Arbonne Nutrition Pack

It's getting closer to that time of year again - the time of year where everyone wants to lose their festive weight and get a kick start of a healthier year. 
In general, I'm a rather healthy and fit person, I use protein powders most days anyway and as I'm wanting to try move to a more plant based life I thought I'd give the Arbonne Nutrition pack a go. The cheaper and smaller of the two nutrition packs came with a box of the Herbal tea, a box of Fizz Sticks (you can pick pomegranate or citrus flavoured), a box of digestion plus, a bag of daily fibre support and a bag of their vegan protein, I got the chocolate one but they also have vanilla. 
Arbonne have a 30 day to Healthy Living plan that this pack is based around, during the plan your meant to completely cut out dairy, wheat/gluten, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Its quite a lot to cut out, but when you think about it these things were never meant to be in our bodies, way back when we wouldnt have had toast or cereal for breakfast, would have been anything we could have caught, killed or grown. So I'm all for cutting out crap we are most likely intolerant too. 
I mix the digestion plus, the tea and the fizz sticks together and they taste insane together! It basically just tastes a bit like warm ribenna - I say warm cause I cool mine down. The tea in itself tastes really nice too! 
I've yet to try the Fibre Support - but the whole point in this is basically to replace the nutrients that we are meant to get from our foods but don't anymore. Basically cause our foods come from many places over seas - after they've been harvested they instantly start to lose their nutritional value - essentially cause the crop is dying as soon as its been cut. So this is just there to supplement what were no longer getting from our foods. 
Final item here now is the Protein Shake powder. I got the chocolate one as I'd already tried it a few weeks ago, it was just the most velvety smooth chocolate protein I'd ever tried. It provides 20g of vegan protein per serving which is pretty good! It will definitely help get me to my goal of 96g of protein a day! 

Have you ever tried anything from Arbonne before? What do you think of these products? 


H&M Beauty

Back when the new maaaassive H&M opened in Glasgow David and I went in for a wee look - it was then that I had noticed the huge beauty section that they had (there was also a huge homewear section but thats for another time). When I got paid the other week I decided to get a few things from their beauty range, mostly masks though. 
First of the masks are both for combination skin, both of these two are peel off ones. The yellow coloured pod is Raspberry Leaf - it says its got vitamin E for combination skin, it says it helps to clear away dead skin cells to leave skin fragrant and soft to the touch. Not sure how I feel about the fragrant part of it but hay ho, we'll see what its like to actually use. The other mask here is a Manuka Honey and Jasmine Blossom mask - it also removed dead skin cells, and again says it leaves your skin feeling fragrant and smooth. 
I also got a Dragon Fruit and Fig Mask - this one is an exfoliating mask, this one says it gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, this one is designed for oily skin. The other mask here is Tea Tree cleansing peel off mask with peppermint oil, this helps to ease irritation & leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 
Last 3 items of this very mask heavy haul. Theres a Witch Hazel and Rosemary mask for oily skin - this helps to cleanse the skin, reducing unwanted oil leaving the skin feeling refreshed and clear. The final mask is a Witch Hazel and Willowherb mask, this one is for blemish prone skin - it contains soothing ingredients to remove excess sebum leaving your skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. The masks all cost £2.99 - apart from the Tea Tree one which cost £1.99. 
The final thing I got was a Brush Cleansing Spray, I just thought this would be a good thing to have to refresh my brushes between deeper cleans. It was £3.99 so could be a good wee bargain if it does the job. 
I don't think I've ever seen anyone talking about H&M's beauty line, what do you think about their products? Have you tried any of it before? 


