Christmas Gift Guide | For Him Under £20

Boys are so hard to buy for. More so when you buy them the things they ask for just before their birthdays. My brother is easy to buy for this year, he only wants computer parts since he plans on building his own this year.
The only other guy in my life that I'm buying for this year, other than my brother, is my boyfriend Connor. He's a tricky fellow to buy for. I made it harder for myself than it needed to be though, since I gave him everything he wanted for his 21st the other week. Silly me. 
Almost everything I'll include in this gift guide will be things that I know my brother or boyfriend would like, or things that I think a guy would quite like. So here goes.
Metal Earth Star Wars Kits £7-10
I could honestly do a whole post on things you could get people that's all Star Wars related. I'm super hyped for the new Star Wars film coming out! There's so many Star Wars related things coming out in preparation for the film, and I think these Metal Earth kits are the perfect little stocking fitter to give to a guy in your life. Depending on the model you get depends on the cost of it, but even still the most expensive is under £10. 

Bath Pug £7
Ok. So I know what your thinking, why would a guy want this? Well... My little (I say little but he is 18 and near enough 6 foot tall) brother keeps saying how much he wants one of these. He's a big kid a heart and lets be honest guys secretly love baths much more than girls do. 
I suppose it just makes a nice wee novelty funny stocking filler for their Christmas, I'd give no one other than my brother this cause I don't know if anyone else would find this as funny as my brother and I do. 

Nandos Be Ex-Peri-Mental Seven Sauce Set £20
Cheeky Nandos, eh? The boyfriend loves Nandos and so do countless other people! I think this would be a great gift for anyone who loves food. The boyfriend was talking about maybe getting some of these sauces so I might pop these in his stocking for him.

Heat Changing Rudolph Mug £9.99
Everyone loves tea - of some form, or what ever your hot drink preference - and a cool cup makes drinking it more fun. Heat changing mugs are brilliant, I got the boyfriend the Star Wars heat changing mug and he loves it! A more festive alternative to that one is this little Rudolph mug. 

Gillette James Bond Spectre FlexBall Gift Set £19
Razor gifts are always a good shout, this Gilette Flexball set is incredibly good value for money, as you get the razor with a head on it, 2 spares and shaving gel. Theres nothing remotely James Bond-y about this set but somehow it is.... 

Reiss Cleansing Bar £8
My brother took great offence last Christmas because everyone in our family gave him some kind of shower or grooming gift, so was under the impression that we all thought he smelled. He did - but all boys do so its fine! I kid, but us girls do like buying the boys nice smelling things be it for using in the bath or to spray on their body. 
This soap not only looks like it will smell amazing, but it looks pretty luxurious - it is Reiss so you'd only expect it to be. 

Finally I think an Itunes card would be a great present for a boy in your life, especially if hes a big music lover or even if hes a wee bit of a geek and would buy games from the app store.

What would guys in your life love for Christmas? 


Christmas Wishlist | Clothing and Tech

This is my second Christmas Wishlist, and my last. This is a much higher value wish list for the most part and is more or less a "if I was rich" list. 
I've been eyeing up these boots for awhile and online they are being sold for £61.90. They come in tan, grey and black, and they all look stunning! I love Levi jeans, and my leather jacket from Levi's is my fave. These shoes or a really nice pair of sturdy but comfy Chelsea boots would be so ideal for me as I literally only ever wear my converse, puma suede's or nike's. 

Nike Pro Floral Fade Training Tights £90
I would never expect anyone to pay this much for a pair of work out leggings for me, I'd never do it and wouldnt expect nor want anyone to do buy them for me. I included them in the wishlist though because they are stunning and if they ever go in the sale or I get a discount code then I'd maybe consider buying them. Minkpink do a really nice bright pair for £45 on Urban Outfitters, and obviously you can get student discount, so I think these ones are much more likely for me to get. 

Crosley Cruiser Record Player £69.99
I've fancied a record player for awhile, I've literally no space in my room for one but I still want one. I've also no idea what records I'd want, but hey I'd figure that out later. I love the Turquoise one and the mint one. For whatever reason the mint one only appears to be available on Urban Outfitters and they charge £100 for their record players... Pretty steep for something I don't have the room for. This is definitely a "when I move out I'll buy" type thing.

