May Empties | Products I've Used Up

I honestly thought that I had used up more products than I actually have - like I've used a lot of products up but considering its been literally months since the last empties I posted, I honestly thought more products would have come from this. 
I have a few hair care bits so I'll start with them. I've used up not one but two of the Marrakesh 10 Wishes hair oil, my mum and I both use this and we both swear by it. It helps to protect the hair, whilst reducing knots and reducing drying time - so many plus points to this! I get this from my hair dressers so I'm not entirely certain where you can get this from. The bottle changes for this each time I go to buy it - every month they genuinely change the design. 
I've also used a few cans of dry shampoos, one being the Dove one. It was actually quite a good dry shampoo, one of the better cheaper non batiste ones. I might buy another one, might not,who knows the worlds my oyster. I've got a couple of other ones to use up before I think about getting another one. I also used up a Herbal Essences dry shampoo, I really wasn't a fan of this one - it just seemed kinda wet for a dry shampoo... Odd but yeah that's what I thought. The final can I used up was the Batiste Tropical scented one. Batiste is always great - they have so many different scents so there is something for everyone.  
Skin care has three items in it, one mini sized and one full sized and a pack of face wipes. One of the skin care bits I've used is from the Body Shop - I got it in a little set and I have to say from what I saw with it I'm fairly impressed! The item in question is the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. My skin seemed really clear while using it, no nasty break outs and helped to keep my horrid shiny face at bay - so all you oily skinned folk out there this might be something to try! 
The other skin item that I've used up is a Yes To Tomatoes facial wash. Now I really wasn't overly keen on this. Like it didn't break me out or anything, it did the job of a first cleanse or for a quick wash in the morning, but I just found the tube ran out so quickly. And for the price I was a little disappointed in how long it lasted. I'd have rather paid a little more and got another Origins face wash and have it last longer... 
The final skin care item is the Garnier facial wipes. Pretty certain I only used these when staying at other peoples houses or for my cousin if she was to stay at mine. Facial wipes aren't something I buy often, usually just buying them on a whim. 
I've also used up a Lush Snow Fairy, I think this might actually be the one I got at Christmas last year... But I've got another couple of bottles in my collection for me to use later - the scent is amazing, and its definitely my favourite thing to buy at Christmas time. 
I've also used up a bottle of the wonderful Aussie Fresh Mate Body Wash. These body washes last a life time, not quite but they do last an awful long time - making the price you pay a little more worth it. I have another one of the Aussie body washes in my shower and I would most definitely buy another one!
The last non make up things I have used up is one of the Avon Sleep Serenity pillow sprays. I used to use this religiously - every night before bed I'd spray this every where, but recently I've just not cared. I've become a much better sleeper so not had the need for these any more - wait for it now though I'll become a horrid sleeper again. Another of those items is a Hello mouthwash - these are really nice, both in taste; smell; and the way they treat your mouth! I've another of these in my bathroom, and if they were on offer or I had no other mouthwashes I'd definitely buy another of these. 
Final non make-up thing that I've used up recently is Frank body scrub. This has such a strong coffee scent, and is really highly moisturising. It leaves your skin really really soft - I've not bought another but I think I definitely will in time for my holiday in August.
I've used up two make-up things this month, both eye products. My much loved and adored YSL Babydoll mascara finally gave out after about a year going strong. It just finally started going that horrible dry and flaky way - not good. I've not bought another one yet but I think sometime in the future I will. 
Another make-up bit I've used up is my Smashbox eye primer, I don't know what to say about this other than its an eye primer. I'd rather pay the money though to get another of the Urban Decay ones over this - I just think they're more worth the money.
Next empties post will come not long after this one I dont think - so many products are near the end of their lives. 


