbles and I'm hoping they work a treat. I was a little surprised at how small they are, not sure why but the pictures of them just make them look soooo much bigger. Just me and my weirdness I guess.