Currently Craving | Wishlist

If I'm being honest life has been beyond crap for me in recent weeks. Failing exams, family issues, friend issues, relationships ending. Its really been a kick Sarah while shes down kind of month. And I've decided I need a good pick me up! So I'm going to make a few wishlists, I'm going to buy some things on them and I'm going to have a can do attitude, cause after all why should anything else be in control of my happiness apart from me? Exactly, the only one that controls how I feel is me. So sorry outside world, you're done kicking me. I'm getting up, brushing myself off and giving you the finger. I'm working hard in work and staying on top of my university work, so I deserve a wee treat. (and maybe deserve winning the euromillions?) 
I will eventually buy everything on this list - mark my words! The skincare bits will probably be the first to be bought - since my skin care stache is looking a bit worse for wear. The clothing things will probably be bought fairly soon too - tell me what you think of the multicoloured play suit, I saw it in Zara the other day and fell in love with it! A new bag is definitely in need, and as much as I'd love a Michael Kors bag I'm pretty certain I won't ever be able to justify the cost of it. 
What kind of things have you been lusting after? 


Everyday Make-up

Until recently I very rarely wore makeup everyday, and it was even rarer that I stuck to the same products daily. Something changed recently though, and along with wearing makeup almost everyday - I now wear the same few products daily! 
To start off my face I always use a few sprays of the Urban Decay Deslick setting spray, followed by my Smashbox primer. I just find that between the two of these my makeup lasts longer and looks so much better when it's applied. 
I think with my foundations recently I've been focusing on one at a time to try and use them all up, and the one that I've been abusing recently is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. I do really love this foundation. It works well with my oily skin, any dry patches though it really seems to hate! It's an alright coverage but it is build able and can be made up to a light medium coverage - concealer easily hides anything else I want to cover up. Healthy mix lasts a fairly long time as well on the skin. I could put it on first thing in the morning and maybe only need a slight touch up by late evening ( say around 7/8).
The concealer I've got into the habit of using is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer - my dog recently got at it and burst a whole in the bottom of it - tragic. I got this in a swap box awhile back and I love it! It's got really good coverage, covers all redness easily, hides spots and banishes dark eyes! I'm plagued currently with looking constantly tired and the Fit Me concealer just brightens everything up and makes me look 1000x better. 
Sticking with the face, I've got into the habit again of bronzing up my face a wee bit - by that I do a tiny bit of contouring to make my cubby round face look a bit now shapely. The one I've fallen back in love with, after a short affair with one from Bourjois, is my trusty NARS Laguna. Ah, how I've missed you, it's just the perfect shade and I think the new brush I've been using recently has made the application of it so much better! Blog post will be coming soon on the new brushes! 
For the eyes I've been very minimal, only adding liner or shadows on days where I have more time to play about. But the mascara I've been reaching for recently is the new (is it new?) Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara. I don't know what it is about this mascara but I've gone gaga for it, it just makes my lashes look so black, long and thick. Basically everything I could want from a mascara. It might be love. 
Brow wise, I've been sticking to the always trusty and reliable Benefit Gimmie Brow, I think I'm running a bit low on this now, but I'll be sure to buy a new one. It's just the easiest and simplest way to give your brows that little bit extra - you really can't go wrong with this.  
The last part of my daily makeup would be some kind of lip product, but depending on the day or how I'm feeling would entirely determine what lipstick I wear. A few I've been getting a lot of use out of recently are: MAC Rebel; Too Faced Melted Ruby; and my trusty old Revlon lip crayon. 
What have you been reaching for? 


Lush Mask Of Magnanimity | Review

I'm on my third tub of this and have convinced many a friend to buy this, so I know its good. Good not only for me but for other people too! I tend to use this mostly on my back and chest - as I get a fair few spots there every so often, and if I have some particularly angry facial spots I'll apply a little on them too.  
I've tried a fair few skin care products from Lush, and I've got so much love for all the face masks I've tried in the past - so it was only natural that I picked this one up. 
This mask is super beneficial, and is packed full of beneficial ingredients. Ingredients such as: Kaolin Clay for oil absorption and deep cleansing; Peppermint Oil to cool and refresh the skin; Honey to moisturise and Aduki Beans to give a gentle exfoliation and to renew the skin. The mask is made up of 14 ingredients, all bar one are 100% natural. And of course, they are completely ethical as they don't test on animals. 
The mask is an incredible green colour with little bits of brown/black bits (probably the beans). It also smells incredible, the peppermint oil is very noticeable in the scent of it - along with peppermint there is another scent I can smell but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. It smells yummy though.   
When this dries on your face, it doesn't go overly tight or feel uncomfortable on the skin. I do think though that it feels a bit odd on your face the first time you use it - I think it could be down to the peppermint oil, as it feels really cool on the skin. 
After the first use, I noticed a visible difference in my skin - especially the ones on my back. The back spots basically disappeared over night - and I'm not the only one that's thought that! Facial spots are so much less angry the day after using this. 
I'd highly recommend this if you suffer from spots, I think you can basically use this with any skin type, be you dry or oily. The smaller 125g tub costs £5.95 and the larger 315g tub costs £9.75. But it is well worth every penny you pay -  I'm about to move onto my fourth tub! I really can't recommend you try this enough.  


