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I'm addicted to Amazon. I seem to be ordering things from them every other day of the week. Their prices just seem to be a lot better than other places, the Beauty Blender was slightly cheaper on their page. I decided though, instead of getting just the individual blender, on getting a set. It works out to be better value than just getting the one. The Beauty Blender Pretty Posse kit cost £30 and comes with the original Beauty Blender, a Micro Mini sponge , a Bling Ring to hold the sponge in, a mini Bleandercleanser solid and a mini bottle of the Rea Activate. Pretty good value I think for all of what you get in this kit! 
Its all contained in this fairly pretty pink and white - with a bit of glitter added in for extra charm - box. Mine smells really nice... I'm not sure if something inside is making it smell nice or if the box is scented, but either way its a nice scent to smell when you first pick up the box. 
The sponges both feel really really soft, the BeautyBlender says it can be used to apply anything from Foundation to cream blushes - I'm assuming then you could use it to contour with cream products. The Micro Mini BeautyBlender is so tiny and cute! It's described as being used for "Laser-sharp focused contouring, highlighting and concealing." I'll probably use it most for concealing but I'll have a wee browse online to see how other people use them. 
I don't know why but I expected the Bling Ring to be metal, slightly disappointed that it just feels like a really cheap plastic, but ah well. It'll just sit on my make-up drawers looking all cute and stuff. 
The solid BlenderCleanser will be really handy for keeping the sponges clean, I've also heard that a lot of people love it for cleaning their brushes so next time I clean mine I'll see how this works in comparison to normal soap.
The Rea Activate looks pretty cool, I think you spray it on your Blenders to get them ready for use. I could be wrong but that's how I see it being used - correct me if I'm wrong though. 
I'll do a proper review once I've used these more, I'm quite excited to see how they apply foundation since I'm so used to just using blending brushes. 

Have you ever tried BeautyBlender? What do you think of them? 

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