Wish List

I bought myself a few things this month - nothing overly extravagant though as I was needing to put most of my money into savings for Rome, where I'll be be for 5 nights in 5 days time! 
NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette £45
This has been on my wish list for a very long time - I'm really hoping to get my hands on this before it stops being sold - its just got such a good variety of shades to pick from.

Ted Baker Crosshatch Bag £160 ish
I can't find the one I've linked in the UK but this style of bag is something I've been after for a wee while, that or a Michael Kors Selma bag - but the Ted Baker is a bit more reasonably priced...

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette £40
For Christmas I was given the amazing Vice 4 palette but I'm dying to get my hands on the Gwen Stefani one! The colours in it are just something else completely! 

Crosley Cruiser Record Player £100
I've wanted a record player for the longest time, and the briefcase style ones are my favourite. I love the colour of this rose gold one - I've seen some for cheaper than this one, but if I'm honest I'm quite picky with what colour I get... 

Button Down Skirt
Button down skirts are something I've been seeing lots of recently - and I've fallen for them. They look so nice and like they would be fairly easy to style. 

Hair Clips
I've recently given my hair the chop and I'm looking to find new ways to style my hair. These wee clips look  super cute in the hair, I love the look of this one from Urban Outfitters too! Although I don't know if I could ever pull off the cat clip.. 

What are you lusting after? 


Taffy Mail | January Box

Taffy Mail is such a cool concept for a subscription box, pick between 3 sizes of boxes and every month receive a number of American goodies! I picked the large box - so I get around 20 products every month. I do though pay £24.99 a month for this large box... But they do have cheaper options starting from £7.49, so I think next month I'll be changing my subscription just to save a wee bit of cash. 
These two grape flavoured products definitely were a couple of my favourite products of the whole box! Grape Tic Tacs should be a thing in the UK, they were so good! The Day's Grape Soda was also so so so good! Grape flavoured drinks are my favourite and I love the ones that Five Guys sell. I really wish that we had more grape flavoured drinks the the UK, I know B&M sell a really nice one though...
 These were all heavenly! Seriously - these are amazing! The M&M's chocolate bar was so good - us in the UK miss out on so many good sweets, the Milky Way was amazing, tastebuds were a dancing! And the Hershey's Krackel bar is great too - almost a bit like eating a rice crispy cake but in bar form. 
 Sour Patch Kids Extreme were actually really good - fairly sour too! I always like it when sour sweets actually are sour. So many aren't sour when they are meant to be - so I'm glad these are as sour as expected. The Moon Pie Bites were weird... They tasted a bit off if I'm being honest... A bit like whisky my brother thought... Odd anyways.
 I don't like peanut butter so the brother and the boyfriend got the Reese's and the Peanut Chews. I've yet to try the Wonka Nerds Giant Gumballs. 
 I'm not gonna lie, Whoppers are like a more rubbish version of a Malteeser. Nothing great... But the Oreo Brownie. OH BOY! This was amazing - so soft in the mouth and it literally just seemed to melt in the mouth! Give me more please!
 After my boyfriends description of the Warheads tasting like poo, I avoided trying them... You can understand why. The Fun Dip left my tongue green - but it tasted really nice. Chowards Lemon mints are really good actually - I've still a fair few of these left but, yah they are nice. 
The Crispy Wafer Spirals are fairly good, some of them don't allow you to suck up the milk but they are still tasty to eat none the less. My mum and her partner absolutely demolished the Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces. I tried a few of them and they were really good so I can't blame them for eating them all. 

Have you tried American Sweets before? 


NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession Lip Set

I'm not normally one for buying limited edition products or sets, but when I saw the NARS Steven Klein products I knew there was a fair few I'd own eventually. The NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession is £29 and when I saw it online I knew I had to own it. 
 The packaging is pretty outstanding! I mean look at it - its so weird its cool! The NARS Steven Klein Magnificent Obsession set comes in this cool little box. I'm not sure on what other occasion I'll use this, but I think it might be quite cool to have this for travelling, who knows. 
The set comes with 3 lip products: a lip liner, lip pencil and lip stick. The Velvet Lip Liner comes in the shade Misdemeanor, the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is in the shade Mysterious Red and the Lipstick is in the shade Flamenco. Like with all NARS products they feel really luxurious in the hand and look amazing on the lips. 


