Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette | Review

For Christmas I was lucky enough to be given the Urban Decay Vice 4- I'd been lusting after this since it came out and was so happy - and surprised the boyfriend knew to get me it!
Packaging wise - just look at it, it's beautiful. The different colours on the top look stunning - the colours work really well together on the front - it has a huuuuge mirror inside it too, great for if you need to do your makeup on the go. 
I've played around with it a fair bit now so thought it was the best time to review it - I've still so many colours to incorporate into a look but I think having played around with some of the colours I had a good enough idea on the quality of the palette. All the shades in this palette are new and limited edition to the palette, so its good to know you wont have doubles of these in any other Urban Decay palette. 

Colour wise - you have near enough all colour bases covered, from neutrals to brights you pretty much have it all. Greens, blues, purples, pinks and even a lovely orange!
The first column of the palette is more filled with the base shades and neutrals. From left to right the colours are:
Bones - This shade is a light beige colour and has a slight pearl-y sheen to it. Its not the most opaque colour in the palette but as a base shadow its great or even as a transition shadow. Its really soft and buttery in consistency and is really easily blended. 
Framed - Is a very light peachy shade with a matte finish. A really ideal base shadow shade. The shadow is really soft and silky and just like Bones, blends really well. Colour pay off wise, its much better than Bones, to get an opaque colour you don't need much. 
Discrete - This shade is a really pretty mauve-y colour, it's got a matte finish and would make a great base or (I think) transition colour if you were going for a burgundy eye look.  
Bitter - Is a matte red toned brown, I'd say it looks a bit rusty in colour - the colour pay off on this is really good, you'd easily be able to build up the colour on this for a brighter more vibrant look.  
Grip - Grip is a matte taupe shade, its a lot sheerer than the rest of the palette is, but as a base or transition shade it works well. You could easily build this colour up if you wanted a more intense shade.
Fast-ball - This shade I'd say is a coral/ pink with small bits of glitter. The colour is really opaque and was so buttery soft.
Grasshopper - Grasshopper is an emerald green shadow with a frosted sheen. It blends really well and with a light hand can be quite a sheer colour but easily buildable to a vibrant green.
Flame - This is a bright orange shade with gold glitter running through it! Its grittier feeling than the rest of the shadow but thats just down to the amount of glitter in it. It did have a fair bit of fall out as well - but again due to the amount of glitter. Take time to pack it on and expect to have to tidy up after it. 
Deadbeat - Deadbeat is a black satin shade with small bits of glitter running through it. The shadow has a little bit of fall out, but if you use a really soft hand and pat it onto the lid then fall out should be minimal. 
1985 - 1985 is a great shade, its a bright fuchsia with cool purple undertones and a frosted finish. Its got great pigmentation and is buttery soft. Because its so buttery fall out doesnt seem to be much of an issue which is great! It's also really really opaque, colour pay off is great. 
C-Note - Is a frosted green shade, the colour pay off for this is actually really good. It blends pretty well too. I'd love to find some way to incorporate this shade into an eye look because the colour really is stunning!
Low - Low is a matte brown shade with a little glitter mixed through it. Its fairly opaque, although the glitter is fairly subtle. 
Beat Down - This is described as being a "deep metallic violet with blue micro glitter", in the pan it does look fairly purple but swatched I think it looks more blue toned. 
Underhand - Is a medium to dark plum shade with a frosted finish. This burgundy shade is really buttery soft consistency - you don't need much though to get a good colour pay off so use a light hand.  
Arctic - Arctic is a bright teal, with a metallic sheen and a little sparkle through it. Its soft and buttery with great colour pay off.
Crowbar - I'd say this shade is an olive green, mixed with gold glitter and black. The formulation of this wasn't as good as the others. It was drier and had a lot of fall out. It makes for a good smokey eye though, so if you spend the time cleaning up after the fall out you'll get a good colour from this. 
Pandemonium - This shade is a metallic plum with a frosted finish and a slight pink sparkle. I love this shade and really want to make a look with these 4 shades.
Harlot - Harlot is a metallic lilac shade, colour pay off for this is really really good with this shade. Its super soft and buttery too, and blends so well! 
Robbery - This is a fairly dark taupe shade with a frosted sheen to it. Colour pay off for this shade is great, and it blended so easily. 
Delete -  Delete is a dark matte brown shade. It blends really well and colour pay off is great for this shade. 
Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it? 


MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick | Review

I've not bought anything from MAC for the longest time. For whatever reason a couple of weeks ago I was on the MAC website having a look and spotted the Ariana Grande collection. Once I saw the lipstick shade I was in love! At the airport both in Glasgow and London I tired to get it - but neither counter had it - boo. But when I got back to Glasgow I went into the store and thankfully they had it. Praise the lord! 
The first time I wore this was to a 21st birthday party, I loved the way it looked and it lasted a really long time! Its a really lovely deep matte purple shade, it looks so dark in the bullet though - it worried me a little at first! It really is just the nicest deep purple/ berry/ wine shade - so many ways to describe it. 

Sorry the quality of the picture is so bad - I can only seem to take decent photos of it on my lips with a phone... 
Lasting wise - it stays on the lips for such a long time! The colour did fade a bit but it still looked really nice - fading to quite a nice pink shade. I wish I had bought a lip liner to go with this as I think it would have made application so much easier! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't hard to apply but I just think with a colour this dark you have to be extra extra careful when applying. It would also help if you find colours tend to bleed from your lips to your skin. 


Sephora | Bubble Mask Review

 Another of my many Rome Sephora purchases - and its another mask. This stuff baffled me when I first tried it. Don't know why I wouldn't have thought it was going to be bubbly, but when I tried this on the back of my hand I was so surprised to see it was all bubbly on the back of my hand! Intrigued though - hence it ending up in my basket.  
It suits all skin types and feels really nice on the skin. Weird but nice. Its definitely not like anything I've ever tired before - once it bubbles you rub it in and wash it off. I loved using this and I'm so glad its not just a one use kind of thing! It claims to brighten the skin, removing impurities and pollution from the skin. Its got white tea extract and vitamin E that protect the skin.
When you first apply it, its a gel like consistency. After a minute or two, it foams up. You can rub the foam off and if theres enough of a gel under it then it'll foam again. Once you wash it off your skin feels super clean, and so so so soft! 
This is honestly like nothing I've ever tried before - I don't know if the UK has anything like this, if not and you can get your hands on this I'd definitely recommend you giving it a go!  


Lifestyle | Shoreditch Vape Pen Review

I don't smoke - tried it once was so sick the day after, but I know so many people that smoke, and so many of them struggle to quit. My brother smokes, all be it now mostly socially, he still smokes. He's tried vaping and its helped him cut back a tonne! The vaporiser he uses costs something crazy like £70-80, and so many people that are looking to stop probably couldn't justify that. Thats where Shoreditch* comes in! When they asked if I'd like to try one - or get one for someone I know to try, I decided it would be a good chance to see if Scott (thats my brother btw) could quit cigarettes all together, and eventually move away from vaping too. 
 Scott was given the choice of any three flavours he wanted and either one of their two pens. He picked Shoreditch One and the Gummybear, Bubblegum and Iced Strawberry liquids in the lowest nicotine they had (6mg) and the liquids are 10ml bottles. They have 21 flavours to pick from: Tobacco; Sweet; and Fruit flavours. They come in 3 different strengths: 6mg; 12mg and 18mg, enough option for you at all stages of quitting. Bottles are cheap at £3.33 with postage. 
The Shoreditch One pen comes in two bits that easily twist together, it also has a spare coil and a USB charging cable. Its a compact, sleek black design. He called it basic, but he means it in the nicest way possible! By basic - he thinks it wont draw lots of attention to you because its so slim and not in your face, unlike a massive blue thing he owns. 
For £19.99 he thinks its absolutely great value for money! The vape pen has a display screen that shows how much battery is left, and how many puffs you have taken! It's a smart little vape pen, and if your looking to quit smoking this is definitely the one for you. 
The E-liquids are great value for money, the smell and taste amazing also! 
If you're interested in trying vaping, Scott would recommend this one, or already do and would like some e-liquids you can get 3 10ml bottles for 99p inc postage by using the code SARAHM8500