CoverFX Liquid Highlighter

I honestly don't know how I've not done a post on these before - this is probably one of my all time favourite highlighters! The Cover FX Colour Enhancing Drops come in 9 different colours, a few look like bronzing shades though, and cost £34. I got this a long while ago and every time I wear a full face I wear this! The bottle is glass and has 15ml of product in it. The product is applied with a little pipette type applicator. The rubber squeezy bit is was black, but through using the product the rubber top has turned shimmery from the product. 
Quite frankly, the pipette thing is pretty useless - I'll never suck up product to apply it as that would give you waaaaaay to much product to use on your face. You literally need the tiniest amount of product with this - it is so pigmented that I only dab a tiny bit of this on my face and thats it - dab dab and done. Well... Not quite. You will need to blend it in - I just use my finger to blend it and it does the job v nicely if I do say so myself. 
When you first apply it, it comes out as quite a thick liquid - its not overly runny, its just the right consistency for you to be able to play around with it and blend it nicely. I took a lil picture of how it looks unblended - aka dab dabbed onto the skin - and when its been blended out. It is a fairly intense highlight but honestly you could just use less for a more subtle look! 
Have you tried these before? What do you think of them? 


Bath And Body Works | Winter Collection

 I have an issue, and the issue is I can't stop buying Bath & Body Works candles, these two make my collection 5 strong now. I'm probably going to get more at another time, all 5 of my candles are autumnal scents - one is even a lovely Halloween one (you can see my other candle haul here).
The two candles I bought are Hot Cocoa & Cream and Campfire Donuts. The candles are both 3 wick and have the same sort of rustic looking label on the glass jars. They also feature the same metal lids with the forest and stars design on them! These scents are definitely not for everyone as only my brother and Davids Auntie like the smell of them - they are very strong and if you're not a fan of sweet cakey type scents then I'd probably steer clear of these ones. 
Hot Cocoa & Cream smells just like a super rich hot chocolate - smells insane and honestly it smells good enough to eat. It is definitely the stronger of the two scents. Campfire Donuts smells amazing too - it isn't nearly a strong a scent as Hot Cocoa & Cream though. 
It smells cakey and sweet, just like a warm donut would smell. 
Both these candles are literally drool worthy!! 

What do you think about these two candles? Would they be scents that you'd want?


November Goals

Hello! Autumn is most definitely upon us and I achieved one of my goals last month... I blogged regularly! Woohoo go me!! 
I did not however sort my money issues out - reduced my credit card debt by a small amount but nothing huge. So this shall be an on going goal that I’ll not talk too much about until I manage to fix it. 
I also didn’t manage to get any of my autumn wardrobe sorted. I’ve worked near enough every day since my October Goals Post and my lack of money has given me no chance to get new clothes. Some new jumpers and a new pair of jeans though are definitely needed.
Lets talk November Goals though! 

Get Christmas Wrapped Up

Puns aside, I really want to have all my Christmas presents bought by the end of the month. David and I are buying joint presents for all the people in our families, we already know what we are getting his gran, mum and dad - just need to figure out what were getting for my gran, mum, her partner, my brother and Davids nephew (hes the most adorable wee boy ever). 
So still have lots of people to buy for - but we're thinking that a Stobo gift voucher for my mum and her partner could be a great idea. 

Improve the weight I'm lifting for every body part

So the weight I'm able to lift has been going up ever so slightly, but I'd like for at least one exercise for each body part to increase in weight by maybe about 10kg (?) by the end of the month. So for example, I chest press (both incline and flat) 10kg currently so it would be good to manage nearer the 20 mark by the end of the month. 
I'm going to pick exercises I want to increase on to make this easier: chest press, shoulder press, cable tricep pull downs and leg press. 

Keep on going with the blog

I love my blog, I'm excited to keep going with it and see where it'll take me over the next few months! 

What goals do you have for this month? 


October | 5 things

October went by in a blur, I worked more or less every day of the month - so I’m feeling so very tired, also though looking towards payday to treat myself to new things! Woop woop! 
Of my goals that I set at the start of the month I think I maybe only achieved one of them - boo! But in fairness I think that setting myself the goal of trying to get my finances under control was a bit of a large goal. 
But anyway, my favourite things about this month! 

