Top 10 Places to See | Bucket List

I've got the travel bug and I've got it hard! So I thought I'd do a wee wishlist/ bucket list type thing of some of the places I'd like to visit over the next few years.

I've been to Paris before - but it was at least 8 years ago and I don't really remember it. So I'd love to go again to experience it properly - see all the sights and even be a kid again by visiting Disney! I'm hoping to go at the end of Summer for my 21st if I can afford it.
I don't live to far from Scotland's capital but I've never really been into the city and seen anything. Like I've been down Princes Street and too the zoo but that pretty much is all I've done. There's so much to see and do in Edinburgh, and hopefully in the next few months I'll have ticked this one off my list. 
I was meant to visit London last year but couldn't afford it, its a place I've wanted to see for a fair while but never had the chance to. From Big Ben to the London Eye, Cereal Killer Cafe to Harry Potter, theres so much to see and I'd love to tackle London for a long weekend. 

Going to Florida is something my boyfriend and I have been taking about doing for a wee while now. We were going to do it this year but decided to put it off till 2017 - that way we get a few smaller holidays in before hand and in theory should have more in the way of spending money. If this goes to plan it'll be one of the greatest experiences of my life! 

New York
New York is one of those places everyone wants to go to. Broadway, central park and so much more. I don't think I'd want to go for nearly as long as I would want to stay in Florida - but I think I'd want to come back later to see it all again. New York at Christmas time would be amazing! 

Iceland is somewhere that has only been added to my bucket list within the past few months. I'd love to go to try experience  the northern lights and the hot pools. It looks so picturesque - but I'd really need to save for it so I could get myself proper winter clothes to keep me cosy. 

I think the majority of my bucket list is short breaks - if we hadn't gone to Rome we would have instead gone to Berlin, so many people I know have recently been and it looks amazing. Winter time looked lovely - I'd love to go and maybe try catch some Christmas markets along with seeing all the other sights.

I loved Rome, and I'm dying to visit Venice! I'd love to do it next Valentines as a proper romantic getaway, but I think I'd love the visit sooner, maybe sometime around October? Who knows though when I'll go, but I know I'll go one day! 

Dublin is close enough to Glasgow that I can get there pretty cheap. Everyone says Dublin is amazing and vibrant and lively! I'd love to try find some affordable accommodation so I could go sometime soon, flights are super cheap at only £20 - but somewhere to stay is evading me.  
Amsterdam is such a beautiful little city, so much to see and do - hopefully I can convince the boyfriend or one of my friends to go with me. 

Where do you want to travel to? 


Rome Photo Diary

For Valentines my boyfriend and I decided we'd go to Rome, we didn't spend it in Rome - we came back a few days before hand, but we still see it as being our Valentines weekend away. 
It was amazing being away all on our own together, we booked an Airbnb apartment (this one here in case you fancy going) and it was so so so stunning! We loved living on our own, it was such a great experience! If you fancy booking through Airbnb you can get £14 by following this link, I'll get credit too - just so you know. 
 Our first day almost went wasted as we had to go back to the airport to file for out bags that were lost - but we salvaged it walking for miles, getting lost once or twice while trying to find the Trevi Fountain before getting the metro back home.
 On our second day we went to see the Pope give an audience, waited well over an hour to not even be let in till he was giving his speech. We saw a bit of it, was definitely an experience. The rest of the day was spent walking around Rome from the Vatican to Castle Saint Angelo (we went into this another day), found the Spanish Steps, wandered around the Borghese Gardens - couldn't see the galleries though due to it being sold out - before ending our day seeing the Pantheon. The Pantheon is such a stunning piece of architecture. 
 On the Monday we saw the Vatican Museums, we were both left a little disappointed by it - but thats not to say its not interesting. I think we both just expected it to be different from what it was. The last photo is of St Peters Basilica from the top of Castle Saint Angelo - the view from the top was amazing! 
 Our last full day was all about the Colosseum and churches! The Colosseum was by far our favourite thing - if you go book in advance and take the 3rd ring and underground tour, it was so interesting and informative! The Arcibasilica di San Giovanni (pictured above) was amazing - and free - basilica san clemente (which is just down the road from the previous one) was so interesting, but I couldn't take any photographs of it. 

The final day was spent doing things we had missed, like trying to get into Saint Peters (which was closed), walking to the top of Gianicolo Hill - go for 12 to hear the canon sound, the views are great from here, visited Bocca Della Verita and going into the Il Vittoriano - we paid to go into the museum and found that really cool, we wished we had more time so we could have gone right up to the top. 

Rome was amazing and it should definitely be on your travel list. Restaurant wise I would recommend Luzzi's on San Giovanni in Laterano - perfect for food after visiting the Colosseum. The food was so cheap here but so so so good! 
The weather in Rome was so nice - made coming back to Scotland feel horrid - time to start organising my next trip.... 


Rome Beauty Haul | Sephora & Kiko

As soon as I booked to go to Rome, I knew I was going to be hitting up Sephora and Kiko. The poor boyfriend was dragged around 4 or 5 different shops before I decided I bought everything I wanted. 
I got a few Kiko things while in the main station, Termini - they had a Sephora too! Kiko in Italy is a little cheaper than it is in the UK - so I waited till I got to Rome before getting anything from them. I got their 3D Lifting Foundation - I got in in the lightest shade, I've yet to test it out but the colour looks pretty good for me. 
I also got a Rebel Bouncy Blusher in the shade Velvet Peach - it was on offer and looked pretty, couldn't say no to it! 
The last thing from Kiko I bought was one of the Water Eyeshadows, its in the shade 200 and looks stunning! 
Sephora is a place of dreams, I can only imagine how I'd feel in one of the American ones - one day I'll go and spend all my money!
Make-up wise there wasn't much that caught my eye - the skin care stuff on the other hand did. 
The first time I went into Sephora I tried a bit of the Bubble Mask on my hand and was amazed when it actually went bubbly - I don't know why I didn't expect it to bubble. I also got myself a Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water and cotton wool to go with it - I didn't actually realise the girl asked if I wanted cotton wool until I'd already said yes and it was too late. Oh well.  

 I went a bit mask crazy... They had face masks, over night masks, hand masks and lip masks - why don't we have that amount of masks? Connor bought me a few things too - he's a cutie pie.
I got myself an overnight Green Tea mask and a fibre green tea mask. I've yet to try any of these out, but all the masks cost 3.90 euros each - around £2.70. Not the cheapest masks around but I don't mind. 
I also got a Rose Lip Mask too - my lips are so dry now that they needed all the help they could get. 
 3 eye masks also found themselves in my basket, they seem really cool - and I'm interested to see if they do anything for my eyes, I got the honey; Rose and Pomegranate eye masks.
These last few things are some of the bits Connor was kind enough to buy for me. Shea lip mask, Pearl fibre mask and a Sephora brand cleanse gel.

Have you tried any of these products before?