Glitter Injections | Competition Wins

Winner winner chicken dinner. I've not won anything for a very long time, and was fair chuffed when I found out I'd won these. 
I honestly didn't know what I was getting when I won these - and if I'm honest I'd have much rather it was more pressed glitters rather than the injection. 
The four glitter injections I got were: Minty Mojito, this is a pale almost icy blue shade; Paradise, this is a navy blue shade with gold running through it; Mary Jane, this is a emerald green with what looks like flecks of black and gold running through it; the final shade is Pink Coral this is most definitely a gold with pink running through it - I think its definitely more of a gold than a pink.
The only pressed glitter I got was the 100K one, this is a really stunning gold shade - full review and swatches will come in a later post, don't you worry. 
They included some glitter glue in the pack - its not overly wet but seems to dry quickly but not too quickly so you do have some work time. There's also a small sample vial of one of the glitters but I'm not entirely certain of which one it is. 
I quite fancy getting myself more of the pressed glitters cause they seem crazy good! 
Have you tried these glitters before? 


Beauty Bay Haul

I recently had my make-up done by the lovely Ashley Collins - she did such an amazing job of both mine and Connor's sisters face. So much so that more or less all of the things I got from Beauty Bay were inspired by shadows she used on us (mostly on Leonie though...)
I got 8 shadows and a brow product, and I'm super excited to use them all! Of the eight shadows I got, three were from Morphe and the other five were Make-up Geek. I'll start with the Morphe ones since theres only a few of them. 
I literally bought all the shades they sold at the time on their site - wee bit annoyed that the only had the three shades but hay ho. The shades I got are: Coal, this is just a plain and simple - what I think is matte - black; Starlight, a lovely gold shade - I thought this would be perfect to make a brown smokey eye that bit more interesting; and finally, Sapphire - a really stunning looking navy blue shade, I dont think I own a colour quite like this, or for that matter any of these three. Not having a black in my collection seems a bit silly on my part...
Make-up Geek time - so many people rave about these shadows! So I thought it was about time I saw what the fuss was about! 
The shades I bought were: Whimsical, one of their foiled shadows - these cost £7.95 each - this shade is a metallic soft candyfloss shade, and as soon as I found out that this was the shade used on Leonies eyes, I decided it needed to be mine; I also got White Lies - An, from MakeupbyAn always talks about this shade and uses it in 99% of her videos to highlight the brow bone. I've been needing a really good brow highlight shade for awhile and this seemed like it might be perfect. I also got the shade Peach Smoothie, the rest of the shades - including this one - cost £4.95 each, this shade is a light peachy beige with a matte finish - hopefully it will be perfect for in the crease and building up a nice crease shade. 
Beaches and Cream is fairly similar to Peach Smoothie, its a soft matte peach that would be great as an all over lid shade or like with Peach Smoothie for a transition shade or to build the crease shade up. 
And finally, Creme Brulee, this is basically a slightly darker version of the two that came before it... Its a matte sand shade that will be so perfect for smoking out an eye look and just like the others for building up that crease. 
I also decided to jump on the Anastasia Beverly Hills band wagon and bought myself DipBrow in the shade Chocolate. I've heard so much about this and decided it was about time to test it out for myself. Dipbrow costs £15, which I don't think is too bad - but considering you have no real way of knowing if the shade your getting is the one for you, it could be a bit of a risky purchase... 
Have you tried any of the things I've bought? What did you think of them?


Sephora Shea Butter Lip Mask | Review

This was maybe my most disappointing of all my Sephora purchases. Not because it didnt work, but because I found it hard to use. I got the Shea Lip Mask, and this one is meant for Protecting and Repairing the lips. I did find my lips felt nicer after using this, I just found it was too fiddley to use.  
I forgot to take a picture of this on the lips, but it really didn't sit how I think it was meant to. Like with all the Sephora masks, you were to keep this on for 15 minutes. I didn't have the patience for 15 minutes of this but my lips definitely benefited even from the short amount of time that I had it on for. 
I think if the mask was smaller or in a cream or gel formula I think it would be much much better. 
Have you tried this mask before? What did you think of it? 


Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask | Review

 The Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask was another of my Rome purchases. I forgot to take a picture of the little strips while I had them on, but they basically are a big semi circle wet fabric eye mask. They smelt really quite nice, and just like with the face mask - were very wet with product. The Pomegranate Eye Mask is for anti-fatigue & energizing, basically to combat the look of tired skin. 
The back of the pack gives a little information on what the mask does and how to apply it. You had too peel both masks apart and take little fabric bits off before putting them on the face. 
I left the mask on for 15 minutes, I'm not sure how much of a difference it made to my skin if I'm honest. But I definitely think it felt nice on the skin and left my under eye area feeling super soft. It cost me 3.50 Euros, not the cheapest but we don't really have many things like this in the UK so its hard to compare.

Have you tried these before?