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 Since my student loans came in I've been spending a fair bit of money. I've been after some new, really good skin care for awhile now. And since my skin is a little worse for wear I thought I'd go ahead and order some things through. I hadn't planned on ordering from Beauty Bay but the products they had really interested me and I'm really glad I did go with them. 
 I first heard about Michael Todd awhile ago - I think Fleur from Fleurdeforce used to rave about their Pumpkin mask. I'd wanted to try their products for so long but I think you used to only be able to get them from their own site and shipping just didn't make it worth it for me. But Beauty Bay had the Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel, it was £15 on the site, so not the most expensive but at the same time its not the cheapest thing you can buy. I've used it once and I liked it when I tried it, but I'll do a more in depth review when I've had a chance to use it more and to see how my skin reacts with it. 
 I also got the much much much loved Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. Everyone and their dog raves about this. I've wanted to get my hands on it for the longest time but I could never find anywhere that sells it! So when I saw it on the Beauty Bay website, and for a little cheaper than usual,  I jumped at the chance to get it. I'm really hoping it smells like honey because I adore honey, I'm also hoping its as good as everyone says... Only time will tell.
I'm almost 100% certain I saw this on Kates blog - Gh0stparties - I feel like I did... Anyhoo, my much loved Clinique spot gel ran out recently and I've been needing to get a new somethin somethin for my horrid spots, and I thought I'd give thee Mario Badescu Dying Lotion a whirl. It wasn't too expensive, I'm feeling that it was about £10? I could be so wrong, but that seems about standard for a spot treatment these days. I've not yet had a chance to look at this properly but I'm hoping it will help calm angry spots and speed up their healing. The less time spots spend on my face the better. 
So thats all that I got, not much but I was in dire need of some good skin bits. 

What skin care do you love? Anything you think I should pick up next time? 

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