Life Style | 21 Things Before I Turn 21

I'm the type of person that without goals and things to look forward to I get bored incredibly easily. I'll also not the type of person to do much unless I have a goal in mind, so with that in mind I thought I'd do a wee bucket list type thing. I decided to do a 21 Things before I turn 21 bucket list thing... I turn 21 in just over a year - August 21st of 2016 to be exact! I'll update them as I go along but for now lets see whats made the cut! 

1. Go on a holiday abroad
2. Learn to ride horses 
3. Learn to drive
4. Visit 5 new places
5. Say yes to 10 things I wouldn't normally say yes to 
6. Run a 5k
7. Play Bingo 
8. Bet money - online/ in a casino
9. Become healthier
10. Visit London
11. Go on a hot air balloon 
12. Go zorbing 
13. Go camping 
14. Visit 5 new places - abroad or in the UK 
15. Carrying on from this - Visit Ireland! 
16. Get my first tattoo 
17. Go to 5 gigs
18. Move out
19. Go snorkelling 
20. Swim with Dolphins 
21. Be happy with myself! 

A lot of these will all tie in together but I suppose that makes it quite fun! My dad and his wife basically promised me for my 21st they'll take me somewhere that I can swim with dolphins so that'll be getting ticked off then! 
I'll update this as I go but this should be really fun! 


New In From Superdrug

Superdrug isn't a store I usually venture into, but I had time to kill and decided to take a wander about. I picked up a few items, so lets get on to them... 
The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse is something I've seen raved about on blogs, and I made the decision to go ahead and purchase one for myself. It cost about £8, and if its as good as everyone says then I'll be a happy bunny! 
I kind of did a double take when I saw these, I honestly didn't think Palmers did facial care products! They looked really cool though, the Daily Cleansing Gel was about £6 and the Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub was about £8. I can't wait to try these and see how I get on with them! 
I was actually looking for the new concealers they have out, but the store I was in didn't have much in the way of MUA products. I did spot this little Pro-Base Prime and conceal palette - so I'll give this a go then maybe get the ones I like in the single palette form. 

Have you picked anything up from Superdrug recently? 


Lush Buys

 I haven't been to Lush for the longest time - I've just been running through my little collection, but recently I've been craving great bubbles the kind only Lush can give me... 
 So it was time to welcome back into my life The Comforter bubble bar - if you want lots of bubbles for your bath this is the product to go for. I tend to break mine in half so I get more uses out of it. This is though single handedly my favourite product from Lush - hands down. 
I don't know why I bought this, especially since now I have it home I've noticed it smells a bit minging... This little guy though is part of their easter collection, I'm too lazy to find out what its actually called but I think it was about £2... 

Whats your favourite lush item? 


Luckies of London | Travelouge

 Recently I've been dying to travel and be more outward - I'm a very closed off person and tend not to go out very much or travel very far, I like the familiar and shy away from the unknown. But recently I've had a screw this attitude, and I really want to travel and see more of the world. I've been out the country once in my whole life - I went to Paris with my school and spent like a day there, I don't remember much from it because it was so long ago and I was so tired. I've no pictures from my time there and that's a little upsetting - I'd love to go back one day but I think it would have to be a solo venture. I decided on getting this Luckies of London Travelouge, after seeing it on Amazon - it cost approx. £13. 
 Inside the Travelouge is a journal, there's loads of space inside it for planning of holidays ect and pages for the writing of what happened while you were away. 
 The other side of the Travelouge is this section, you can write where you've been and when you visited each place. In a little flap section, there's these scratch off cards for Europe, Asia, America ect. 

The scratch off cards are first plain gold and white, but when they scratch off they change to colours. This is a really cute idea, my mum said its really cool since you now don't get stamps in your passport unless you ask them to do it - and trust me I'll be asking them. 
Luckies of London sell lots of other things like this - a world map (I'll be having you) and a map of the UK (I've got you already). I'll do a wee post on my UK and Ireland map shortly, these are maybe the coolest things I've ever seen. 
Would you use something like this to document your holidays? 


Illamasqua | New In

 I was in the mood for buying something new and to be honest with you I went with the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in mind, but alas I ended up getting two things that I didn't have in mind! 
The new Precision Brow Gel is something that I've seen popping up on blogs recently, I figured its probably pretty similar to the Anastasia one - but with this I can get matched to a colour before I buy. When the make-up artist applied this to my brows I fell in love instantly, so naturally it came home with me. The one I have is in the colour Strike, they cost £18.50 - so a little more than the Anastasia ones but at least you know what colour to get... 
I also got the Loose Powder, £24, no idea why I decided to buy this. I think I basically bought this in hope that it could help my make-up last a little longer and that it would make it maybe look a bit better... Heres hoping it does that, cause if not I've just wasted a fair sum of money... 
What products do you love from Illamasqua? 


Bodyshop Haul

This was one of those shopping trips where you go with one thing in mind and then spend about 10x more than you ever planned on spending... 
I honestly went a little bit mad, buying loads of different hair care things. My hair is dyed and I'll try almost anything to keep the colour looking fresher for longer. So hello to the body shops colour shampoo and conditioner. Again each cost £4.50, so well worth the money. 

