Queen Helena Mint Julep Face Masque | Review

A fair while ago I decided to buy both the peel off mask and this one, and I've fallen in love a little with this one since buying it. My all time favourite mask is Lush's Mask of Magnanimity, the Queen Helena Mint Julep Face Masque seriously rivals it, its pretty much guaranteed that if you liked the Lush one then you'll feel the same way about this one. And of course the Queen Helena one is available for a fair bit cheaper than the Lush one when you pick it up from Amazon.
Oily skins will love this, although thats not to say that if you've a dry skin that you couldn't use this - after all this mask is perfect for spots and blackheads, essentially just clogged pores. I'd just make sure if you've a dry skin type that you make sure you're using a very good moisturiser afterwards.
Us oily skin gals, its like a dream for us! It really sucks up excess oil and helps keep the skin from looking shiny throughout the day. It helps with clearing the horrible blackheads on the skin and helps to heal spots before they get horrible and angry. 
On top of all this, you will notice your skin feeling incredibly clean after you've used this mask. Major plus points for it. Obviously it doesn't get rid of all your blackheads, because at the end of the day I don't think I'll ever manage to get rid of all of them. Sigh. 
All in all though, this is a brilliant mask and for the price its more than worth it! 
What mask is your favourite? 


Superfacialist By Una Brennan | Cleansing Oil

I'm more than guilty of buying things because its been raved about on more than a few blogs. This was one of those purchases that was 100% inspired by bloggers, although I did need a new cleansing oil - just maybe not that day... 
Recently though I've started using the Superfacialist's cleansing oil on a daily basis and so far I'm a little bit in love with it. It smells absolutely amazing, quite fresh and sweet smelling. Its hard to pin point exactly what the smell is, but trust me it smells like heaven.
At night it helps to take off make-up with very little effort, a splodge of this in your hands add a little bit of water and massage it into the skin. Viola - bye bye make-up. I'm always going to have a massive place in my heart for cleansing oils, they are so effortless and even on oily skin they work an absolute treat. Your skin will feel squeaky clean after using this, so what more could you want? Your skin doesn't feel tight or anything after using it either. 
I couldn't recommend this more, so if you're looking for a brilliant cleanser that'll take your makeup off effortlessly then this is what you are after. 
What do you love skincare wise? 


Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish | Rain Rain Go Away

Say hello to my new favourite nail polish! This stunning Rita Ora nail polish from Rimmel is just the shade I've been wanting, Rain Rain Go Away is the perfect pale grey purple shade, its the colour I've been looking for for ages!
Ever since I bought it I've had it on my nails. Two coats lasted me a very long time, it managed to last through two shifts at work without so much as a single chip. It was 5 days before I even reapplied my polish, and 7 days in total before it so much as chipped. 
For the tiny price £3.99 this colour is worth every penny and so much more for me! It lasts so well without the use of a top or base coat.  
What's your must have colour currently?


Hand Bag Must Have | Contact Lens Eye Drops

Recently I've been ditching the specs and opting more for my contact lenses - the only issue with doing this is my eyes get really irritated and feel incredibly dry after about 8 hours of wear. To help my get the most use out of my lenses as possible I've decided to buy a couple of different eye drops aimed at those who use contact lenses. 
Since buying the eye drops I've found my lenses last a heck of a lot longer, they feel a lot more comfortable on my eyes and I can get closer to 12 hours out of them. I have two types, the Boots own Contact Lens Eye Drops and the Murine Contacts Refresh and Clean Eye Drops, both of which cost less than £5 and both are just as good as the other. Although the Murine ones do seem to keep the eyes feeling better for slightly longer... With the nice weather that's been showing its face in Glasgow and with me going on a fair few dates with the boyfriend I've been getting loads of use out of them and the drops are so handy for me - I always have them in my bag with me, that way if my eyes are a little tired I can freshen them up instantly and be on my way. They are an absolute must have if you wear contact lenses and I would highly recommend you getting them if you wear lenses. 
What are your hang bag must haves? 


Small Boots Haul

I went and spent some Boots points the other day, so here is the results of my little spree. 
I really only went in with the idea of getting a pale coloured nail polish - preferably a grey one. I definitely didn't plan to get most of this. 
I noticed these new blushers from Collection that looked pretty cool so I decided to get one of them, if they are good then I'll be sure to get more. They claim to be mistake proof, and I suck so badly at blusher so we'll soon see if they live up to their claims. 
The only things I planned on getting were these nail polishes, the colours look so lovely on and I've decided the Rimmel Rita Ora one is my new favourite (its in the shade Rain Rain Go Away). Its just such a lovely pale grey purple shade. The Barry M one is in the shade Almond (I think...) 
Final two things now, both are contour kits - why I thought I needed two is beyond me. The first kit I saw was the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit and the other is the new Maybelline Mastersculpt kit in the shade light medium. Hopefully my pale skin doesn't look orange with these...