I’ve been so proud of my little blog this month, I’ve done so well with posting and I think even my photography for my blog has improved - I’m by no mean the best but I’ve never been more proud of what I’ve created. 

I started using Arbonne in October and then since I loved what I tried, I joined as a rep for them. Please don’t gun me down for doing it.
I’ve been loving using their products and finding out more about skincare and just in general veganism and cruelty free products. It’s good to learn about what goes into most products and what’s good and what’s definitely not good. 

Taking time for myself. Since I spend so much time working and in general just being an emotional mess, I took the rest of the month to pamper and take more time for my mental health. Health is the single most important thing you have and if your physical health or mental health slips then I feel that everything else is a struggle from there. 

It’s getting chilly outside which means bringing out the cosy pyjamas and burning candles and in general just getting awfully autumnal and cosy. Christmas hot drinks are coming out soon in costa and this gives me so much joy - I’m already finding myself readdicted to White Hot Chocolate - it’s actual heaven in a cup and I’m so happy it’s officially back. 

The final thing I’m so greatful for is my dog and David. Odd things to be greatful for, but to be honest with my mental and physical health being so piss poor recently I’ve been so happy that they’ve both been there to support me. 
Yes my dog is supporting me, she cuddles me and give me kisses - god bless her and her fluffy little head. 


Primark Mrs Potts and Chip

I don't know about you but I feel that when these were released people went batty for them, when Chip was first released the store I went to the day of the release sold out in under 20 minutes!!!! Thats insane! But to be honest it doesn't surprise me that much, hes much cuter than the Disney stores offering and much cheaper too at only £5. 
When Mrs Potts came out I was more prepared to get in early - actually going in near enough daily until they could tell me the release day - I'm not even sorry. 
The day of the release they did have a fair few left but again it was only like 10am so they'd almost sold out and they'd only been open for an hour... Disney mania has definitely hit Primark and people are going wild for it. 
Gotta give it to David though - for both Mrs Potts and Chip hes spotted them for me - without him I'd have left empty handed. 
The set are insanely cute - I don't think I'll ever use these as a mug and a tea pot cause lets be honest these are complete collectors items and for decoration. 
Primark are killing it at the moment - and I cant wait to see what they bring out next. Next Beauty and the Beast item I'd like to get is the Cogsworth clock from the Disney Store but hes pretty expensive so I'll have to save for him. 
Have you managed to get your hands on these yet? What do you think of all the Disney items in Primark? 


Minnie Mouse Face Mask

Whilst in Topshop the other day I noticed something by the till which caught my eye - it was a lil Minnie face mask! Its by a brand called Mad Beauty, and this mask had Rose water in it which is calming to the skin. 

The little image of the mask on the back is a little creepy, so was praying that it didn't look as creepy as I thought. 
It definitely looks a bit weird, no gonna lie... It's quite wet on the face too, you can really smell the rose water too, its fairly pleasant. As its so wet, it does move down the face a fair bit whilst wearing it, but rearranging it a little isn't a huge deal.  

When you take the mask off it leaves a lot of residue on the skin, so you've got loads that you can rub into your skin for a bit of extra moisture. I've got fairly oily skin, and I found this left my skin  feeling a little weird. It's hard to explain, but it felt both dry and tight and oily? Like it felt like there was a weird greasy layer on my skin but also it felt really tight... 
I'm not sure if buy this again, but as it only cost £4 I'm not that bothered about it being a bit weird. Maybe it would be good for you if your skins dry, wouldn't recommend for the oily skinned gals though.. 

Have you tried these masks before? What did you think of them? 


My Reasons for Working Out

Hellooooo! So today we're going fitness-y, with a post all about the reasons I work out! 
So a very obvious reason for working out is to look good, but its not as simple as that, I want to feel good as well as look good. I want more than to look good, I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin, I want to feel stronger and I want to see my body progress and be able to push myself further than I have before. 
- I work out to feel strong
I'm currently on a small "cut" - so basically trying to reduce my body fat percentage for a leaner look overall. Technically I shouldn't be getting stronger whilst cutting but as I'm eating more calories than I originally was back at the start of the year I'm managing to progress a little. 