Invisibobble Review | The Best Hair Tie You'll Ever Own (Seriously)

I am obsessed with Invisibobbles - like seriously. I've bought about 4 packs and have given a fair few of my friends one to fall in love with. I have one in every bag I own, along with one on my bed side cabinet and one in my bathroom! I'm a wee bit too in love with them I think... 
These plastic hair ties are something most would overlook but next time you're in need of new hair ties, make sure and give them a look - you won't regret it. Heres why.
These bobbles hold you hair tightly - and although you may think they would rip shreds out of your hair, they really don't! They are so gentle on your hair, never pulling your hair out! Massive plus to these is that they also don't leave that big kink in your hair, every night I go to bed with my hair up and every morning I can take the bobble out and their won't be a single kink in my hair! Absolute magic. 
The bobbles do stretch, most of the time they'll shrink back on their own but if they don't you can always place them in hot water and they'll shrink back down in seconds. 
Have you fallen in love with Invisibobbles yet? If not why not? 


Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Black Shock | Review

This product has been out for the longest time, but I only went and bought it cause I forgot all my make-up and I had a Cheer performance to do. I didn't actually use this on the day, only actually using it on Halloween - and I first used it on my friend. I was genuinely so amazed at how well, and easily I could apply it to her. Perfect flicks with next to no effort. I have the Benefit one, and I have to say, I think you need to use less of this to get a really good line. And obviously if you need to use less of this, then you don't need to buy it as often and obviously since this one costs less then you spend less in the long run. 
I recently managed to convince my friend to buy it - and she was so impressed by it. She was amazed at how easy it was to apply and how dark it went on. 
It really is amazing how black this goes on, it doesn't look even the tiniest bit greyed. It lasts an absolute age as well, doesn't smudge all to much - like unless you rub your eyes, then it'll smudge. 
The liner is dispensed by clicking the end so that the product is pushed up. The cap is a screw on/off one, which is a bit of a pain in the butt only cause I keep trying to pull it off. My problem really. 
The more you practice using this the better you get, the flick is super easy to do and it doesn't pull along the lash line like some other liners can. 
Whats your must have liner? 


Luckies of London | UK & Ireland Scratch Map

One thing I want to do more is travel, be it just in the UK or further than the UK - Europe would be so cool: Venice; Amsterdam; Athens; just to name a few! 
So I thought I'd get myself a little map of Britain to help keep track of where I've been and that way as well its a much cooler way of tracking where you've been! I think though instead of marking everywhere in Britain I've been I'm going to do it so its places I've been in the last year or so. So basically - only places I've been in recent months... 

What do you think of this Luckies of London map? 


Degustabox | April International Box

This is only my second Degustabox, and I'm still so pleased with them! Last month was definitely better in my opinion but this one was still really good! It was just much more about meals rather than snacks and stuff - the box had the theme of International, my brother pointed out that everything in the box was from different countries and that was quite cool! 
 My brother got really excited when he saw these, I'm not sure if I'll like them - i'm just a bit fussy, but he'll wolf these down! 
 I love rice, and mushroom rice is one of my favourites! The Peri Peri one doesn't appeal to me, but I'm just not a massive fan of spices and stuff.
 Again, another item my brother will be all over - him and my mum! This box is turning out to be my mums and brothers best pal! 
If you could have seen my face when I saw that I'd been given tomatoes you'd have cried with laughter! I was just so confused - Shirley (mum) you'll be having these to make something nice with...
Bloody hell, these cookies are amazing! Only four in a box, but they are heavenly - inside them they have a chocolate spread type centre, absolute bliss! They packaging is super cute as well but since they sell for £2 its not really reasonable to buy them all the time...
Oh my days - these were absolute heaven. I preferred the bon bon ones but the cereal bites ones were just as nice! I'll definitely be trying to buy these from the shops soon! 
I am really not a fan of these - no one in my house is actually. I think they taste a bit like coffee revels - ew. 
This one was actually a lot nicer tasting than the last one I tried, sweet but hard to actually place what the taste is. 
Again, another thing my mum will be taking off my hands to make meals with, she loves chicken korma - I'm not a huge fan though! 
This box is basically for my brother - I don't like beer so he can have this. I'll try it but I'm not thinking I'll be liking it.. 

