Luckies Of London | World Scratch Map

Recently I did a post on my Luckies of London UK map - and I was fairly chuffed with the idea of that one that I decided shortly after to buy the world map version. I'm going on my first proper abroad holiday this summer - so I thought this would be a great thing to have for that, plus I also want to travel more. So this map will be able to help me keep track of where I've been in a really cool and different way! 
I've yet to scratch anywhere off, but I'll scratch off the UK and Bulgaria soon enough! 

Do you like the idea of this Luckies of London map? 


FOOD | Five Guys Glasgow

Five Guys on Saint Vincent Street in Glasgow is definitely an over priced burger joint - but trust me when I say this, the burgers are worth every single penny paid. They are little paper bag packed, foil wrapped bundles of heaven. It's a very American looking place - but since it is an American brand (correct me if I'm wrong), they'll pretty much all look very similar. 
Don't mind my brothers seriously creepy face, he's just a weirdo - but that's a given concidering he's related to me. 

 We both got Bacon Cheese Burgers, mine was just with tomato sauce added on top, whereas my brother added BBQ sauce; Lettuce; Onions; and tomatoes. These burgers are seriously amazing. 
They are by no means affordable though. Almost £18 for two burgers is pretty steep, but they make a nice treat when you've a craving for the best burger you'll ever try. 
All in all, I'll definitely go back to Five Guys one day soon. They are fairly pricey, but they are worth it - believe me.
I've yet to find a burger I actually like more than these ones, its just a shame there's not much bang for your buck. The juice is maybe the best value, you get to refill your cup as much as you like, we tried Raspberry Sprite and Grape fanta, highly recommend seriously. 
Where do you like going for food? I'm in the mood to try somewhere new!