Whats In My Bag | University Edition

I've been back at university now for about 4 weeks and I thought I'd do a wee post about the bag I've been using. The one I use is from Vans, its this really cool print galaxy style print. 
I only have two hours of classes a week, so I don't need to carry lots of books around with me, I did carry a massive - like it made my bag so heavy - folder, but I've recently taken it out in favour of leaving it at home cause I don't think I'll need it very much in class. 
The bag doesn't hurt my back or shoulders, so I'm in love with it due to that. If it hurt me then I'd be hating life so much - my last bag had tiny thin straps that were an absolute killer on my shoulders. 
In the big main section of my bag I have my note pad, I use this pad for taking really rough - near messy - notes. I keep my tidy notes in my house in a nicer note pad.
I also keep my diary in my bag, I use it to keep a track of what I have on what day and when I have tests and such like. I got this one from Paperchase, it was one of the few 15/16 diary's they still had left in stock at the time. I think it cost about £12 so it wasn't too badly priced. 
The other thing I have in here is my pencil case, I got this in first year I think from Paperchase. Its held up really well and I'm hoping it will last me till I graduate. 
I have a few other things in the big part of my bag is some pain killers, lady things - for ye know that time - and my purse. 
In the front zip part of my bag I've got a few things. I've got some coloured pens, but I think I'm gonna take these out, I don't use them in class but I do in the house so I'll probably take them out soon. 
I've got some handy hand sanitizer too, I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in every bag I own. I got this one for a few quid from Urban Outfitters. It smells really nice and leaves my hands feeling really clean. Throw in a pack of tissues and I'm ready for the worst sneezing fit or stick situation. 
I've got my calculator in here too, I'm not sure how much I need it though for my classes this year. I know I'll probably need it in my exam again though.
The final thing I have in my bag is my other glasses. These nifty little things help my eyes see things properly because my brain doesn't see things the way other people do. Only down side to these are that they dont have the right prescription in them so they give me a head ache. I'll need to get them sorted soon. 

What do you take with you everyday to university or college? 


Butter London Horse Power Strengthening polish | Review

After coming back from Bulgaria two months ago, my nails have never been so brittle! I've been needing to get something to help them strengthen up a bit for awhile now. A couple of weeks ago I got this one from Butter London, the Horse Power Nail Fertilizer. It was £15, maybe a lot for a polish but my nails were begging for it. And the other option I had was the OPI one and that's around £20. 
I've used it a fair few times now and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Some of my nails definitely feel a lot stronger, others are still in a lot more need of some strength. 
You can use it as a base coat, top coat, both or even just on its own. 
I'm not using it the way its meant to be used, as you're meant to use it every day for 7 days and then remove and repeat that process for 4 more weeks. I'm going to get into the habit of using it more though, since its certainly doing something - so using it more will only reap more rewards for my poor wee nails. 
Hopefully soon my poor wee brittle nails will be strong and long soon. Anything you've tried that helps the strength of your nails? 


New In | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I've never used a make-up sponge, but so many people swear by them, so I thought why not give one a try (I say one but I also bought the Beauty Blender set.... More on that later). I wanted a budget option to try first, and the Real Techniques one fit this as its only £4.99 (ish).
I'm going have to do a wee bit of research into how you use this best, this one you can use wet and dry - they also recommend you wash it between 1-3. The shape of it is different from the standard beauty blender. It's got a flat edge that is recommended for use around the nose and eyes, a pointed tip to help cover spots and imperfections and the sides for overall blending of the face. 
It feels really soft, I'm going have a wee play about with it and see how it works. I'll give it a go with other foundations too just to see how other foundations work with it. I know that some I have are better blended with brushes and other with fingers. So this will be fun! 
I'll probably have a comparison post at some point comparing the Real Techniques ones too the Beauty Blender. But that might not be for awhile as I want to get lots of use out of them before I give a proper review. 

Do you like make-up sponges? What's your preferred way to apply foundation? 


