Pole Fitness | My experience

Staying fit is hard work, but its so much easier to exercise if what your doing is fun! I decided to do a pole fitness class and see how I got on. After trying stretch classes with Suzi i decided on joining her pole fitness place - West end Pole
Myself and a friend from work went along for the 4 week absolute beginners classes. The classes are small, so you get the best experience and our whole time there was just me and my friend in the class.
The classes were so much fun, but dont get me wrong they were challenging! My body hurt in places I didn't think it was possible to hurt on. Work the day after my first class was a challenge. I genuinely really enjoyed the 4 weeks i spent at West End Pole, I've done moves I didn't think my body was capable of doing and I've been suprised at what i can do. 
Its the most fun ive ever had whilst exercising and I'm really hoping that after university starts back I'll be able to go along to more classes. 

Have you ever tried pole fitness? What do you think of it? Is it something you would try? 


Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask | Review

Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask
I love a good peel off mask, there's something so satisfying about getting a really good one that peels really well. Its a rare thing though - at least for me it is - to find a peel off mask that you don't spend an age trying to get off your face. 
Best aimed at those who have dull, tired skin - or really any skin - who want to pep their skin up, the Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask works on all skin types perfectly well, and I can vouch for us oily skinned girls when I say it feels good on the skin. It doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped and tight like some masks can, it also doesn't leave a weird residue on the skin. Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask

The mask is a really cool metallic copper shade, and it looks so weird on the skin. Whilst having it on anytime I caught a glimpse of myself I burst out laughing! You need to use a generous amount of this though - you can't get away with just a thin layer. 
The mask has a strong scent though, and it made my eyes nip a bit. I don't think the scent is the same fresh citrus one that we're used to from the rest of the line. 
I tried this mask a couple of times since I got it in My Latest In Beauty box, and I have to say I definitely think this is the best peel off mask I've ever tried. There was only a small bit that didn't peel away easily, the rest peeled off in big chunks. I really felt that my skin was noticeably brighter after using it! I also think it helped to clear my pores or at least make them look smaller as after each use my blackheads were visibly smaller - winner winner.   
When using this mask, after 15 minutes scrunch your face up and the mask will loosen enough for you to peel it away. It costs £24 for 75ml, and I think that the tube will last a fairly long time. One thing to note is the mask when you peel it off stings a little, if you've ever used a nose strip its almost like that. 
I'd highly recommend trying this out, even if it's just in the sample form. I'll definitely be buying this in the full size when the one I have runs out. 
Have you tried this before, what do you think of it? Whats your favourite mask to use? 


The Original Make-up Eraser | Review

The first time I saw the Make-up Eraser I was in Rome, I really wanted to try it but it wasn't exactly cheap. I'm glad I held off though as I got the one I have now I bought from Amazon for around £14. I honestly didn't really know what to expect from this - I know its meant to be some kind of wonder product for taking off your make-up, but I don't really hold my hopes up too high for it... Like I think I'll still need to do a second cleanse, but it'll be interesting to see how it does. 
The Make-up Eraser is essentially a big face cloth, one side of it removes the make-up and the other exfoliates - although to be honest with you I think both sides feel exactly the same and for the life of me I couldn't tell what side was which. The cloth is meant to last for up to 1000 washes - essentially this should last me a good couple of years - cause really how am I gonna wash my face 1000 times in one year? The cloth is so so so soft, like unbelievably soft - I wonder if its one of those things that will get less and less soft as time goes by? Only time will tell I suppose. 

The first time I used this I didn't feel that it did anything. Like at all. Zilch. Nada. I put it in the washing machine to see if that would help it. It seems to have done something to it, honestly though I'd have never thought that washing it would do anything to it, but somehow it has...
After leaving the cloth alone for what I'm pretty sure was months, I decided to give it another go, and I've honestly mixed feelings. It took my make-up off but it felt weird on my skin while I used it. Clearly its taken at least some of my makeup off, as its all over the cloth, but I'm not sure if it removed all traces of make-up. I'd definitely still want to do a second cleanse to ensure that its definitely all off. None of the makeup I've tried with this has been waterproof, I can though imagine that with a little encouragement that it could do a pretty good job or taking it off. 
I'd love to say I really enjoyed using this and that it'll be an integral part of my routine... But, the weird way it feels on the skin puts me off it. I'll probably take it to Connors as an easy way of taking my makeup off, if not I'll keep it here and break it out when I'm playing about with my makeup.
Have you tried the Make-up Eraser? What did you think of it? 


