December's Taffy Mail | The American Sweetie Subscription Box

There really is a subscription box for everything. Taffy Mail have 3 different sized subscription boxes available with prices starting from £7.49 a month, going up to £24.99 for the largest of boxes. I got the largest of the boxes: they say it will have up to 20 sweets; at least one can of soda; and at least one  premium item. 
I think I got 19 items in my box (my brother straight up took the Nutter Butter that was in the box and demolished it within seconds). I've gone a bit mad and in just a couple of days I've eaten so much of this box already. 
American m&m's are amazing, their pretzel ones are just to die for. This box had a packet of mint m&m's, I can't remember if I've had these before or not... But they sound really good anyway, only down side is its dark chocolate and I'm not a massive fan of dark chocolate... 
There was also a packet of Hersheys Cookies n Creme drops. I love Hersheys chocolate, and I'm super excited to try these! 
Butter popcorn is the best popcorn there is. Its such a shame most cinemas (at least in glasgow) don't sell butter popcorn. Going to have a nice movie night with the boyfriend soon to try this out. 
 More Hersheys chocolate!! YAAAAY. This bar is called a Symphony bar, and is milk chocolate with almond and toffee chips. Its so good, I think it might be one of the best things in the box that I've tried. Theres not really anything that I can think that we have in the UK that compares to this. 
There is also a yoohoo bar in the box, the slices of this are huge! It tastes just like any old chocolate bar, quite milky though. Its a huge bar, and it does taste really good. 
Jolly Ranchers and Hershey's, my faves. And in dessert form? Yes please! I'm really excited to try the Hershey's Creamy Vanilla Pudding, it sounds amazing - so hopefully its as good as it sounds. 
The jolly rancher jelly I'm also hoping is as good as I hope it'll be, its cherry flavoured but will take 4 hours to set! Whys it gonna take so long? Does the jelly in the UK take that long? 
Abba-Zaba is something that no one in my house liked. I hate peanut butter but my mum and brother love it, but they hated this. Its a chewy taffy with a peanut butter centre. My brother and boyfriend both tried this and both thought it was really hard to eat, and that it hurt their teeth so much when they ate it. 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites are something that I'm pretty sure you can get in poundland in the UK - and if not its just something really similar to it. These were really nice though, and I'd definitely buy again. 
Air Heads. What actually is this? I don't have a clue, it seems like it could be gum but at the same time it might not be? 
Nerds are so good, you can get these in the UK from lots of places but I do think they cost a few quid for a small box. This big gift box has 4 boxes of nerds inside it, two boxes of Strawberry and Grape and two boxes of watermelon and wild cherry punch. Both flavours are really good, but I think the Watermelon and Wild Cherry are a seasonal flavour. 
The red hots really weren't as hot as I expected them to be, like I'm pretty certain we have things in the UK that are so much hotter than these.
The Trident chewing gum was also a bit disappointing. I think it is just the same as the ones you can get here. The bits just seem a wee bit smaller than the bits you can get in the UK, but I think the pack is bigger. 
I tried the Gold Fish Crackers, but I really wasn't a fan of them. Other people in my house seemed to like them but I just found them a bit weird tasting.. 
Now the Starburst GummiBursts were amazing! Why don't we have these in the UK?! They are so squishy and have a little liquid type centre. I really really wish we had these here cause they are so good. 
The Strawberry soda that was in the box confuses me a bit if I'm honest. I can't decide if I like it or not, like when I think I don't like it I then decide that I do indeed like it. 
Theres also a Charms What a Melon Blow Pop, I'm assuming this has bubble gum in the middle of it. I'm not sure if we still have this type of thing in the UK, but I know we definitely used to. 
Taffy mail boxes are actually really good, I only with they came with a contents list that told you a little about the products you were getting. Other than that though its really good, and for less money you could have a more affordable version if you liked.  Whats your favourite American Sweetie? 


