22nd Birthday Wishlist

Its almost birthday time! Birthday month, but also exam month - I actually have a exam on my birthday, WAAAH! So in order to cheer myself up about that tragic fact I thought I'd make a wee wishlist for my birthday. Some of these are of much higher value than others but all still items I've had my eye on for awhile. 
So the top row is all quite pricey, bottom row is much more affordable. 
The HP Sprocket is something I've wanted for awhile just for the convenience of printing your photos then and there, its fairly pricey at £99.99. But it looks amazing. 
The Fitbit Alta HR is something else I've had my eye on for awhile, they start from £129.99 and prices go up depending on the colour. With me going to the gym loads now I feel the need to get one of these is even higher now. 
I don't wear rings ever, but the Princess Ring from Pandora is too cute and something I've wanted for ages.  
POLE CLOTHING!!! I've already got a pair of the WEPDA shorts but I fancy more of their shorts and their new tops that they have just announced - everything looks lovely. 
CHIP MUG! The Primark one is £5 and is so adorable, the Disney one is £14.95 and although its nice I think the Primark one is slightly nicer. 
Gym meme tops! These are brilliant, I've been following their page on instagram for awhile and love the designs, maybe soon I'll actually end up owning some of their tops. Their tops change so often and once they sell out ffhats it, no restocking or anything, but they have loooooads on their site. 

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