21st Birthday Wishlist

21, oh where have the years gone? I'm actually really excited for my birthday, it'll be my first night out in ages - I get to have a night out with all my friends, then a few days later I go off to Paris! I honestly don't really know what I'd like for my birthday but here's a few things I've been eyeing up recently.
So, a while ago I saw the most perfect bag. I've a mint obsession, and this time it's manifesting itself in this Michael Kors Bag. Unfortunately its only available on the American site, but luckily my friends going over soon so fingers crossed they have space in their suitcase for me. 

I've been wanting a Fujifilm Instax Mini for the longest time, I'd love to get one and take it to Paris with me. They're fairly expensive which is a bit of a pain but they make for really cute pictures. 

Keeping on the photography line, I'd adore a more compact camera. Don't get me wrong I adore my DSLR but for taking travelling I'm finding it a little too big. Samsung NX Mini looks to be the perfect size for travelling, I'd like to start travelling vlogging and it seems perfect. The Canon G7X looks to be amazing too but its a wee bitty too expensive, Sony also do a camera with a flip screen that looks to be quite good for travel.

I quite fancy a new charm for my bracelet. Either a travel related one like this or a cuter type, I'm pretty sure I saw a lovely heart one the other day but I can't see it online now... 

I'd really like a pair of Chelsea boots - I've seen a few pairs on ASOS that look quite nice and I'm pretty sure that Office have a fair few really nice ones!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Palette looks stunning and the amount of looks I've seen made with this is unreal. I'm pretty certain its sold out near enough everywhere which is a bit of a shame but hay ho, it'll be back in stock again. 

I'm really struggling to find some sort outfit for my birthday night out, I've seen a couple but a new bra will be a must for near enough all of them. I've seen this one from AX Paris that looks quite nice and this one from Boohoo, the colour of this one looks stunning hopefully it looks just like it does in the picture. 

If you've any lovely dress ideas I'd love to hear them as I've no clues. 


BeautyBlender Liner.Designer | Review

I really wasn't sure what I'd make of this - but from as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to try it. When I managed to finally get hold of one from a friend that visited Las Vegas I was so excited to try it out - was it just a gimmick or did it actually do what it was meant to.
First time using it I made a double wing - it actually turned out really well, I almost suprised myself with how well it turned out. Beginners luck? Maybe... 
It costs around $16 on Sephora - approx. £12 or there abouts. Now for what is essentially a reusable version of tape trick, its a little on the pricey side. I never managed to the get tape trick to work for me so this is already - personally - better.  
So I've tried the double flick liner twice now and both times its turned out fairly well - when I've tried to do just a simple flick though its went a little pear shaped, so I've had success and failures. 
Ok. So the liner.designer itself is housed in a small potable little case, the case comes with a sucker pad - I assume so you can stick it to a mirror as you do your liner? The liner.designer is a small pink rubbery triangle shaped device. Such a horrific description I know, but its an ovalish triangle. It's got one straight edge and two rounded edges, it seems like for all liner looks you just use the straight edge, but the rounded edges could be used to make a much more rounded flick. The liner.designer can also be used as a mascara shield and to line the lips perfectly. Its meant to stick to your face by itself, but when I've used it myself I've needed to hold it down as it tends to fall off otherwise. I might try giving it a wipe and see if that helps it stick on. 
If I'm completely honest, I'm of two minds about this... I know for a fact I wouldn't find it this easy to do a double flick like this, but for £10 (£15 from some sites) is it worth it? If you struggle to do eyeliner flicks of any type this might be really helpful for you, if you're a liner pro then this wouldn't be necessary for you to buy at all. I do quite like it, and I think with a fair bit of practice there would be a lot of different looks you can do with this. 
You can get this in the UK now for £10 from Selfridges - Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay also sell it but for £15. 
Have you tried this? What do you think of things like this? 


Add Some Sparkle To Your Keys | Fiat 500 Key Covers

Before I even bought my car I'd seen the most amazing key covers that I fell in love with instantly! The amazing girl behind Sparkle With Emily had given me all kinds of heart eyes and I know that when I bought my car I'd be buying one of her amazing covers. 
A few months ago when I finally took myself down to Arnold Clark to buy my car - a beautiful mint Fiat 500 - I near enough instantly emailed Emily asking about prices and designs. I'd scrolled through her page enough times to know near enough exactly what I wanted - I showed her the pictures that I liked and she was happy to help me, two weeks later I had my beautiful case! 
The cover was honestly so well priced and is made to such a high standard - she also included extra gems just in case any fell off. Also if your case gets in bad shape you can send it to her for a complete overhaul. 
Sparkly case + fluffy ball = girls dream car keys. What do you think of these cases? Cute or tacky? I personally adore mine more than anything else and I'm never one for tacky things.