Calvin Klein Jeans Black Sweatshirt £90
My boyfriend first pointed this out to me, I think if it hadn't been for the price I'd have bought it right away. It was so soft and felt really cosy. If I can get extra hours in work this will be getting bought in the new year. Would be nice if I had this before I went to Rome in February... 

ASOS Oversized Square Scarf In 70s Check £18
This is actually something I only saw recently, but I've been wanting a big cool looking scarf for awhile now. Glasgow is getting crazy cold and a scarf is definitely going to become a staple in my daily outfits, so a pretty one would be great. 

Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens £129
Amazon sell this lens for a lot less than it retails for, as on the page it says that its been reduced from £179.99! Lens's are expensive, but I'm really really wanting to get a new one. The 24mm seems like the best one and more or less the best value for money one... I was looking at the 40mm and the 35mm; but the 40mm didnt seem wide enough and the 35mm was just waaaay to expensive for me atm. A new lens is another thing I'd quite like to get before I go to Rome. 

ASOS Open Crescent Hair Clip £5
This is just a wee cheap thing that I quite fancy. I like pinning the sides of my hair back, and this would just be a nicer way of doing it than with a bunch of curby grips. They do other designs of this and if I'm honest I quite like them all... 

Ted Baker Crosshatch Shopper With Printed Detachable Pouch £169
I've been in the market for a really good quality bag for awhile now, all my bags are getting quite ratty looking, and again this is one of those things I'd die to have but wouldn't want someone to pay this much for one thing on me. Its just too much. They do a purple version of this bag too, but I think I prefer this one just a tiny bit more. I'll see how much money I have after Christmas and then decided if I want to splurge a little and buy this for myself. 

Anything you've been hoping Santa will bring you? 


Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

This mask has been on my radar for the longest time, like seriously its been on so many blogs and has been so hyped up over the last year or so! I'm pretty sure after I saw Suzie from Hello October post about this mask, that I'd decided to myself that I absolutely must have this mask. In saying that though, she must have posted that post well over a year ago, maybe even getting close to two years... Everywhere I seemed to look for this mask, it was nowhere to be seen. I went into Space NK once and they didn't have it, boo. Beautybay didn't let me down and purchased it from there along with a couple other things that I featured in a haul not too long ago. 
So yeah, its taken me a fair while to get to this wonderful little metal tube of joy. The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is such a beautiful mask and is a real treat for the skin. My skin had been in such awful condition before I started using this mask and a couple other new bits. 
Recently my skin had been not reacting too well with clay masks, getting really irritated and feeling a little burnt after using some, not a nice experience...  I'd heard how amazing this was for even the most sensitive of skins and decided to not hold out any more and get the mask. 
The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask contains so many wonderful ingredients that all do a lovely set of amazing things for the skin. The mask has so many wonderful things for the skin, the Manuka Honey in it has lots of antibacterial properties which are great for giving the skin such a good deep cleanse and stopping those horrible spots from showing their ugly heads. Its also extremely hydrating, but not to worry oily skins because its doing wonders for my skin! I'm thinking though my skin was just really dehydrated before though. 
What more could you want from a mask that will deeply cleanse the skin, ridding you of spots, whilst also keeping your skin nice and hydrated?! The mask does so much more than that though, as it also has anti-ageing ingredients! The Aura Manuka Honey Mask just seems to do everything!
The mask feels so lovely whilst on the skin, not ever getting tight nor does it leave your skin feeling dried - like some masks can. You leave it on for around 15 minutes, and honestly it feels more like you've slathered moisturiser all over your skin rather than having applied a mask.  After 15 minutes I tend to use a cloth to remove the mask, you'll instantly notice how lovely your skin is when you use it. I use this at least once every week, and each time I do I enjoy every second of it. It's definitely become a staple and a firm favourite in my skin care routine. 
Your skin just feels super clean, moisturised and so so soft! Its suitable for all skins which is great news for everyone! 
You can buy it from Beauty Bay for £19.75 (but its currently on offer for £18.17) and Beauty Bay looks to be the cheapest place to purchase from. 
What are your favourite masks to use? 