I really liked this box, what do you think? 


Lifestyle | Room Details

I don't think I've ever done a room tour or even really done a post showing off sections of my room. I thought today though I'd do just that, I'm really happy with these shelves and the way they look in my room.
 I didn't really know how to show this side off, its fairly close to my window and theres the canvas and the photo reel. Any way the two black corner shelves on this side of my room I've used to hold my cameras and other wee things. 
So the top one has my Polaroid 600 Land camera on it - I recently got new film for it but because its so expensive I'm kind of terrified to use it. 
The shelf under it is where I usually store my Canon 600D, it wasn't there in the picture for obvious reasons - next to it sits my adorable little Stay Puft Funko. Also hidden in the back I've got my Black Cherry Yankee Candle - its my absolute favourite smell. 
The right side is maybe my favourite side, its right above my bed and seems the cutest. 
The top of this sides shelf has my little Urban Outfitters candle holder along with my only other Funko - this ones a little Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast - he's just adorable! 
The bottom shelf on this one houses a couple of books I'm wanting to read soon or have already started. The one I'm reading at the moment is looking for Alaska - I'm about half way through it. After that I'm wanting to read Inside Number One Two Nine. Along with the books this holds a little sparkly deer and a bulb shaped tealight holder or terranium - what one it is depends on what your wanting it to do. 

What little details in your rooms do you really like? 


Bark Beats Box | April Box

This might be my last BarkBeats box for a little while - funds are running short and this is just one of those things I don't need to get every month. This is a pretty good box though - and I feel bad that my wee dog wont be getting her monthly treat box.
Alpha Spirit Half Ham Bone

This looks to be her absolute favourite thing so far, shes basically not let go of it since we opened it! Its essentially just a massive bit of ham on the bone - as I type shes going mad at it - it does smell a wee bit though, but if she likes it then y'know she can go at it and enjoy it. 
Barks And Sparks Bones

 Barks and Sparks had a brownie bite in the last box I got and Daisy loved it! This months box contained two bones. The bones are made from Apple, Carrot, Olive Oil and whole wheat flour with a yoghurty covering. I'm sure she'll love these and if not I know lots of other doggies that will more than happily munch these!
 Balloon Animals Squeaky Soft Toys
Daisy loves soft squeaky toys, its odd how much she loves them! This one looks like a dinosaur or something similar, it seems quite sturdy so hopefully Daisy wont destroy it that quickly.
 3 in 1 Lamb Meat Treats for Sensitive Dogs
Daisy certainly isn't a sensitive dog but a healthier treat option never did any dog harm. Shes put on a wee bit of weight recently with us trying to re-enforce her training, so maybe using these instead would be a better option for her.  
Mad About Pets! Rubber Ball

If theses one thing Daisy loves more than anything its a ball - if your out for a walk with her she 100% will scream at you till you throw the ball for her. She has an awful habit though of ripping a ball to pieces - this one is rubber though so good luck with that! I'll need to be careful when I throw this though cause if it hit her it could leave a nasty bump... 

What do you think of the BarkBeats boxes? 


