August Goals

I've been such a terrible blogger, so sorry I've been so MIA just been so busy with work, gym and university that I've legit had no time to get anything up. Many apologies. This month should be better as work is dying down - no more 36 hour weeks for this part time gal - and although my resits are still to happen I shouldn't be as busy (I hope). 

So in June I decided to get organised, pay off my debt, get active and sort my hair out. I managed half of these and its not even the good half. I'm worse off financially than I have been for awhile and I'm still not organised as much as I wanted to be for my upcoming exams (SOS!) Good news is my hair is all one colour and I now go to the gym at least 4 times a week and pole once a week. 

So in August I want to try get rid of at least a quarter of my credit card debt. So basically I need to make sure I've around £300 to put into the card. My only saviour is that student loans are back soon and that will - rather ironically - wipe out all my debt completely. Odd that I'm using a loan to pay another loan.... 

This one is a need rather than a want, and this need is to be so super organised for university and get my smert hat on so that I don't end up crying over failing my exams and getting exiled from university... So lets get these projects done and notes written out, I'll get dez past papers aced and be a glorious second time passer. WOOT

I'd like to get out and go for a walk daily, like at least half an hour each day. Theres some days where I legit go to work/ the gym and thats it. Doggo will love me for taking her on extra walks each day and it could be an excuse to visit new parks. I don't care if its raining, I'm gonna get my coat on and go a wander. 

Final one - I promise - I want to do more with my blog, and my youtube. I miss doing them both so bloody much and this year I'm going to get back into it again properly! I promise! 

What about you guys? What are your goals for the month? 

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