Beauty Haul | Beauty Bay & Cult Beauty

So, I've been a bit MIA recently. And honestly I've a good reason for being so absent. My relationship with Connor blew up in my face rather unexpectedly and its taken me near enough two months to just come to terms and kind of accept that its over. I'm getting myself back out there and I feel so much better than I have in a very very long time. 
I've honestly over spent so bloody much in the past few weeks to try cheer myself up, all this has done however has lead me to have no money for the rest of the month. YAY. 
I put a couple of orders on Beauty Bay and another in Cult Beauty. I've become a wee bitty beauty obsessed in recent weeks, and as a result I've bought the things I wanted for the longest time. 
 From BeautyBay I got myself a few wee things, in the first order I made I got myself one of the Jeffree Star highlighters, the one I got is in the shade Ice Cold, £25.50. For what ever reason this picture turned out awfully, the highlighter though is unreal, and I've worn it near enough every time I've worn make-up. I've actually been wearing it with another highlighter but I'll do a post on that soon - it gives me such feels. 
I also got myself the new (?) Violet Voss Silicone makeup thing, £10. I gave this a quick try when I got it, but honestly I think I used it wrong, as I hated the finish it gave. Everyone raved about it so much and said how beautiful the finish was. I think I must have used to much foundation, cause the foundation didn't look even slightly blended and there was so much excess that needed blending in with another brush.  
Last thing from Beauty Bay is the Mr. Bright Teeth Whitening Kit, £49.95. I was so apprehensive about buying this, I mean look at the price of it! If this did nothing for my teeth then I'd have wasted so much money on it, half a hundred quids.  

Cult Beauty took some of my cash dolla too. I finally dove in and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, £41. I'm so bloody glad I did, I've only played with it just the once so far, but I'm utterly in love with it already. The shades are beautiful and so pigmented, the blend like a dream too. URGH, want a good enough reason to wear it out and about but university doesn't seem like a glam enough reason. 
 Two new lovely Zoeva brushes too, both were £8.99 each. I love Zoeva brushes, and I plan to one day own all their eye ones! I own a lot of eye brushes, but the Zoeva ones are by far the best ones you can buy, at least out of the ones I've tried at least. 
Any recommendations on what I should buy next?