Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

This mask has been on my radar for the longest time, like seriously its been on so many blogs and has been so hyped up over the last year or so! I'm pretty sure after I saw Suzie from Hello October post about this mask, that I'd decided to myself that I absolutely must have this mask. In saying that though, she must have posted that post well over a year ago, maybe even getting close to two years... Everywhere I seemed to look for this mask, it was nowhere to be seen. I went into Space NK once and they didn't have it, boo. Beautybay didn't let me down and purchased it from there along with a couple other things that I featured in a haul not too long ago. 
So yeah, its taken me a fair while to get to this wonderful little metal tube of joy. The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is such a beautiful mask and is a real treat for the skin. My skin had been in such awful condition before I started using this mask and a couple other new bits. 
Recently my skin had been not reacting too well with clay masks, getting really irritated and feeling a little burnt after using some, not a nice experience...  I'd heard how amazing this was for even the most sensitive of skins and decided to not hold out any more and get the mask. 
The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask contains so many wonderful ingredients that all do a lovely set of amazing things for the skin. The mask has so many wonderful things for the skin, the Manuka Honey in it has lots of antibacterial properties which are great for giving the skin such a good deep cleanse and stopping those horrible spots from showing their ugly heads. Its also extremely hydrating, but not to worry oily skins because its doing wonders for my skin! I'm thinking though my skin was just really dehydrated before though. 
What more could you want from a mask that will deeply cleanse the skin, ridding you of spots, whilst also keeping your skin nice and hydrated?! The mask does so much more than that though, as it also has anti-ageing ingredients! The Aura Manuka Honey Mask just seems to do everything!
The mask feels so lovely whilst on the skin, not ever getting tight nor does it leave your skin feeling dried - like some masks can. You leave it on for around 15 minutes, and honestly it feels more like you've slathered moisturiser all over your skin rather than having applied a mask.  After 15 minutes I tend to use a cloth to remove the mask, you'll instantly notice how lovely your skin is when you use it. I use this at least once every week, and each time I do I enjoy every second of it. It's definitely become a staple and a firm favourite in my skin care routine. 
Your skin just feels super clean, moisturised and so so soft! Its suitable for all skins which is great news for everyone! 
You can buy it from Beauty Bay for £19.75 (but its currently on offer for £18.17) and Beauty Bay looks to be the cheapest place to purchase from. 
What are your favourite masks to use? 

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