Christmas Wishlist | Beauty Edition

I thought for this year I'd do a few gift guides, outfit posts and wishlist or two - starting this year with a wishlist. I love Christmas, like I absolutely love it! I'm not a morning person, but every year, guaranteed, I'll be up before 8am - sometimes waking up at 6... I'm told every year to not bother trying to get everyone up till at least 8, and if they don't have a cup of tea and some toast then they will point blank refuse to get up. 
I'm much more a giver for Christmas, like obviously I like getting presents but I adore giving people presents that I know (at least I hope I know) that they'll like. I'd much rather get presents than money, but at the same time I hate asking for things, silly me. So heres a wishlist of a few things that I'd hope to be under my tree this year. Or that I'll buy in the Christmas sales. So here we go! 
I've realised there's a fair few beauty items and a few non-beauty items that I've got my eye on this year, so I'll have another wish list up possibly at some point soon. 

NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette £49
Oh dear lord. When I first saw this palette I might have drooled a little, I just found it so pretty. I don't usually get hung up over limited edition items, but I really really really want this palette. Its almost a need for me now. The palette contains my favourite bronzer, the Laguna bronzer, along with a fair few other beautiful shades. I'd be very very happy if I received this but even if I don't I'd happily get it for myself. 

NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession Cool Red Lip Set £29
I really seem to have fallen for the Steven Klein collection, and these are only a couple of the things I want from the collection, because realistically I'd happily have all the sets and all the other Steven Klein colours that are part of the collection. The Magnificent Obsession set looks so nice: I love a red lip and a set that has a lipstick, liner and lip pencil in the most beautiful red shade is right up my street. I believe the lipstick is full sized while the other two are minis, but even so £29 is  such a good price for a set like this. 

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette £43
Oh boy, never have I wanted an eye shadow palette more than I want this one. My want for this was set in stone though after having a wee play about with the colours. The shades are just so beautiful, so pigmented and buttery. The palette looks so versatile having both everyday shades and very bright party season shades. I'm a bit annoyed though because they've also announced the Gwen Stefanni palette and IT LOOKS SO FRECKING GOOD! Why you have to release so many things I want?! 

Illamasqua Broken Gold £18.50
Suzie from Hello October used this in a video (you can see her use it here) and I fell in love instantly with it. I bought one from Urban Decay that I thought would be quite like this but I just can't seem to get on with it, so I'd love to get my hands on this - would be great for a Christmas make-up look. 

Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Crème Brûlée Duet £35
Every year I look at the Laura Mercier sets, and for whatever reason I don't buy them. Even in the Christmas sets where more often than not they end up being half price! This year though I've decided I'm getting one. I'd rather get them in the sale for cheaper, than get it as a gift, but at the same time imagine I couldn't get it in the sale and missed out again. I'd be gutted. The honey bath smells so good and I feel like I need it in my life. I love all things honey scented, so this fits me well. 

Zoeva Classic Brush Set £52
The Zoeva brush sets are so hyped, I'd love a set but they are a fair price to fork out but I imagine they would be so worth it! The Classic Brush set has 8 brushes in it, 3 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. Their Luxe Prime Set is £69 and comes with 10 brushes, again with only 3 of them being face brushes. For an extra £17 two brushes extra to some would seem like a great price, since mac brushes cost around £20 for just one brush! While others might think £17 for two extra is steep. It just depends on what you'd want to spend. 
If a budget wasn't an issue for my friends and family I'd be bold and ask for the Luxe Complete Set - it costs £99, so I definitely wouldn't be asking this to be under my tree till someone won the lottery or got the biggest promotion of their lives. It has 15 brushes in the set, 11 eye brushes and 4 face brushes. Their sets really do seem to focus on eye brushes, that doesn't bother me as I'm really looking to get some brilliant eye brushes for my small horde. 

What kind of things are you wishing for Christmas this year? 