The Best Of 2015 | Skin Care, Clothes ect

I thought I'd follow up my Best of 2015 Makeup post with a post showing everything else! 
Skin Care 

There's a few bits for skin care that I thought I'd mention, the first thing I need to talk about though is the Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish. This stuff has done wonders for my skin, I have two bottles of it in my house, and my boyfriends house even as a bottle or two lying around in their batroom! Liz Earle products are amazing, they've kept my crazy skin at bay over the past year, my crazy red and irritated skin on holiday was calmed by this and of course it removes make-up like a dream! I don't think I could go without a tube of this any more - and its definitely coming on any and all travels I take this year. 

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Cleansing Gel Wash is another product that I've loved using this year - although I don't know if I've ever really talked that much about it... I use it in the morning to wash my face as I just find it makes my skin feel really lean and fresh all day. I think this is definitely much more a product aimed at those with a more oily skin type but I see no real reason why other skin types couldn't get on with this. 

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask although I'd only bought this towards the end of the year, I cant see 2016 without this in it. I've only just recently jumped on the Manuka Honey Mask bandwagon and I don't plan on getting off any time soon. This mask just leaves your skin feeling so so so soft and clean feeling, I could blab on for awhile about my love for this mask but I'll instead point you over to here, where I posted properly about it. 

Skin care wise, I think that's all I've been really in love with for the whole year - not much in the grand scheme of things, but there were other things I liked but just not enough to have a constant supply of them in my house. 

Levi Jeans are my favourite jeans ever - after getting a pair for my birthday, I then went out and bought two more pairs. The ones I have are the 721's and everything about them is amazing! They fit so well, like I've never had a pair of jeans fit me like these do. They hug all the right places and flatter me really well. They are fairly pricey, I got mine in a student event so got them for 30% cheaper than normal. But I figured I go through Topshop jeans every few months and they cost around £40 so why not pay a little more for something that will last a heck of a lot longer, works out better financially and cause y'know the Levi jeans will fit 1000x better. 

Another Levi item, my Levi Leather Jacket. Definitely one of the most expensive items I've ever bought. I pretty much lived in this for the longest time, I've not worn it as much recently - just cause its so cold and rainy now but I cant wait for the weather to heat up a bit so I can start wearing this more. 


 My camera, in general taking pictures and learning more about photography. I'm hoping in 2016 to take a class or course or something to further my knowledge of my camera, maybe even buy a new lens and have much better photographs - I'm super excited to go to Rome and see what all my photos come out like from that! Hopefully if I can take a class before I go then they'll look amazing! 

What have you loved this year? 


Lush | Sales Haul

I was a little behind in buying anything sales related, and definitely missed out on the Lush sale! I put an order in online for a few things as everything in my local store had sold out by the time I made it into town.
The first thing I decided on getting was the Merry Christmas gift box, I think it was about £9 or £10 and it comes with 5 things inside it: Peeping Santa; Lord of Misrule; Golden Wonder; Dashing Santa; and Cinders. The packaging of this is really nice too, and for the price I think it would have been too good to pass up. 
I've no idea why the picture above is so dull looking compared to the rest of them.... Never mind... I also got the Snow Fairy gift box, this comes with two items: Pink Fun and a bottle of Snow Fairy. I quite like Fun, its such a great wee product and gives great bubbles! 
The last gift box I got was the Santa's Belly gift. It also came with two products, Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and a Red Fun. I've got enough fun to last me a life time now! They both smell amazing though so I'm fair excited to use these. 
Can't do a Lush Christmas order without getting a couple of bottles of Snow Fairy. I think I've now got about 4 bottles of this - so it should last me a fair while now... 

Did you buy anything from the Lush sale? 


Cult Beauty Buys

Hello you wonderful people! I've never actually bought anything from Cult Beauty before I don't think... But after finding out that Huda Beauty Lashes were stocked there online I knew I was going to be making an order. 
 The Huda Beauty Lashes I decided on are the Lana #10 style. These look stunning - I'd honestly have bought more pairs but they are a little on the pricey side at £15.50 each. I can't wait to try them though! Making looks with these lashes is going to be great fun. 
The only other thing I bought from Cult Beauty is the Morphe M310 Large Fan Brush. It costs £6, and will hopefully be a great brush for highlighting my brows, cheeks and nose. I'm fairly excited to see how well it does as people always seem to rave about Morphe brushes recently. 