Beauty Blender | The Must Have Make-up Tool

Happy December folks! Where has the year gone?! It doesn't feel like its been long enough for us to be needing to have all our Christmas presents sorted, speaking if Christmas presents - I'VE STILL SO MANY TO BUY! I'm panicking a little that I'm running out of time and money to buy things... I'll have a small nervous break down later, but first blog post. 
Until recently I honestly didn't understand the hype behind make-up sponges, let alone spending around £16 on one! 
That was until I spent a fair bit on a BeautyBlender kit, and fell in love with the Original blender and the little bar of soap it came with. 
BeautyBlenders come in the Original pink one, the Pure (white) one, Pro (black) one, the Red Carpet (red, funnily) one, the body body bodyblender, a flat sponge called Blotterazzi and finally the mini blenders that are green. 
I only currently own the original blender, but I think in time I'd like to try the Pro one and the Pure one to see how they compare to the Original.
The BeautyBlender is a hot pink,sort of egg shaped sponge, its got a wide base that leads up to a small pointed tip. Sorry for how god awful my descriptive terms are, I just can't think of words to describe how it looks, other than egg shaped. When you soak it in water it fairly expands, they say to twice its size but I'm not so sure. 
When I use my blender I only ever tend to wet it with the rea.activate. And now I'm thinking that I probably should give it a good soaking first. Either way though, it applies my foundation splendidly! 
The sponge feels so soft and spongy when your using it, even when its wet it feels super soft! One thing to note though, is do not pull at it too much. Its a sturdy wee sponge but if you twist it or wring it like you would a cloth to try and remove excess water to dry it then it could end up damaging it. 
I need to wash mine a fair bit more as I think I might only have washed it after about 12 uses, and I think that they recommend you washing it after every 4 uses... Cleaning it is super easy, I use the solid BeautyBlender Cleanser to do mine - I also use it though to wash all my brushes... Its just a really good brush cleanser. 
Right so, to wash it, I use soak it under a warm tap and rub it in the solid cleanser. It took me a few minutes to get all the foundation out of it, but I was just being really careful with it. 
For application of this product though, oh dear joy. I love love LOVE this for applying foundation, granted I've only tried the one foundation with it, but its a foundation I love. The foundation just applies so seamlessly to the skin with this, I think even my favourite Sigma foundation brush doesn't apply as well as this does... The BeautyBlender just seems to give a really airbrushed type finish, it looks so seamless - not at all cakey, patchy or streaky. 

Have you ever tired a make-up sponge? 


Imperial Candles A Jewel In Every Candle | Santa's Cookies Review

I love candles so much, and I definitely - like most people - burn them a lot more in the colder months, I usually end up buying one or two of Yankee Candles Christmas offerings. This year I was lucky enough to get an Imperial Candle, these smell amazing and burn so incredibly well! And major bonus as well, all the candles (the do bath products too!) contain an item of jewellery: a ring; necklace; or earrings. Every candle contains an item of jewellery the is worth between £10 and £2000! The candles are 100% natural soy wax, and I think this helps them burn so much better. 
The packaging of these products is really pretty, its so so simple but I think it looks really classy. Sometimes I feel that candles can have really cheap, cheesy and tacky packaging but Imperial Candles really don't, their packaging is just so lovely and fits in my house so well. The Imperial Candles Santa's Cookie Candle* smells so good! It fills the whole house with a really lovely scent, its not sickly sweet like some cookie scented candles can be. It burns so well, and evenly! I love when candles burn properly so that you've not got loads of wax stuck up the sides, the little things in life give me joy. The candles contain two wicks as well, and I think this really helps with the burning process, ensuring its really even the whole way down. 
The candles burn for so long before you get to the little foil wrap that houses the item of jewellery, my candle contains a ring btw. I think I must have had mine burning for at least 5 hours before I was able to wiggle the ring out. It was a bit waxy, but the wax felt really nice and not like normal candle wax does. 
The ring was wrapped in the red foil, then in another layer of foil and finally was enclosed inside a little plastic bag. Its quite nice to see how well enclosed they are, as you know then that the ring isn't going to get any wax on it. 
This is the ring that I got in my candle. I'm really pleased with it, its a really cute wee design and is worth £30. Its real silver, and has little crystals in an infinity loop design. 
I really wish I had posted this review earlier as these would make an amazing gift for any girlies in your life, and at £24.99 they are really a brilliant price especially for what you are getting! 
They ship internationally, and make their candles on order - so your candle is made especially for you! How cool is that? You'll also receive a ring in your chosen size, ensuring the ring you get is the right size for you - meaning you can wear it right away and don't have to pay more to have it resized. 
If you order one of these as a Christmas present for someone, you might not get it in time because they do make all the candles by hand when a new order is made.
These candles are such high quality and I really feel Imperial Candles should be talked about more because they really are amazing! 

Have you ever had a jewellery candle before? 


Christmas Gift Guide | For Men Higher End

I recently did a post on gifts to get guys that were under £20, and today I'm back with a more high end version of this. This varies from being still affordable at £30 to a complete splurge at over £200. But at least all your bases are covered this way. 

Mele Co Black Leather Gentlemens Five Watches Watch Box £26.99
I think watch boxes make a great gift for guys, especially if the person your buying for is especially if they are quite a stylish gentleman. You can get them in lots of different sizes, colours and some even come with little sections for cuff links. The Mele Co one I've featured here is leather, with a light grey, suede type material lining it. It looks incredible quality, and for the price I think its the nicest and most affordable option. Fossil do a lovely watch box but it is a lot more expensive. 

Star Wars BB-8 Robotic Droid by Sphero £129.95
Every time I see this in stores I pray that someone I know gets one for Christmas or that I can afford to get someone I know it. I know so many guys that would make so many girly squeals if they unwrapped this on Christmas day. Its just so expensive so a little robot, but it seems like a great gift for any guy, who doesn't love Star Wars?