My back and shoulders have progressed sooo well its unreal, also David says my triceps are bigger than his - I hope hes joking as his arms are huge! lolol
My legs and bum are feeling stronger now too, and the muscles on my legs are definitely getting bigger. 
I'm really excited to see how much more I progress when I start my bulk - basically eating more to feed da muscles. Grow muscles grow!!
- To feel more confidant 
Going back to pole in March gave me so much confidence, and then going regularly to the gym with David in May gave me even more confidence. I never in a million years thought that I'd be going to the gym 5/6 times a week, and I honestly never thought I'd be brave enough or confidant enough to go to the gym by myself lifting all da weights with da guys. 
Bossing the gym like the superwoman I am. 
When I went to Fuerteventura in July I felt amazing, felt so at home in my own skin and even though there could have still been improvement I felt so much happier about myself than I had for a long time. 

- To combat stress
I was near enough crying daily due to stress from my exams, and it was so nice to be able to even just get half an hour to work out. Lifting some heavy ass weights and getting some of my stress out was just what was needed to keep myself a little more grounded. Also if you ever want to sweat it out and burn out ya legs, get yourself on the stairmaster cause o boi! 

- To see how much I improve
See that crazy happy looking girl in the picture above! Yeah that girl never in a million years thought that she'd manage to climb to the top of the pole, seeing yourself improve is such a a huge motivator, be it making it to the top of the pole for the first time or lifting heavier than you had previously. Improvements big or small make my strive to continue working out. 

-Reaching my goals
Hello to boyfriends cute shoulder press face. 
I set myself goals so I have things to strive towards, things to push me forward. My current goal is to get to at least 18% body fat by the end of my cut whilst retaining my strength. 
I know I want to be able to squat my body weight - of which I'm fairly close to managing, then I'd aim for double my weight ect. 
Long term as well, I'd love to take part in a competition as well - at the moment I'm torn between bikini or powerlifting - completely different in ways of training so I'll need to decide what I want to do and start my training for it too. 

Do you work out? What are your reasons for exercising? 


Protein Pick n Mix Haul

I've decided to bulk up over the autumn winter time, so I'm putting on weight but I want to try keep the fat gain as low as possible, but heres the thing, I snack a hella lot. I decided to put a cheeky wee Protein Pick n Mix haul, all da snacks. 
 Snack bars! I got 4 of the Milky Way protein bars, I've tried one of these so far and they are tasty but they don't taste as good as an actual Milky Way - boo! Would recommend though, they weren't too chewy, and tasted pretty good. 
I also got one of the Barbell Cookies and Cream bars, this does not taste like how I expected it. Other Cookies and Cream bars taste amazing but this one tasted a wee bit like coffee... Maybe I just had weird taste buds. 
I got one of the Confetti Cake Crunch My Bars. This was really nice, but a bit chewy. 
I've yet to try this last one but its the Fulfil Cookies and Cream bars. 
 Next up we have the My Muscle Mug Mug cake - this one is Red Velvet. I've not tried it yet but I've seen a few people on Instagram talk about this one and they had only good things to say about it. 
I also got a Swolesome foods cookie - this was amazing, it had a surprise jammy filling inside it. If you were looking for a decent macro treat that actually tastes amazing then this is the treat for you.
 Jim Buddy's Donuts are heavenly. Actual heaven in a plastic tub. The Chocolate Orange one was the better of the two but they were both outstanding. You need to eat them pretty quickly though thats the only thing, I think they say to eat within 5 days. 
 GRENADE SHAKES ARE AMAZING! Ok, these taste amazing, all the flavours are beaut (although don't tell the others but White Chocolate is my fave). I got a set of 6 as they were better priced when you bought more. As a post workout these are great, I also though have one if I'm running late and dont have time for breakfast. 
 I also got two of the PEScience Select Proteins, I got them in Snickerdoodle and Cookies and Cream. I actually only got these cause a fitness Instagrammer I love was using these to make cake. And I like cake so it seemed to make sense. 
Final two products are Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle mix - I've used this before and love it so this is just a repurchase, I use it along with protein powder to make pancakes. I also got the Nuts'n More Hazelnut Spread, still need to try it so I'll update you on my twitter about the taste if you fancy knowing how it is. 