Have you tried anything from Morphe or Huda Beauty before? 


Elegant Touch Trend Nail in Galactica | Review

The Elegant Touch Galactica nails are so unbelievably pretty, at £7.95 they are a good and cheaper alternative to going to a salon - but they definitely aren't the cheapest you can buy in store. 
The pack comes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes, meaning you really should be able to find a size that best suits your nails. The pack also comes with a small tube of glue. I'm not going to lie, trying to find the right size of nail for each finger is an annoying job - it takes a fair while and then you're tasked with sticking them down. I found when I applied them (I've bought and applied these nails twice btw) the glue got everywhere, if I didn't apply enough glue they wouldn't stick down properly and the only times they did stick down was when the glue was coming out of all the corners of the nail. This of course meant that I got a little stuck to myself - and let me tell you trying to pull your fingers apart is painful! At one point I even got the tube of glue stuck to my finger!! 
The Galactica nails though are so pretty, so all the effort you put into applying them is worth it. They are a really pretty metallic purple colour, only downside is the colour chips off really easily. 
After just a few days lots of the nails were very chipped, I did go to work with them on and they held up pretty well. I've been wearing them near enough a week now, and some of the nails are holding up a lot better than others, half of them are pretty dire. Other nails though look pretty good - its just a pity that so many of them look awful. 
These might be good for a one night event but if your hoping they last you a full week then you might be a little disappointed. 

Have you ever tried these nails? What are your favourite types to wear?  


Top Make-up Products Of 2015

2015 didn't seem to last very long did it? Quite frankly I'm glad for it to be over as it really just wasn't my year, lots went wrong for me and it ended up being a very sad year for me. It wasn't all bad though, as not only did I meet my amazing boyfriend in 2015 I tried so many new things and am fairly happy now and hoping to be even happier in 2016. 
But today I thought that I'd share my top products of 2015! 
Foundation - For me I have to say that the Too Faced Born This Way is definitely the one that comes out on top for me. Its just everything I could ever ask for from a foundation: high coverage, great colour match for me and doesn't go flakey or patchy like some others that I've tried. 
Concealer - There's really only one concealer I use, I have others but from trying them they just haven't lived up to the high expectations that my favourite has set. My favourite really has to be the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint - its cheap, its high coverage and it lasts forever! Although its marketed as being an under eye concealer I use it for concealing everything and anything that could do with that little bit extra help. It is an amazing under eye concealer - but I also use it for covering redness, spots, cleaning up brows and around my lips after apply lipstick. Its an absolute dream of a concealer. 
Bronzer/ Contour - I've really only ever tried a handful of bronzers, but of al the ones I've tried NARS Laguna always comes out on top! I've had this bronzer for the longest time - I think about 2 years... - and although it is a bit of an investment (it certainly isn't cheap) you will most certainly get your moneys worth out of it! I've only just recently hit pan and there is still so much more use to get out of it. I think when you have that one product that you just love, its hard for anything else to top it. 
Highlight - The highlighter I've been loving this year is actually not branded, its made by a lovely girl who I originally found on Depop, but I think she now only is active on Instagram... Her instagram is here, and of her highlighters the one I have is Tinker, I've got this tiny tiny little pan of it and its lasted me so long, I'm needing to get a new one soon though so I'll be placing an order again with her soon. 
Brow Product - This one wasn't too easy to decide on my favourite for, I love the Benefit Gimmie Brow, but I figure mine has been empty for months and I've not yet repurchased it, so is it really my favourite? Probably not... My favourite is definitely Illamasqua's Precision Brow Gel. I'm pretty sure this is meant to be Illamasqua's version of the Anastasia Dip Brow, but obviously you can get to look at the colours and ask for help from the counter girls with the Illamasqua option. It is just a dream to use, and it doesn't seem like it plans on running out any time soon! 
Eye Liner - Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen - hands down, no question about it! I had won the Benefit Push up Liner and liked it a fair bit, but then I saw this in Boots and decided to give it a go, and fell in love with it. I find that is is so much easier to apply on myself than the Benefit one. It is a really black line too, it does take a bit of getting used to when your applying it, but once you get the hang of it, it looks great and doesn't budge once its set. 
Eye Shadow - This year I've been all about using the Urban Decay Basics Palette. The colours in it are so nice and really compliment each other, you can't make loads of looks with this but for daily wear the colours are perfect
Make-up Tool - BeautyBlender. Hands down the best thing I've used for applying foundation and concealer. I definitely want to buy another one, would save me needing to constantly clean it. I just feel that the BeautyBlender is 1000% better than the cheaper alternatives and is well worth the money. 

