August Empties

This month I've been on a bit of a mission to use up as much of my horde as possible (also the boyfriends challenged me not to buy new stuff till I use up some of what I have), and I think this month I've managed to use up a fair chunk of my collection. 
Lets talk about face things first shall we? 
I used another of one of my favourite face masks this month - Mask of Magnanimity from Lush is amazing, its my absolute favourite thing. It just clears up spots so well, back and chest spots definitely benefit from using this - bye bye horrible bacne. heheeh
The Body Shop's Seaweed Cleanser is something that I've used and already repurchased. I don't use it in my own home, its found its second home in my boyfriends house - I like keeping it there as it means I can always cleanse my face properly even when I'm staying with him. I really like this though, it leaves my skin feeling really clean but not at all tight. 
I also finished up the last of my Bioderma Sebum, I didn't really get the hype around this. And I still don't. I found it was only really good for freshening my face up in the morning when it was already free from makeup if I was in a rush. I probably wont be buying this again, it seems like just an over price cleansing water to me, you can get ones for a few pounds from boots or superdrug that do just as good a job in my mind. 
Another Body Shop item that I'm in love with and having serious withdrawals from is their Camomile Cleansing Balm. Boy oh boy, this is an absolute dream of a cleanser. I'm wanting to try more cleansing balms so if you've any recommendations I'd love to hear them. 
Sticking along the skincare path, I've used up my trusty Origins Gin Zing moisturiser. This is one of those product I couldn't full appreciate till I ran out of it. I'm in the process of finding another moisturiser but so far no luck with finding one just as good as this. Might need to give in and purchase another.
I used up a tube of the amazing Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I really want to get another tube of this - but I just feel I can't justify the price for something that I feel ran out fairly quickly. It feels lovely on the skin though, and while I was using this my skin had never been in better condition. It really deserves all the rave reviews it gets - it definitely is a cult classic. 
I also finished my much loved Origins GinZing moisturiser. I've not repurchased this yet but if I can't find a moisturiser I like more soon I'll definitely get it again!
Final skin care bit - I promise! This is my all time favourite must have thing for me and thats the Clinique Anti- Blemish solutions clearing gel. This is an absolute life saver and I definitely need to repurchase another one. For £20 this became mine and it has lasted me about a year - so its well worth the spend in my eyes! I might have to check out what else they have to offer my skin!
A few hair care bits and a couple of makeup things and we will be done here!
So hair care wise I used up two (but I only have one bottle here...) Aussie 3 Minute Miracles. I had the original and the Take the Heat version, I love a good hair mask and the Aussie one is an absolute dream to use. I definitely want to get another bottle or two cause my hair is beginning to get a bit rubbish looking since I've stopped using it. 
This isn't actually used up - theres about half a can left, but for whatever reason its decided to stop spraying out. So the Pantene dry shampoo is leaving my house - I didnt really like it anyway so I'm not bothered about getting rid of it. Just like a previous dry shampoo it felt wet and was weird to use. Not a fan at all. 
Primark Brunette Shampoo and Conditioners are the best thing I've used for my coloured hair in a long while. For £1.50 they are an absolute steal and really help the colour last in the hair so much longer. I'm dying to get my hands on more bottles and maybe even stock pile them a bit...  My mum threw out the bottles but I thought I should still mention them.
I used yet another of the Marrakesh sprays - I cant get enough of this stuff and already have a new bottle in the waiting.
My much loved Nuxe lip balm has finally ran out too. I got this two years ago as a gift from my brother, I adore it and definitely need to get myself another. 
Makeup thats been finished of this month then! The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation was amazing the more I wore it the more I loved it and the less that was in the bottle the more I wanted it - I proper scraped out the insides of this to make it last as long as possible. 
Benefits Gimmie Brow is another thing I've used up, I've really only been using it recently to brush my brows, so I dont think I'll throw it out just yet. 
What products have you been using this month?


The July Face

I've been spending a lot of time this month playing with my make-up a lot more and I've been trying to find looks that I really love. Recently I managed to find a look that I was more than happy with, I actually really love the look that I've been wearing lots of so much so that I thought I'd share it with all of you. 
After cleansing and moisturising I always give myself a few sprays of my Urban Decay De-Slick spray, I just find that spraying this before and after applying my make-up that everything just lasts a heck of a lot longer. I always follow this with a primer, the one I've been using lots of is the 3 Step Corrective Primer by Stila. I'm not sure how well this corrects anything on my skin, but it gives a good enough base for my foundation so I stick with it. 

The foundation I've been using this month is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, I've been using this so much that its practically empty - I'm basically scraping bits of the foundation out of the bottle! I really should just buy a new bottle but I'm just a bit too poor currently... Along with this I've been using whats left of my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, I got this in a swap box ages ago and its definitely one of the best concealers I've tried. any red bits and under my eyes this goes, the coverage of this is really good and not at all cakey! 
Last few things for the face now. I always like to give my face a little bit of definition and recently I've been spending a wee bit more time on it than usual. To give my face a little more shape I've been using my trusty NARS Laguna Bronzer, I've recently hit pan on this and its quite upsetting. Still theres loads of use to be had from it, I tend to only put this under my cheek bones but I have been using it to shape my face a bit more so it goes a wee bit towards my temples and down towards my jaw. Along with that I've been giving my face a little bit of a glow using the No7 Highlight Stick. This gives such a nice subtle glow, and looks perfect on top of the cheek bones and up and around the brow. Final face type thing is to apply blusher, I've never been one for blush - mostly cause I don't really know how to apply it but recently I've been reaching for it lots - I've found that along with the bronzer and highlight the blusher just looks amazing. The blusher in question is this lovely MAC one, its in the shade Pinch O' Peach. I wouldn't say this was a peach shade, its definitely more a baby pink than anything but I love it none the less.  