Beauty Bay | Skin Care Haul

 Since my student loans came in I've been spending a fair bit of money. I've been after some new, really good skin care for awhile now. And since my skin is a little worse for wear I thought I'd go ahead and order some things through. I hadn't planned on ordering from Beauty Bay but the products they had really interested me and I'm really glad I did go with them. 
 I first heard about Michael Todd awhile ago - I think Fleur from Fleurdeforce used to rave about their Pumpkin mask. I'd wanted to try their products for so long but I think you used to only be able to get them from their own site and shipping just didn't make it worth it for me. But Beauty Bay had the Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel, it was £15 on the site, so not the most expensive but at the same time its not the cheapest thing you can buy. I've used it once and I liked it when I tried it, but I'll do a more in depth review when I've had a chance to use it more and to see how my skin reacts with it. 
 I also got the much much much loved Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. Everyone and their dog raves about this. I've wanted to get my hands on it for the longest time but I could never find anywhere that sells it! So when I saw it on the Beauty Bay website, and for a little cheaper than usual,  I jumped at the chance to get it. I'm really hoping it smells like honey because I adore honey, I'm also hoping its as good as everyone says... Only time will tell.
I'm almost 100% certain I saw this on Kates blog - Gh0stparties - I feel like I did... Anyhoo, my much loved Clinique spot gel ran out recently and I've been needing to get a new somethin somethin for my horrid spots, and I thought I'd give thee Mario Badescu Dying Lotion a whirl. It wasn't too expensive, I'm feeling that it was about £10? I could be so wrong, but that seems about standard for a spot treatment these days. I've not yet had a chance to look at this properly but I'm hoping it will help calm angry spots and speed up their healing. The less time spots spend on my face the better. 
So thats all that I got, not much but I was in dire need of some good skin bits. 

What skin care do you love? Anything you think I should pick up next time? 


Small Beauty Haul

It's been awhile since I bought make-up and I've still not really bought much. Mostly hair care and a few random bits, but still I thought I'd share a few of my new purchases with you all. 
So first up I've got a few hair care bits. I got the new Brunette shampoo and conditioner by Charles Worthington, I assume its new - at least thats how Boots advertised it. I've let my hair get fairly washed out recently so I'm hoping I can get rid of some of the rubbish colour by using this. Primark do a really good brunette shampoo for £1.50 each, whereas these were £5.99 but it was 3 for 2 so I got one of them for free. 
I also got the John Frieda Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Masque. This is part of the Beach Blonde range but I really needed something to take care of my really damaged hair and I hope this can. It was just over £6 for this so I can't be too disappointed if it doesn't do much. It smells really nice though, so theres at least that. 
I also got a couple of things from Sanctuary. The first bit was their Cooling Shower Drench, it smells quite fresh - the scent is Watermelon and Cucumber. I think the cucumber scent comes through it the most though. This was a third off I think, making it £4.66. 
The other item I got from Sanctuary is their 7 Day Moisturise Miracle Oil Balm. This smells sensational! It is really thick, and when it melts it does leave a bit of an oil but it is absorbed pretty quickly into the skin. It also had money off, making it £4.99. 
The next couple of things I got from Superdrug. One skincare bit and my only bit of make-up. I bought the Simple face wipes because they were on offer, I didn't really need new wipes but they were on deal so I felt the need to have them. 
I also got the Make-up Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish, I got the Rose Gold one and they look really cool. Maybe similar to the Stila metal eye shadows? I'm really looking forward to using these, the colour looks amazing. If they are good I'll let you know, if they're not too good I'll still let you know. 

What have you picked up recently? 


Lush Haul

I've not bought from Lush for a fair while, and I went a bit mad. The boyfriend and I spent a fair good while sniffing and picking different things from them. So here is what I got! 
I only got a few items that I've never tried before, and these two are part of that few. I tend to stick to what I know, but when I smelled The Comforter Shower cream I knew I had to have it! It smells just like the Comforter bubble bar, and thats maybe my all time favourite item they sell! I also bought the Ultrabland cleanser, I've only used it a few times so I'm not fully decided on it yet. It is fairly oily though, so I'll have to see how it goes with my skin. 
I've never tried this before, and I don't remember ever seeing it in store before. But it smelled really nice, and looked like it would make the bath look pretty, so here it is - Frozen. 
The Comforter Bubble bar is by far my favourite thing in Lush. I usually break this up into a few bits to get the most amount of use from it. You still get so many bubbles from it - even when its halved. The scent of it is so sweet though, and I absolutely love it. 
Dragons Egg is a really fresh and zesty bath bomb, I've used this before and it leaves a really lovely scent in the bathroom and coloured disks that float around the bath. 
Another of my absolute favourites. Their Blackberry bath bomb, Connor was so taken by this one that he got one too. I love this one, and its one of their cheaper bath bombs too! 
I used to get You've Been Mangoed all the time but haven't bought it for such a long time! I've missed it though, it leaves such a silky smooth, nice feeling oil in the bath and the smell, oh boy, it just takes over the entire room. Thinking about it now, I've actually forgot how much I love it. 
What do you love from Lush?