Fossil Townsman Automatic Brown Leather Watch £229
Fossil watches are a thing of beauty. Although this watch is fairly pricey, although a really good price for a branded watch, it is probably out of budget for most. But how could I not include this? Personally I think guys look super cool wearing watches and a nice shirt, and a watch where you can see the inner workings is just so cool! 
The Townsman watches come in 10 different colours and styles, with some of them being a little cheaper than this one I've shown. If I had the money to buy my boyfriend this watch I 100% would, and wouldn't it be cool to put it in a watch box so they get a big surprise when they open it.  

ASOS Christmas Jumper with Xmas Ho Ho Ho Pattern £30
Christmas Jumpers make great presents, they come in lots of different styles and prices so they'll be something to suit everyone! ASOS have lots to pick from, and Marks and Spencers do so many lovely styles too! 

Star Wars Lack Of Cheer Disturbing Christmas Jumper £39.99
Another Christmas Jumper I just had to mention is this one, its such a funny jumper - a little more expensive though... All the Star Wars ones that this site sell are so cool and some are quite witty. 

Jedi Dressing Gown £34.99
Star Wars related items are a recurring theme in this gift guide, but with this dressing gown guys can feel like the Jedi they want to be. You could even go all out and get them a light sabre so they are completely kitted out. 

What are you getting the boys in your life? 


Christmas Gift Guide | For Your Dog

I'm a huge animal person, I've my own Dog, you can see posts on her here and here, (a toy poodle Daisy) and two cats in my house. 
People love getting their pets a wee something something for Christmas and I'm no exception. Daisy most definitely will be getting a few new toys this year, I've found some cool dog related things that you could buy for your puppy just incase you're looking for some inspiration on what to get. 
I'm one of those dog owners that likes finding silly things to dress their dog in, I think Daisy secretly likes it although she doesn't act like shes much of a fan... 
Last year she didn't seem too happy with her jacket, might have been cause it was too big though... Yeah that's why she didn't like it... 
M&S Moustache Dog Toy £8
I saw this hysterical dog toy in Mark and Spencers and decided my dog absolutely must have it! Its a solid rubber toy that when they put it in their mouth it looks like they've got an awesome big moustache. I'm hoping my dogs wee mouth is big enough to hold this, or that shes smart enough to know how to use it... 

Personalised Pet Treat And Toy Crate £25
My dog has so many toys, they're currently kept in a really ugly brown box so a nice wee box with some new toys in it could be a great wee present for Daisy. And my mum since she's going barmy over how her toys don't all fit in the box and tend to be spread all over the floor - there's at least 5 toys spread across the floor currently. This does however still have a £7.95 delivery charge on top of the £25 for the item, so its definitely something to think about rather than impulse buying. 

Rosewood Dog Santa Hat £1.99
Daisy will have some kind of outfit or head gear this year. It makes for cute pictures and who knows maybe if they are good enough she can be next years Christmas card? John Lewis sell this little hat that I'll probably be sure to get no matter what since its so cheap. I'll wear a santa hat and Daisy can match me, we will be super cute!

Rosewood Santa Coat £7.99
Same brand, different store. Waitrose sell this cute little coat, I mean look how adorable that little doggy looks in the picture! They've currently got it on offer for £5.61, so you can get it for a little cheaper. This is still super affordable for a coat, Christmas spirit will be everywhere in my house! 

Christmas Munchy Red Velvet Cake Dog Chews £4
No Christmas present is complete without some sort of sweet, that even goes for dogs! Pets at Home sell so many really cool looking Christmas related dog treats, but these Red Velvet style ones really caught my eye! I think I'm just projecting my likes on my dog... Oh well she likes food so I'm sure she'll love them! 

Christmas Headband £5
Pets at home man, I'm telling you - they have everything to satisfy your dog present needs. I kind of feel sorry for my dog, I'm going to probably have outfit changes for her and everything. This headband though looked too sweet not to add into this guide. And as I'm typing I realise how crazy I am. Although... If you buy 2 outfit things from Pets at Home then you save 20% and I love a bargain so... Y'know why not. 

Christmas Dog Pudding Suit £10
Pets at Home, just take all my money please. I saw this pudding suit and thought it was fairly cute, they also have this Christmas Pudding jumper for the same price as this one. So I'm gonna try see what one I like best between the two. I think the suit looks better than the jumper, but I'll wait till I see them both in person before deciding for sure. My dog is definitely going to have outfit changes on Christmas. 

Dog Advent Calendar £2 
An advent calender for me and one for you puppy dearest. I've always wanted to get my dog an advent calender, only seems fair if we have one that they do too, right? 

Do you get your pets presents at Christmas?