Crown Brush Haul

Crown Brush is a brand I've wanted to try for the longest time, but for whatever reason kept putting it off. It's not even like the brushes are extortionate - they are so affordable so who knows why I've put off getting brushes from them for so long. 
Anyway, for Halloween they had a 20% off code going - so naturally I had to get one or two (or eight). I figured I'd show you the brushes I decided on, and maybe give a bit of a first impressions? LETS DO THIS! 
The first brush that added into my basket was the IB118 Spoolie, I decided on getting a spoolie brush because the one I'm currently using is the tiny one that comes in the Benefit Gimmie brow, my one ran out but the spoolie came in really handy - it's gotten a bit hairy though so I thought it was about time to say goodbye. It feels really good quality, I don't think you'd have ever guessed that it only costs a few quid! The spoolie even feels really nice on the brows, sounds weird but it really does! 
I also bought the IB117 Lip Brush, I currently use the little detailer brush that came with the Real Techniques face set for my lipstick. And I thought it was maybe about time that I bought another lip brush since I'm constantly needing to wash my brush if I want to put a different colour on. It seems like it will be a really good wee brush, feels nice and soft but not too soft, if that makes sense. 
The C431 Precision Detail looks like it will be a brilliant wee brush for upping my eye game. Its soft, densely packed and fairly sturdy feeling. The brush feels good to hold, and it actually gives me great excitement thinking of using this. Super sad I know... But when you've worked with the same style of brush for so long a new shape and type of brush brings joy to a make-up junkie like me. 
Annoyingly the rest of the brushes I've bought don't have their names on them. I'll look back and find out what they are called just in case you want to buy them for yourselves. 
Okey, so I'm pretty certain now of the names of the other brushes. 
BK16 MiniSmdger Brush, is one of the brushes with no name on them. Its a tiny wee brush, feels so light in the hand too. You could almost forget that you're even holding it. It is so soft! Like its unreal how soft it is, I think I've basically said soft about a thousand times already, and I'll probably say it a thousand more. I think this brush will be good for so many things, from highlighting the brow bone to smudging out liner and shadow. My excitement to see what looks I can create with these brushes is unreal!!
BK18 Round Crease Brush is maybe the cheapest looking, like don't get me wrong it feels nice and soft and good to hold. However its got a fair few hairs that don't look like they've been cut right... Could just be that my one was a bit bad, but I'll sort it myself by giving it a wee trim. The brush is super soft, its not overly densely packed - I feel like it could maybe be a little more packed but I'll play with it a bit before I make any final decisions.
BK42 Bullet Crease THIS BRUSH FEELS BRILLIANT! It feels like it will fit perfectly in the crease and will make applying shadow there a thousand times easier. Its super densely packed and feels so sturdy. You could even maybe use it for contouring since it is fairy pointed and sturdy.. 
C461 Infinity Precision Crease, I'm noticing a pattern with the type of brushes I've bought... They all seem to be these tapered crease brushes, ah well they'll be the handiest! This one is just as soft as the BK42, but it doesnt feel as sturdy. It'll be interesting to see how they differ. 
Final brush now, I'm pretty certain this one is the SS021 Syntho Blending Brush. It was the most expensive of the brushes, but even still only cost £4.99 full price. The brushes are so crazily affordable and such a high quality too! This brush is really soft and seems like it'll be really good for packing on shadow and blending out the edges of shadow. Its incredibly fluffy and looks like it'll do such a great job of blending. 

What brushes are your must have ones?


Must Have Lashes | Red Cherry Demi Wispies #DW

I'm not a massive wearer of eyelashes, I know some people swear by them but until now I've never found that perfect wear all the time pair. I used to wear them on nights out but after looking back at photos of myself on nights out I decided to stop wearing them, I looked ridiculous, the lashes were huge and very obvious. 
I've recently found a lovely set from Red Cherry that when I put them on I fell in love. Neither my mum nor my boyfriend knew I was wearing them because they were just such a perfect pair. 
I made an order on False Eyelashes and bought a fair few Rd Cherry lashes, the ones I've fallen for so far (I say so far since I've not had the chance to  try them all yet) are the #DW style lashes. The demi wispies are so so so pretty on, and not overly obvious when applied. 
The site sells the Red Cherry Lashes - and loads more brands - for £3.49 each with free first class delivery. They are super affordable, and they usually have a discount code or two floating around. 
Excuse the shoddy photo, its the only picture I have of the lashes on where I don't look a complete riot... I don't always post like this.... I promise. 
The lashes aren't at all dramatic, instead being so natural that you could get away with them for daily wear if you were wanting soft but bigger, fuller, longer looking lashes. I've found in the past that the Eyelure ones are a bit long for my eye, and that even their so called natural style of lash just look silly and definitely anything but natural. 
It's a bit of a shame that people sell these on Depop for double the price because a lot of people don't know where to get the lashes from. There are plenty places though that sell them, FalseLashes.co.uk for one. 