Thats all for my Protein Pick n Mix haul, is there anything you like the look of here or anything you think I should try soon? 


Shearer Candles | Haul

Awhile back David and I were wandering aromatherapy had town and decided to go have a look in Princes Square, one of the shops we decided to go into was Shearer Candles. The candles they sold smelled amazing, and although at the time I couldn’t afford to buy any I knew I’d be back to pick up a few. 
Flash forward to when I got paid, whilst killing time in town before a meeting one day I decided to pop in and see what I wanted. There was s few things in the sale so I didn’t spend as much as I might have otherwise - I’d also set myself a max spend of £40 (I’d already spent £25 on candles that week, whoops, you can see that haul here though if ya like). Shearer Candles are a Scottish Company, founded in Glasgow, and are the UKs longest established lifestyle candle company. 
I decided to get this massive 3 wick candle, its their 20th anniversary candle, its got a lovely soft scent to it - on the jar it says its Amber and Rose. My mum thinks it smells like patchouli oil, but I think it just smells soft and sweet, almost a bit like honey. This candle was £15 in the sale, and has around 60 hours of burn time in it. The design on the label is really nice too - very Scottish but still elegant. 
I also got the Rhubarb and Raspberry scented candle, and oh boi this smells hella good. This scent is new for 2017 and if you were to section off your scents into seasons then this would definitely be more of a summer scent, but thats not gonna stop me from burning it through autumn. It was £9 for this candle, and I think it smells just like those rhubarb and custard sweets you can buy. Its a lovely juicy mouth watering scent. The jar is a weighty pink/ purple colour with a silver lid, the lid doesn't have a rubber rim or anything on it so it will fall off if your not careful, but thats not an issue for me. 
I got a few tealights from them too - they were £2.50, and are peach and tamarind scented. They smell divine, you get 8 in a pack and even whilst burning they smell beautiful. I got them with this lovely candle holder in mind. This is so cute whilst a candle is inside it, the tree design is lovely. There was three size options for this holder and I got the middle size, it was £15 and is perfect for the autumn winter time. 

Have you tried anything from Shearer Candles before? 


Bath and Body Works Haulin'

So, recently I found out there are some lovely people that sell Bath and Body Works products on facebook groups... This has been v much fun for me looking at new things and also very much not fun for my bank balance. I've gone so crazy with it recently and I think I've spent a good £100 on a few candles, body washes and pocket bacs. 
I'm also v tempted to buy more candles and some of the car scent things cause my car could do with smelling a lil better. 
So the first few things I bought were a couple of Pocket Bacs and a little holder for them cause y'know it looked cute and I'm a sucker for this kinda thing. The pocketbac's that I bought were the Sweet Pea and the Stress Relief ones. I've had both these scents before but in shower gel forms. They smell amazing and are definitely one of my favourite scents. To go along with them I got the holder, this one is a really pretty silver stone type one - its got little gem stones in it too, very pretty and will be a cute way to hold my pocketbacs. 
Next up lets talk shower gels! I got two of their shower gels, first one is the Japanese Cherry Blossom - I've had this shower gel before and loved it - hence me buying it again. Also bought the Pretty as a Peach shower gel. This smells so sweet, I cant wait to cover myself in bubbles.
 So the first of three candles I bought was Flipping Awesome. Flipping Awesome is Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Scented. It smells insane! Absolutely insane. My mum isn't a fan of this as its really sweet in scent but I love it, it smells beautiful. I think it will have a really good throw and will fill the room really well. 
 I also got Pumpkin Cupcake scented candle - again I adore this, it smells pretty similar to Flipping Awesome, but different enough to make having both worthwhile. Again the throw in this I think will be amazing - like fill the whole home good. 
Final product - the Vampire Blood Halloween scented candle is beautiful. It smells so lovely - a bit like berries, so its very fresh, the candle itself looks really nice - very Halloween-y, but y'know in a cute way.

