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I buy a lot of Groupon food deals. And I mean a lot. I find it means I get to try places I probably wouldn't otherwise have tried. And this time I found myself in Smoak. I'd passed by it a few times while in town but never actually thought to go in. The deal was pretty good, I think it was like £12 for a burger and fries for two? Sounds about right... 
Smoak is located right in the heart of Glasgow in Royal Exchange Square. They have seating indoors and out, as it was such an oddly beautiful day in Glasgow when we visited the outside area was mobbed. Inside has quite an industrial type feel to it, all woody and sort of westerny - my use of words is amazing aint it? They have a great selection of drinks from the usual sort drinks to milkshakes and even ice teas (they had sold out by the time we got their though, boo!) 
The burgers themselves though were lovely, I went for the UMAMI 2.0. It was an amazing juicy burger with mushrooms, bacon, cheese and rocket - I opted for no onions as I'm no a fan. The chips are amazing too! I did that horrific thing of putting the sauce all over the chips - sorry not sorry.
David loved his burger too, he got a different one from me but I can't remember what one he picked, also he bit into it as soon as it came so no pictures of that one were obtained. 
Smoak was really good though, prices were decent and the food was delicious. I'm sure at some point David and I will be back. 

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