Best Foundation Ever? | Too Faced Born This Way Review

I've been searching long and hard for a new foundation, using all the ones I had whilst I searched through many a sample to find the best one possible. I'd almost set my mind on the Giorgio Armani foundation when Too Faced released their foundation. After reading many a review and seeing the lovely Scottish wonder that is Danielle say how good she thought this was, and watching many of Nikki Tutorials videos with her wearing this I decided I needed to own my own.  
I spent a good few weeks looking online and in store for this - as the shade I needed ( Ivory btw) was out of stock constantly! The girls in the store literally had no idea when the shades would come back in stock, telling me they had been sold out for at least two if not three weeks! Thats absolute madness, but I suppose it just shows you how completely unprepared Debenhams were for this being as popular as it turned out to be. Online I didn't have much luck either, and after missing out on getting my shade twice I took to getting a small sample of it from the store, more so to make extra sure that this was the foundation and shade I wanted. 
I kid you not, I checked the site daily to see if this was in stock and luckily one day I managed to snap it back up when it came back in stock! 
The Too Faced Born This Way foundation is described as being a medium to full coverage foundation. When applied with a brush it definitely leans more towards the full coverage end, but if you apply with a sponge - like a beauty blender - it can be more of a medium coverage. Either way though its still very build-able and blends like a dream. The only method of application I've not tried yet is using my fingers, but I just personally don't enjoy using my hands to apply makeup. Its messy and definitely doesn't blend as well. 
The shade range is ok I guess, but I was quite lucky in that Ivory is basically a perfect match for my skin, its very much a yellow toned foundation. I think the only thing Too Faced have missed from this range is a neutral toned foundation, they all seem to be either on the yellow or pink side. 
I really wish I could take one of those cool one side with one without pictures but I've not mastered my camera yet so it all looks very bright and the difference isn't very clear. 
The foundation is amazing though, the colour matches me perfectly (at least I think it does), it is super long lasting and doesn't look at all cakey. The coverage is perfect for me, I can more or less make it as light or heavy as I like coverage wise. Everything about it is just amazing, I tried to make my boyfriend share my love for it but all he could muster up was that it looks nice on my skin. One day he'll be my makeup best buddy. 
Anyways, this foundation is the bomb, the bees knees and many more amazing things. I can't imagine there being a better foundation that I could buy. 

Have you tried this foundation? What ones do you love?


October Favourites

Where the heck has the year gone?! I know everyone says that, but really - how is it only two months till Christmas? 
This month I've tried out a couple new products and got myself into a pretty steady routine with my make-up and skin care. So I thought I'd share my loves for this month.  
This next item is a bit of a cheat product. I've only been using it for about a week - two at absolute most, I feel like I needed to mention it though since I've been dying to get my hands on it for the longest time. The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation has just completely evaded me recently! Every time I've gone into Debenhams its been sold out and recently I've even missed managing to snag it online. I literally sneezed and missed out on getting it, oh geez. I went into Debenhams and got a wee sample of it, and then thankfully managed to buy it online shortly after that. Its just the most perfect coverage, and Ivory is just such a great match for my skin. I've used blending brushes and sponges to apply this, and with both it applies seamlessly. When I apply it with a brush the coverage is a fair bit higher than when I apply it with the sponges. I'm so glad I bought this foundation, although I still hear the Giorgio Armani foundation calling my name. Oddly the Too Faced and the Giorgio Armani foundations are a similar price, the Too Faced being £29 and the Giorgio Armani being £36.50. I know its an almost £10 difference but considering that Giorgio Armani is a much higher brand than Too Faced its not that big a difference. The foundation is extremely nice though so the price doesn't bother me, and I'm looking forward to use it a lot more. 
My skin was so spotty last month, even having one of those horrible under skin spots that just don't ever seem to go away ( I think mine was there for at least a month, boo :( ) I got this though from Beautybay and after figuring out how to use it - dipping a cotton bud in it then putting it all over the spots, or in my case all over my face, and leaving it over night - I started using it near enough every night. The boyfriends family gave me a few weird looks but weird looks are better than having a massive spot filled face, right? 
Anyway, the Mario Badescu drying lotion works wonders! The stubborn under skin spot has even vanished! There is a small mark thats healing from where it was but its gone, my face is so much clearer than before. I can't vouch for its ability to reduce black heads but I'm going to test it out on them soon! This definitely is the best spot treatment I've used and its so highly affordable too! 

