Back To University | Stationary Haul

I wasn't fortunate enough to get into my third year of university so I'm having to repeat my second year. But never the less I go back and had to get myself some supplies to make sure I was ready for going back. 
I'd been eyeing these stationary sets from Tescos, they were meant to be £20 but had been reduced to £7. The Pucca Pad ones looked nicer but these Oxford Campus ones were just so much more practical. The set has a note pad and a refill pad, along with a smaller A5 note pad. Then theres also an A4 binder and pockets to put things in. For £7 it was an absolute steal. 
Pens and pencils are obviously a must. I got these all from Tescos and I think they were all half price. I love the mechanical pencils and seem to find my writing is a lot better when I write in pencil. I also got the standard Bic pens and a few Pilot erasable pens. 
I really feel like being organised while at university is a huge must. Paperchase have the nicest organisers, and I picked this really pretty purple flowery one for this year. I've only been back for a week or two and I've found that I've put so many things in it. This is gonna get a heck load of use out of it. I also got a little cute pen from Paperchase, these wee pens write really well. 
I've not bought too much for university this year but I'm quite happy with the few things I've bought this year. I'll maybe get a few more things if I go to Wilko - they have the best stationary things in there.  


OOTD | Levi Jeans and Bomber Jackets

Hello one and all! I've been trying recently to find my style and I'm finding I lean much more towards a much more grungy / tom boyish style. I'm liking it though and I'm feeling happy knowing where my style sits now. 
Anyway, I love this outfit and it is almost entirely courtesy of my amazing boyfriend and his unreal family! They completely spoiled me for my birthday and I'm so unbelievably thankful for it. 
The top is just a random old one from Forever 21, completely oversized and the most wonderful top ever. Paired with my amazing Levi 721's, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend. Like seriously the jeans are the best fitting jeans I've ever had - so naturally I'm going to buy two more pairs. Totally natural thing to do. 
Shoe wise I'm wearing the oh so comfy Puma Suede's, my boyfriends family got me these for my birthday and gee wiz these are lovely. So comfy and go with practically everything. 
And lastly, and my favourite thing of the whole outfit, is this amazing and cosy Stand Tall Amongst the Giants Harrington jacket. I'd taken to wearing Connors bomber jacket so much so that when I told him I wanted this jacket he really kindly surprised me with it. It's so cosy and warm and lovely. It's gonna be perfect for winter time cause believe me it is warm! 

What do you think of this outfit? 


Liz Earle | Normal Combination Daily Essentials Kit

For my birthday this year I got this Liz Earle set, I've been close to getting this set for awhile but always put it off. The kit is for normal combination skin, and although my skin is definitely more oily currently I'll still get plenty of use from it. 
The kit comes with the classic Cleanse and Polish, the instant Boost Skin tonic, Skin Repair moisturiser and the Gentle face exfoliator. I've had a chance to use everything bar the exfoliator. I love the toner, it just leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and calm. 
My love for the Cleanse and Polish is undying and I have a Limited Edition one in my room waiting to be used. I'm of two minds about the moisturiser though. I'm not sure if its just cause my skin is in such awful condition at the moment or if its just cause I need a moisturiser more suited for oily skin, either way though I'll give it more of a try and report back. 

Have you tried Liz Earle before? What skin care do you love? 


Bulgaria | Photo Diary

Almost a month ago I went on holiday and took my first ever plane ride - I'm making it sound like an amusement ride... and went jetting off to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria with my brother, dad and step mum. We arrived at our hotel at 6am - thats 4am here in the UK. We went straight to bed but got up just a few hours later. Our hotel was half way between Sunny Beach and Nessebar. The first day we went to the Beach for awhile but ended up spending most of the day soaking up the sun on the sun loungers next to the pool. Honestly, thats how we spent the majority of our holiday, I was covered head to toe in factor 50 and had to take allegry tablets everyday to stop myself breaking out in Prickly Heat. 
 My brother and I got bored of sitting by the pool one day so decided to got for a walk. We soon regretted going for the walk since it was upwards of 30 degrees with no wind. Oh boy was it hot. This was the only time I'd really ever played about with my camera for anything other than blog photos and I'm quite happy with the results. 
Our hotel was this lovely thing here, its called the Diamante Residence Hotel and Spa, for the most part an absolutely lovely hotel, but we did have a small issue with them trying to claim we broke stuff on our last day. For the most part though it was lovely. 
Nessebar was absolutely stunning, all the buildings looked amazing. My brother and I went back a second time the day before we left to get a bunch of souvenirs.  
 Our rep recommended we went to this really cool little bar hidden away in the middle of the old town. Michaels Eco Bar was amazing! If you ever find yourself in Nessebar definitely go have a look in there, its such a strange but cool place. It wasn't overly expensive either, worked out at about £3.50 for a very strong cocktail! Beer was a lot cheaper but my not being a fan meant I was left with the cocktail option.
 We had dinner in Nessebar that night in a lovely little place called the Royal next to the ocean. I think our meal worked out to be about £36 for 4 meals and a bottle of wine. Such a good price concidering wine here would be about £18 a bottle. 
 The sunset and the subsequent view of Sunny Beach in the background was really really pretty! 
They gave me the biggest plate of mussels ever and they were amazing! They cost like 8 lev, super super cheap.  
Bulgaria was amazing - so so so hot as well! Id definitely go back some day but I first want to see other places before I'd return: Italy; Egypt; Germany ect They're all on my to see list! 

Where have you been on holiday? Where would you recommend?