Red carpet worthy look for guys

Fashion isn't something I usually post about, so men's fashion is literally unheard of for me - but I'm thinking I'd rather style a guy than style myself, I'm useless with girls fashion but have a small ability to work out guys fashion.
Quite frankly I don't think there's anything nicer for guys than when they have a shirt and tie on, the whole smart look is extremely attractive (don't you think?).
My lovely boyfriend agreed to let me take pictures of him for this post, my brother was just not having me post pictures of his face, so congrats to Connor for being cool enough to do this for me.
Please ignore his smile, its usually a lot less awkward looking than this... 
Connors all grown up and recently has been going on lots of interviews so looking hella smart is what he's been going for, proper suited up. I let him take control of the shirt he picked - couldn't really force him into one he would hate... Or could I? Nah, couldn't do that to the poor boy. The one he eventually picked out after much debating was this lovely little Ralph Lauren number. It's a really nice shirt tbh, but I'm really not a massive brand fan like he is, he's a little bit brand mad. But any way I'm going off topic.
The shirt looks really smart on, and if you are lucky enough to be off to the Baftas tonight then lucky you and have fun looking like a celebrity all dressed up and looking snazzy. The House of Frasers are doing a little coverage of it so if you want to keep up to date withh whats going on you can do so here.
The shirt Connor's wearing is this lovely one*, it actually does look and feel really nice on (yes I just said feel...), so it kinda makes it worth the price your paying for it. Paired with a nice pair of black trousers you can make this smart casual or you could go all out and pair it up with a tie and suit jacket. You could probably even get away with wearing it with a really nice pair of jeans - but I think they would have to be a really nice dark wash (almost black) pair... 
House of Frasers have a huge selection of shirts from lots of brands, you can find them all here, seems to be too much choice! Personally I think if your looking for shirts for work, a formal event or just a classic one to add to your wardrobe House of Frasers is definitely somewhere to look first!
Red carpet looks for women are often really impossible to recreate but men have it pretty easy, they could easily copy the looks of male celebrities. Personally, the last few years I think Bradley Cooper; Eddie Redmayne and Chris Pratt have rocked the red carpets. Boys you should aspire to be them, they look fiiiiiine. 

Who are you looking forward to see the outfits of at this years Baftas? 

Items marked with an '*' have been sent to me


A Small Paperchase Haul

I'd decided that I needed a summer project, and what better thing to do than build a pretty scrapbook full of memories from the summer and beyond! 
I saw this stunning black paged scrapbook the other day in Paperchase for £10 and had to have it! The cover is just so pretty as well and black pages will be and interesting change to the usual white. I got photo mounts to go with it, just need the pictures to go in now! 
I think I could maybe do something quite impressive with this and make it look pretty stunning! The pens I got along with it should help to make the album look pretty good - I bought a purple, gold, silver and white ones. They'll contrast really well with the black page. 

Have you ever made a scrapbook before?


Best Foundation Ever? | L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation Review

I've scheduled so many posts recently meaning I've not actually written a post in ages! Scheduled posts are in short supply now though and my love for this foundation is going strong! 
The foundation is in a plastic squeeze-y tube, different and I find better than the standard glass bottles that are usually used. The packaging is plain and simple, I don't think you could buy a foundation because of packaging - it's jut one of those things that always seems to have really plain bottles/tubes... 
It says it gives a medium coverage and I really think it does, you could easily build it up as well to get a much fuller coverage but I've been finding recently with this I'm not wanting nor needing a full coverage. The coverage it gives me is just perfect for me! 
Despite it being a matte finish, I don't find the finish to be overly flat like some mattes can be. I'm not sure if its how oily my skin is or if it is a slightly dewy finish but I'm really loving this foundation's finish. 
In fact I love everything about this foundation, from the coverage to the finish to how long it lasts. A lot of the time I tend to find that my foundations slip off my face, but not with this! It lasts a really good while, who knows if it lasts the 24 hours it says it does, cause really - who wears their foundation for that long?! I could put this on in the morning though, and still have it looking fairly good by well after dinner time.
When I use this I feel the need to use concealer is dramatically reduced, tending to only really wanting to use concealer every so often on my under eyes when I've had very little sleep.
For £7.99 I don't really think you can go wrong, and if your wanting it be be even more perfect why not try their new matte primer along with it? 


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | Review

I'm really quite fussy with mascaras, really only loving a handful of them. When I find one I love I don't let go until I'm basically scraping it from the edges. Maybelline's newest - is it their newest? - mascara is my new love. 
I looks the same as any other Maybelline mascara does, the packaging is the same shape but the wand is different from the others - I think the wand is maybe the only thing that changes with these... 
The wand is a sturdy rubbery wand, that's slightly curved with both long and short bristles  - so it really gets in there grabbing all the lashes! 
I've found that with this mascara I only need one coat - it gives a really nice dark, thick and long looking lash. Everything I want and more from a mascara!