Another major issue for me this month has been my nails - they've been so brittle since I had gels on them. I think I caused the problem though my picking the gels off rather than going to a salon to have them removed... I won't be trying that again that's for sure! I've been using the Butter London Horse Power strengthener for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I've noticed a huge difference in my nails. They are definitely stronger, granted not as strong as they were but they don't bend just from my touching them any more and they don't seem to keep breaking - fingers crossed - any more, so major plus. I'm for sure going to keep using it until my nails are near indestructible! I'm so pleased I got it and that it wasn't a waste of money - if it had been I'd have wasted £15, but its not even the most expensive nail strengthener there is!
I've been smitten over my lovely new (although looking fairly used now) Red Cherry #DW lashes since I first got them! 100% human hair and 110% stunning! They just feel so natural and don't dig into my eyes at all so I don't feel like I'm wearing lashes. They look really natural too, my mum didn't even notice I was wearing any, so you could definitely call these a daily lash! For the price as well they are super good value, I'm pretty sure they cost me about £3.50, so don't be ripped off if you see people selling them for £5+!! 
Although I say they are pretty much daily wear lashes, I probably wouldn't wear them to university or work just because I don't see the need for those places. Like I'm there to learn/ earn money - I just don't feel that I need to look good doing it.
I have a few different styles of the Red Cherry Lashes but I've yet to try them since I've just been so in love with these ones!

So that's all I've been absolutely loving this month, everything is new and will probably have a separate proper review on them soon, if not already... 
What things have you been loving this month? 


New In | Beauty Blender Pretty Posse Kit

I'm addicted to Amazon. I seem to be ordering things from them every other day of the week. Their prices just seem to be a lot better than other places, the Beauty Blender was slightly cheaper on their page. I decided though, instead of getting just the individual blender, on getting a set. It works out to be better value than just getting the one. The Beauty Blender Pretty Posse kit cost £30 and comes with the original Beauty Blender, a Micro Mini sponge , a Bling Ring to hold the sponge in, a mini Bleandercleanser solid and a mini bottle of the Rea Activate. Pretty good value I think for all of what you get in this kit! 
Its all contained in this fairly pretty pink and white - with a bit of glitter added in for extra charm - box. Mine smells really nice... I'm not sure if something inside is making it smell nice or if the box is scented, but either way its a nice scent to smell when you first pick up the box. 
The sponges both feel really really soft, the BeautyBlender says it can be used to apply anything from Foundation to cream blushes - I'm assuming then you could use it to contour with cream products. The Micro Mini BeautyBlender is so tiny and cute! It's described as being used for "Laser-sharp focused contouring, highlighting and concealing." I'll probably use it most for concealing but I'll have a wee browse online to see how other people use them. 
I don't know why but I expected the Bling Ring to be metal, slightly disappointed that it just feels like a really cheap plastic, but ah well. It'll just sit on my make-up drawers looking all cute and stuff. 
The solid BlenderCleanser will be really handy for keeping the sponges clean, I've also heard that a lot of people love it for cleaning their brushes so next time I clean mine I'll see how this works in comparison to normal soap.
The Rea Activate looks pretty cool, I think you spray it on your Blenders to get them ready for use. I could be wrong but that's how I see it being used - correct me if I'm wrong though. 
I'll do a proper review once I've used these more, I'm quite excited to see how they apply foundation since I'm so used to just using blending brushes. 

Have you ever tried BeautyBlender? What do you think of them?