Cheerz | Picture Perfect Moments! Polaroid Style Prints

I love taking photos: a good selfie; night out group pic; cute snap with the boyfriend; stunning holiday photos. I'll near enough take pictures of anything, printing them off and framing them or putting them in my scrapbook gives me so much joy - its unreal! 
I was recently given the chance to try some of the products from the lovely people at Cheerz. They sell a variety of products, from prints to posters magnets to framed prints. 
The first thing I got is the Cheerz Box £13, the box includes 30-45 prints - the prints are such high quality, better looking than some of the prints I've had from Snapfish! You can print from their website or via their app. The prints in the Cheerz box can be uploaded from your computer/ phone, Instagram and Facebook - all of which are housed in a decorative box, they have two style of boxes you can pick from. You can customise the pictures you choose by adding filters, borders and text to the photos. Since the box is only £13, it would make a great gift and they currently have options for mothers day gifts. I love this box, there are so many pictures in the box and it makes a great way to house a bunch of great memories. 
I also got a bunch of Big Prints £9, you can order between 10 and 20 prints and are great due to how big they are! They are a retro style print - meaning you get the polaroid look - but for a lot less! The pictures are 12.7x15.2 cm, thats pretty big! They look great on the wall since they are so big - again with these you can edit them, add filters borders and text to the pictures. These look so good and I can't wait to stick them up on my wall - maybe in some kind of decorative manner? 

If like me, you want to print off your photos, I'd highly recommend ordering from Cheerz! The prints are such high quality and such good value for money. If this is something you'd like to try, you can get £4 off your first order with the code SARMCWO, your order will need to be a value of £8 or more before discount. In honour of full disclosure, when you use this code I also get credit - just so your informed about it. 


Sephora Green Tea Fibre Mask | Review

Whilst in Rome I had to visit Sephora - I ended up getting a fair few skin care things. One of the things I got was this Green Tea Mask, this was a fibre mask - aka a sheet mask. 
This mask is for mattifying and anti-blemish mask, my skin is crazy oily and has a fair few bumpy little spots all over my forehead - its a bit of a pain. I thought this might be quite cool to try out and see if it did any good for my skin. 
The sheet mask is really wet, I was so surprised with how soggy it was.  
It recommends that you wear it for around 15 minutes, it was a little bit big on my face. It looks so weird on my face - it felt nice on my skin, tingled a little though. After 15 minutes I took it off and massaged the excess into my skin. That day and the day after my skin felt so nice, it was less oily too! I actually really enjoyed using this mask, and I'm a bit bummed out that I didn't get more of this mask - I've got more of this kind of mask, just not this exact type. Guess I'll just have to go on holiday to somewhere that has a Sephora, eh? 

Have you ever tried any of these masks? 


Recently Repurchased | Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

I used to be obsessed with the Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel - but when mine ran out I for whatever reason didn't go straight out and get myself a new one. 
While in the airport I decided to pick it up since its a little cheaper. It's so good for clearing up spots and keeping them gone. I might pick up the rest of the collection at another time and see if my skin loves it as much as it loves this!
You can buy the bigger bottle from stores for £20, and trust me it lasts ages! 


Rome | Must See Things

I've recently come back from Rome and I loved it! Only thing is - there's so much to see and do, and it can be overwhelming when trying to plan what to see for a weekend away. I was away for 5 days and didn't get as much done as I planned but we missed a fair bit due to losing our bags and had to go to the airport to sort it out. 
We still got loads done and I thought I'd pass on a few places I think are absolute must sees! 
The Colosseum is an obvious must see! I loved it and definitely thought it was the best thing we saw the whole week. We booked our tickets in advance, and I would 100% recommend you doing this too! It saves so much time, because unless you plan on going there pretty soon after it opens then you'll have quite the queue to wait in. 
I'd also recommend getting a tour, we booked the 3rd Ring and Underground tour - it was amazing and we got to see parts of the Colosseum that others didn't. Our tour guide was really informative and really brought the tour to life. 

 Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain is another must see. It was so much bigger than we expected it to be - its absolutely huge! Its so pretty, it was nice just sitting next to it after we made our wishes. The only thing that ruins it is all the people trying to sell you things - a firm no though and they'll go away. 

Pope Audience/ Mass
If while your in Rome you can watch the Pope give an audience I'd highly recommend it! We saw one, or at least part of one! You need to arrive with plenty of time to spare, we came an hour early and we only just made it in - he had already started his speech, people went mad! 
I unfortunately didn't get a picture of him, boo, but included a few from the same day. 

Churches are free and full of culture. We didn't have time to go to St. Peters Basilica but we would have loved to have been able to. We instead visited 3 churches (only two are shown here). The Arcibasilica San Giovanni is stunning - you absolutely must see it! It houses the papal throne - only the pope may reside here. I'd also highly recommend you visiting Basilica of San Clemente al Laterano. They have a first century church under the modern one - its all fairly cool! 

There are obviously so many places you can see but these are just a few I think you must visit!