Next time I get shop happy for Bath and Body Works what should I try and get? I need to calm down with the candle buying cause I now legit have a box full of candles in my room - better get burning. 


TK Maxx Candle Haul

 Hello candle people! After seeing a few people on twitter recently talking about DW Home candles I decided to take a look in TK Maxx after work one day. I found a few that I loved and a few more that I bundled into my arms - I had to leave a fair few behind unfortunately, I'll be back for them eventually, mark my words. 
 I got two candles from DW Home, a large 3 wick candle and a smaller jar. The smaller candle is in the scent Lychee, its housed in a burgundy jar with a rose gold lid. This smells so nice, very fresh and sweet - I'm hoping the scent doesn't disappear while burning. The jar costs £2.99, it doesn't say how long it will burn for but £2.99 for a beautifully scented candle is amazing value. 
The larger jar is in the scent Vanilla Blackberry, its got the same gold lid but the glass jar for this one is an ombre jar. It fades from a yellow, to a deep blue shade. This smells heavenly, its both fresh and fruity and cake-y. A strange mix of things when you think about it, but it smells divine. This jar costs £7.99, and if the £2.99 for the small jar was good value then this is phenomenal. The three wick jar says it has appox. 26 hours of burn time, which doesn't seem like an overly long amount of time for a fairly large candle, but we'll see how long I get out of it.  
 I saw this cool looking candle on the shelf and decided to take it with me - they had a Whisky scented one, this candle is Gin scented and by the brand M of W.G - aka Makers of Wax Goods. This candle is a large glass jar, with a wooden lid. Everything about the candle is perfect, it looks so crisp and grand. Quite rustic looking I think. Scent wise, its crisp and fresh. It'll be perfect for burning if you want a pleasant not overwhelming scent. I'm not sure how much I spent on this candle, the sticker appears to have been ripped off at some point. 
Olivia Blake is the final candle company I bought from. When I saw this I originally thought it was a Jo Malone candle, as the packaging is very very similar. The scent I got is Red Berry and Clove, on the box the scent is described as a rich black cherry with hints of cinnamon with a deep woody amber base. It smells really fresh with a light cherry scent, I think it will smell insane whilst burning. This only cost £5.99 and for what looks like an amazing dupe for Jo Malone candles the price is pretty good too. 
TK Maxx have such an amazing and vast range of candles to pick from, I'm excited to see what other scents I can find in stores over coming months. 

Have you bought any candles from TK Maxx recently? What brands do you recommend I try and find?  


Snow Fairy Candle

For my birthday my amazing best friend spoiled me with so many lovely things - a couple of which will feature here over the next few weeks! But for now we are gonna talk about this delicious smelling candle! 
The candle in question is from Bags of Thought and smells just like Lush's Snow Fairy, hence the candle being called Snow Fairy. Bags of Thought have so many scents, from Chanel to Dior, they have it all. The jars cost £19.99, and are about the same size as a medium Yankee jar.

The Snow Fairy jar smells utterly divine! It smells just like the bottles of snow fairy, as its quite a strong smell even without burning it I thought it would be really strong whilst burning but its quite a soft smell. Its not over powering in anyway shape or form. Its light and sweet, and oh so yummy. 
Caitlyn I praise you for getting me this candle - but also curse you cause now I want to buy more!