Again another shampoo and conditioner, £4.50 each, but this time for oily hair. I've not tired these yet, but I'll let you know how I find them. 
The banana conditioner smells absolutely heavenly. Like for real - my new favourite thing. Its meant for tuggy hair, and trust me when I say it really does get rid of tugs. I'll be doing a full review of this soon, and definitely stocking up on this. For £4.50 you can't really go wrong. 
The only thing I went in for was the Blackhead Remover, it costs £4 and I'm not entirely certain how to use it. I've also bought a replacement of the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, I loved the sample size of this - it costs £8.50 and I use this with my Magnitone facial brush, my skins actually cleared up considerably since using this. Last two things I bought were bought only because they had a skin care 3 for 2. The Vitamin E Overnight Serum is something I've seen other bloggers posting about a fair bit in the past, so decided to pick it up - £13 later its mine. The final thing, is the Vitamin E Eye Cream, complete impulse, just needed something to make up the 3 for 2 so picked this - it cost £11 so heres hoping its good. 


Laura Mercier Contour Kit from Blow Ltd

Blow Ltd is a site I've known about for sometime now, I've spent many a night scrolling through their site making lists of everything I want from them! 
If you're lucky enough to live in or around London then you'll be able to take advantage of their store where you can have your hair, make-up and nails done, they have so many different options for you at different prices - and you'll be done within 30 minutes! 
They sell so many brands, from Lord and Berry to Anastasia Beverly Hills. So many options all in one place. 

This Laura Mercier Contouring Palette*, which you can purchase here, is super cool and if you're looking to improve your hand at contouring then this might be something ideal for you! The palette has 3 matte contour colours and 2 highlighting shades, they are all super creamy so blending seems pretty effortless! 
The kit also comes with tutorial instructions in the lid, meaning you know where to apply the contour colour and the highlight - making you an instant expert at getting the perfect and killer looking cheekbones! I've played around with this briefly but I'll be giving it a better go soon enough, but so far so good. The palette costs £35, and I think that's more than worth it for what your getting! I'll definitely be getting more from Blow Ltd in the future.


Barkbeats Doggy Treat Box | March Box

I love my dog lots - and always buy her treats and such like. I wanted to spoil her even more this month since we lost our older dog last month, wee treats to cheer her up were needed. I'm so impressed with these boxes that I'm just going to continue getting them! My brother describes the boxes as being like a loot crate for dogs - pretty accurate I think! My dog really loves the contents of the boxes, so lets see what's inside... 

Busy Buddy Waggle 

This is quite a clever wee toy, you can stuff it full of treats to keep your pooch entertained for hours, its rubbery and fairly bouncy too. My wee Daisy just loves carrying it around with her, as soon as I had opened the box she had her head in it and was trying to take it out. 

Barks and Sparks Brownie 

This lovely little dog brownie that made from liver, carob, olive oil, yoghurt and other yummy (at least for dogs) ingredients. When I opened this up I didn't notice it smelling overly bad, just fairly meaty... Daisy loved it though and took a chunk away with her and munched it instantly. She still has loads left of hers, and since shes small I think it will last her a fairly long time! 

HovHov Natural Cookies

Treats Treats Treats! These little cookies are turkey, liver and basil flavoured, and Daisy loves them! They come in different shapes, so far I've seen them be bone shaped and dog shaped.

Trixie Roller Pop 

This is by far Daisy's favourite thing in the box, she tried to carry it off with her and instead of licking it, she had a wee nibble on the end of it. We planned on using this for training her more, but she gets too excited after the first few tricks and all she wants to do is have a wee lick of it. 

Arquizoo Wipes 

This was the final thing in the box and I'm quite glad for them. Daisy needs her eyes cleaned daily cause otherwise they just get really gunky. I used one on her the day we got them and they worked a treat, easily removing the yucky stuff from her eyes. They also smell really nice - fairly minty so thats always a plus! 

These boxes are incredibly good value, £14.90 full price but there are always discount codes going round for them. 


Boots Haul | Stila and L'Oreal

I feel like all I've done recently is buy things I know I don't need - oh well, makes for a blog post anyway... I went into Boots for one thing and naturally left with a few more things than intended. 
 These were completely unnecessarily bought - I basically saw then on an isle end saw the word new next to it and the beauty junkie in me went mad and told me to buy it. I don't regret buying them though, because I've used them a fair few times I can say for sure they are pretty good. The foundation is a fairly good coverage for daily wear - but a full review will come later.  
Recently my skin has been unbelievably uneven and red, so I've been on the hunt to try find products to counteract the redness or to cover it. Hence buying this, the Stila One Step. Its not the cheapest thing - I think it cost around £24, but if it does the job then it'll be worth it. 

Have you bought anything new recently? What make-up do you love? 


OOTD | American Apparel Jeans

I was in dire need of a new pair of jeans - when I say dire I mean my black jeans had like 8 holes in them... It was pretty bad! I decided against getting another pair of Topshop jeans because I seem to need to replace them like every 3/4 months, this time I went for a lovely pair of American Apparel Easy Jeans.
I decided on pairing them with this lace and floral crop top from Urban Outfitters and my white converse. Seemed a bit spring-y, probably due to it being really sunny outside. Despite the sun though it was pretty darn cold outside - so on goes my well loved GCU Jets hoodie, I'm part of my universities cheer squad and this hoodie is the comfiest thing I own. 
What do you think of this outfit?