Yankee Candle Collection | Tea Lights, Votive's and Tarts

For Christmas this year I got given a fair few Yankee Candles and then bought myself so many more in the sales - I have a real problem. I now have more candles than I know what to do with (especially since I have 3 large jars and a small jar already sitting in my room...)
So what better thing to do with them than write a blog post about them to share my slight obsession with them. 

The tea lights were on offer, I can't remember exactly for how much but I know they were £5 of less. I bought 3 different packs of 12, Candy Cane Lane (a lovely peppermint scent); Christmas Cookie (smells just like cookies...) and Snowflake Cookie (similar scent, just not as strong as the Christmas Cookie one). My house is going to smell like Christmas well into 2016.
One of the gift sets that the Yankee shop had on offer was a tart one, I gave a couple of the ones in the set to my mum, but I think it cost about £5 for the whole set. The tart burner was about £8, plain and simple looking just how I like things. 
All the votive's were given as presents to me. I have 8 in total: Season of Peace; Snow In Love; Christmas Eve;Strawberry Buttercream; Red Apple Wreath; Christmas Cookie; Cranberry Ice and finally Merry Berry. 
I love Yankee Candles, as you can see by the crazy amount of candles I have from them.. I have what looks to now be a lifetime supply of candles. Might have to start giving them out to people - cause boy oh boy this is an excessive amount of candles for one person to own. 


Lush Sales Haul

This post is long overdue, but so many things have got in the way and I've been in no mood to do anything at all other than vegetate in my room. But here I am, back and with a Lush Haul. This haul is basically just everything I bought during the Christmas sales in Lush - the whole haul cost about £22, so really should have cost more in the region of £44. Crazy! 
I picked up with Christmas Candy gift set, it contains 4 of their lovely products - Snow Fairy, Candy Mountain, Rock Star Soap and Butter bear, I love butter bear. 
I don't know why I bought this. The Limited Edition Fun, when will I actually use this? I don't know, it just smelt nice - like caramel. So naturally I couldn't leave it behind. 
One can never have too much Snow Fairy, can they? Ofc not! I really should have bought another bottle though... 
Dashing Santa, I think is new for 2014? But I love him, I've already tried him prior to this, so I know for a fact that I love him. 
I can't remember the name of this, but its a massage bar, and it smells like Snow Fairy and was next to the checkout. So yeaaaah... 
 Father Christmas - now this is one cool dude. He is a big cool green dude inside - it leaves for a funny bath. 
I can't quite remember if I liked this or not from last year... He smells like cola cubes and is a bath melt - I love their melts so hopefully I love this one. 


Small Boots Haul

I've not bought anything from Boots for awhile - I've been very restrained and even today I managed to hold myself back soooo much! 
I noticed a new face mask, I think the brand is Casmara... The one I picked up is the Purifying  Algae Peel Off face mask for mixed oily skin types. Looks pretty cool - so y'know I took one with me - it was £9.99 though so a little pricey... 
I also picked up another John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo - I decided to get the massive bottle, only £8.99 so better value than the smaller bottles. 
Two of the new Aussie body washes - I'd seen these in work but held off getting them, until now. I got the Fresh Mate one and the No Rush one. They smell fairly similar, but both smell heavenly. They were two for £6, so a little steep but I really wanted  to try them... I'm a sucker for new things... 
I also got myself a Trevor Sorbie Colour Enhance Oil - £7, but I'll pay any thing (within reason) to keep my colour looking better for longer. 
The last couple of things I got were just deodorants and such like - so not much point in showing them. Hopefully I won't be spending much more anytime soon in Boots, cause I know I really don't need to spend anymore in there or buy anything else...