Have you bought anything new recently? 


Ray-ban Erica's | My Favourite Sunnies

I've been incredibly lucky in the past, and actually won these Ray-Bans. I was literally over the moon when I found out I'd nabbed these bad boys awhile back. Recently though I've been getting much more use out of them due to the sun finally showing its face in Scotland, I'd actually wanted to treat myself to a pair of Aviators but they didn't suit my face and the lovely girl at the Sunglass Hut suggested the Ericas to me, lucky I already owned them innit? 

I love everything about these sunglasses, from the colour of them to the shape of them to the way they suit my face. For me these are just the most perfect sunglasses I've ever owned. 
For sunglasses they obviously are a little more expensive but they feel expensive and are 100% worth the money you pay for them. 


JellyBear | Glasgow Eats

Jellybear is a semi recently opened up sweet shop in Merchant City, Ingram Street to be more exact. It's one of those places that once you see their facebook and the things they sell you instantly want to try them out and all the wonderful things they make. The outside of the building is covered in brown painted palettes, its a really quirky design - and the quirkyness carries on inside.
 Next to where we decided to sit was this very accurate bit of wall art. I love dessert, and as much as I want a lovely body - the call of cake will always be too strong. The chairs were all padded with pink and grey cushioning, and all the table tops and stools/booth seats were brown wood. The booth seats were actually palettes as well - its one of those things you see on pintrest and want to try.

We decided to share a smoothie and a sundae, the smoothie we got was an amazing Blueberry smoothie - it was sooo good! I'm not certain how much it was exactly but I think it might have been about £4. The sundae we bought was absolutely amazing, the one we picked was The Knickerbocker Sundae - whipped cream, raspberries and raspberry sauce, ice cream then more sauce and berries! Both together were more than enough to share between the two of us. Connor was more than happy with what we got, and used the words oh my to describe the taste. His wee face, oh bubba. The sundaes are £6 and for the amount you get its so worth it! 
I'll definitely be taking myself back to Jellybear at some point in the future - yum yum yum. 


Latest In Beauty | Glamour Summer Edit Box

I've been a little mia recently so many apologies for that, life basically just got in the way and I couldn't really be bothered with my blog, but recently I've been really wanting to get back into the swing of things, so here we go! 
If there is one beauty box I'll always go back to, its the Latest In Beauty boxes. They aren't subscription boxes, and are usually a fair bit pricier than normal beauty boxes. This one cost about £16.95, and it is definitely more than worth the money that you pay. 
This box is packed full of lovely bits that are perfect for the summer months, the two things I was most excited about were the Nails Inc nail polish and the Eucerin Sun protector. 
This was one of the first things I saw in the box, I was fairly intrigued by them and the designs are absolutely stunning! If I was going to a festival this year I'd be putting a fair few of these on, I'll probably put one or two on when I go to Bulgaria or if Glasgow is blessed with a hot day or two. 
Next up is the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Bronzer, this comes with a little brush to go along with it. The bronzer is a first of its kind - its a self tanning bronzer! Your face gets more tanned as you use it! A lovely natural looking tan will develop when you wear it and will last for upwards of 5 days. I can't wait to give this a try and see how it works with my skin. 
My absolute favourite item in this box has to be this stunning Nails Inc Gel Effect polish. One coat gives more than enough colour to the nails, but a second coat never hurt anybody. 
The Bourjois Lip crayons are amazing and recently I've been moving away from reds, I'll be interested to see how this colour suits me. They have two other new colours, a mauve looking shade and an orange looking one. 
I have incredibly pale skin, and this year I'm finally going abroad and I'm going to need some serious sun protection. SPF 50 is certainly going to be enough for me, could maybe even do with a plus factor. Lucky for me I've already got a factor 50+! 
I've wanted to get my hands of the Pixi Glow Tonic for the longest time, so this having a little sample of it in the box is brilliant for me. Hopefully this will do wonders for my skin, making it look and feel better in no time! 
The Claudalie Divine Oil looks like it could be really good, you can use it on your hair, face and body. Apparently it can also make for a heavenly bath by adding a few drops to the tub. My hair is feeling pretty crappy just now though so hopefully this can sort it out a bit. 
Recently my hairs been feeling so oily but so dry at the same time, and I'm just about up for trying anything to give it a better condition. This shampoo and conditioner hopefully can fix something with my locks. 
Body scrubs are my favourite things to try. They are fairly hit or miss though, some are not harsh enough and others leave a horrible oily residue on my skin. I'm feeling like this one might be a good one! 

Have you tried any of these products before?