Waist Training | My thoughts on it

I'm not sure about you but something I've always wanted to exaggerate is the hour glass figure. I already sort of had it but I wanted the tiny toned waist. And if I'm being honest I wanted it with the minimilest amount of effort.
Weighted hula hoops do the job but you need to do at least 15 minutes, spinning both ways, every day - and let me tell you the hoop fair bruises you the next day, meaning hooping the day after is a pretty painful affair.
Recently I've been seeing a fair bit about waist training, and what with celebrities like Kim Kardashian doing it, it appears to have become quite the popular thing.
Does it work though? That's what you really want to know because frankly some of these waist trainers are bloody expensive for what is, essentially, a modern day corset... I think if you are looking for a cheaper option (around £20 or less then depop, Groupon and wowcher are good places to start). I got mine from Groupon, it was around £17 with postage for it and came from Who Run The World waist trainers. The ones they sell on their site range from around £40 to upwards of £50. And that is just a little out of my reach, especially if your not even sure if it will work.
When mine came I tried it on straight away, using the middle set of books - there's 3 rows you can use, going in a set when you progress. It was tight to put on but when it was actually on it was comfortable to wear, I think there is mean to be a little discomfort when your wearing it? When it was on properly the tightness went away too... Maybe my size isn't right? Although the size is for 8 through 12s sooo...
I wore it for at least 5 hours twice on the middle set of hooks before deciding to try go to the tightest set. When it was on I found a slight issue with it, by that I mean that when it was on it bunched up at the back - it didn't do this on the middle set, so maybe I just went too tight too quickly? Cause if it kept bunching you definitely couldn't get away with wearing this out and about, you'd definitely be noticed with a bulging back otherwise.

I feel like this is more of a quick fix, than a long term solution. Like the results you get from wearing this for a couple of days is really nice, but if you don't keep it up - then you'll soon notice the effects of it wearing off. 
I think if you were to do this along with having a good diet and a good amount of exercise then you could probably benefit fully from using it. I'm just a little too lazy to do all that but if I ever get into the habit of wearing it whilst being super healthy I'll let you know how the effects differ. 


Chanel Chance Perfume

My lovely boyfriend recently went on holiday, apparently missed me a huge bunch. And came back with the most amazing gift ever, Chanel Chance. 
If ever there was something you should 100% buy your girlfriend, something Chanel would always go down a treat. Perfume is something that can be tricky to buy someone but he got it right! 
Apparently he got his friends to wear the perfumes so he could decide what one he liked best. What a pet lamb. 

The smell of this is amazing though. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes it smell so lovely but it really does. I'm pretty much assuming this is a fake, but it smells so amazing that I don't even care. 
What fragrance do you love?


Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is fast approaching, and my mum keeps pestering me about what I'm wanting so I thought I'd make a wee wishlist and maybe she'll see it - more likely she wont, but whatevs. 
 I went into the Levi's store in Glasgow recently and fell in love with the 721 High Waisted Skinnies, they were literally the best fitting & feeling jeans I've ever worn and I was in love, the only down side was the price. £85 was just a bit to high for me so fingers crossed they come down in price a little...
While in Levi's I saw these shoes on a display model, the looked lovely. They're currently in the sale for around £80 down from £125. For real leather boots I don't think thats a too bad price.  
I keep wanting to do a Sephora order and the new Becca x Jacklyn Hill Highlighter isn't helping matters. Neither is the Kat Von D foundation though - I've heard great things about this, and I really really want to get my mits on it!
Zoeva brushes are always a good shout for a gift, they have loads of lovely sets and in the grand scheme of things they aren't overly high priced, if I don't get them for my birthday maybe I will for Christmas? 
Final item I'd love to get is a bodysuit, American Apparel ones are lovely - although I will need some amount of boob tape to hold my girls where they are meant to be. The one in the picture above actually looked amazing on but the price made me cry a bit, at £40 I just couldn't do it. 

Whats on your wish list? 


The Cheap Brush You Need In Your Life | Contour Brush

I can't remember where I originally saw this brush, but I'm pretty sure I saw it on a blog a few months back. Anyhoo, I basically saw it and thought it looked pretty good and for a couple of pounds I didn't really think I could go wrong. I didn't expect big things from this, and I think that's why I'm so blown away by how good this is! 
For such a cheap brush it feels super soft and so far the bristles haven't started to fall out - they don't actually seem like they will fall out which is a huge plus. 
It grabs just enough product - just as a heads up, I've been using it with the NARS Laguna bronzer - I've used it a handful amount of times and it never picks up too much. It gives the most perfect amount of product to blend on the face, its also the perfect size so contouring the cheeks is literally the easiest thing. 
For £1.79p including the postage you really can't go wrong and I couldn't recommend this brush more. I'm thinking I might try it out with cream products to see how it works with them since it does so well with powder. 
Have you found any bargan brushes?