I left a few categories out, but thats just cause I genuinely couldn't think of anything to put for them or had too many favourites to list. 

What have you been loving make-up wise this year? 


What I Got For Christmas

I love these types of posts, and so do a fair amount of other people, we're all just nosey buggars by the looks of things... Because I am many other people seem to like these types of posts I thought that I'd do one myself, I'm not bragging just doing a post that I myself like to read. 
I am so grateful for everything I got, and I definitely didn't expect half of what I got. My mum just gave me money, she'd been having a hard time with her knee , and 4 days before Christmas went into hospital to have it replaced - she's basically a robot now - so I never expected anything from her. But she sent her partner (his names Peter btw) to the bank to get money for both myself and my younger brother (Scott). 
Peter, took me by surprise too though, and bought me a little charm for my Pandora bracelet. The one he got me was this lovely little air plane charm, he got me it because in 2016 I plan on travelling a fair bit, I've already got Rome coming up in a couple of months and plans of a summer holiday. My brother also gave me money, he didn't get paid till Christmas eve and the only thing I'd asked for was a little out of his budget (I'd asked him for a electric flosser, he said maybe.) 
My friend, Gemma, gave me so much stuff! The bag she brought it in was near enough over flowing and it was so heavy! She got me a few things from Beauticology, a couple of things from Nivea, some sweets and Bomb Cosmetics.  But I have to say my absolute favourite thing that she gave me is thus really cool picture of us! It even came wrapped in personalised wrapping paper! Its the most thoughtful and cool gift I've probably ever been given - its definitely the most unique gift I've been given, that's for sure! I've not yet figured out where I'll be putting it - I'm definitely needing to gut my room and get rid of a lot of the clutter I've got in there. 
My boyfriend and his family definitely spoiled me, I didn't expect even half of what I got from all of them! His sister gave me a Lush gift set, cause really what's Christmas without Lush? She also gave me the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush, I love this stuff - you definitely can't have too much of it!
His mum got me so much - its not overly much but I honestly didnt expect anything, let alone what she gave me! She got me a few items of clothing from American Apparel, a Dove body set and a box of Mike and Ikes - which I've of course already eaten! I was nice though and shared them in work on Boxing day and the 27th. 
My boyfriend, Connor, completely spoiled me though! He got me so many things I wanted and apparently he didn't even look at my blog - he just went off things that I'd been talking about! Brownie points for him. He got me the new Urban Decay Vice 4 palette - it is such a stunning palette! I mean look at it - it has so many beautiful colours and I can't wait to start making looks with this! 
He also got me Zoeva brushes! OHMEGOSH! These brushes feel amazing and look so pretty, I'm definitely looking forward to giving these a proper good try! The set I've got has INSERT THE NAMES OF BRUSHES IN THE SET I'm so happy that he got these, but I didn't realise there was such a price difference when you buy them from Zoeva compared to when you buy them from Beauty Bay (beauty bay seems to work out to be cheaper by a fair bit btw....) 
Connor went above and beyond and got me a new lens for my camera, originally he got me the 50mm but hes sent it back and has got me the 24mm instead! This will definitely be coming with me to Rome.  
Another photography type thing he got me was a Soft Box, hopefully then my blog photos will step up a bit and maybe even get back into doing YouTube...? 
Last thing he gave me was these cute little bear shaped hand warmers, he got me these cause my hands are constantly freezing! I just end up stealing all his heat - poor boy. They are so handy to have though, especially for when I need to take my wee dog out at night when its freezing! 

What did you get this year for Christmas? Did you spoil your friends and family this year?