My Protein Active Woman Sample Box

Hullo, so todays post is a wee bit fitness-y. I've become a bit of a fitness nut recently, and because of this I've been trying new foods and new fitness brands. I've used My Protein before, but I hadn't in a really long time. They had a deal on recently for 40% off so I decided to put a wee order in. I ended up getting Rocky Road Cookies and this wee box, the cookies are glorious but we're here today for the sample box. It's not the usual type of box product I talk about, usually its latest in beauty or glossyboxes that would feature. Today though we're being all fit and healthy with a fitness box. I like things like this as they give you the chance to try lots of different products rather than buying a full size of one thing, potentially not liking it and then getting stuck with it. Not ideal. So when I saw this wee box online I decided to add it into my basket, I didn't really know anything about the box when I bought it but it wasn't too expensive (£16 full price) and I'm just kinda an impulse buyer. 
When the box came though I was super impressed with it. Its got so much in it, and theres loads of variety. The Active Women Sample Box contains 9 different products ranging from a shaker bottle to protein powders, from cookies to desserts. Theres loads of choice and even some vegan options. 
 There were two of the My Protein Active Women Protein Desserts, one is chocolate truffle flavoured and and the other is velvet vanilla flavour.  I've tried the Velvet vanilla one and it wasn't too bad actually, although the whole sachet definitely felt like too much. 
There were two vegan blends, one is pineapple and coconut flavoured and the other is apple caramel. The pineapple and coconut flavoured one isn't my cup of tea, so i probably won't be trying that one anytime soon. 
There was also two sachets of the Active Women Diet Blend in Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Toasted Marshmallow flavours. Both of these flavours sound amazing - cant wait to try them both!
There was also a tub of the Active Women Collagen & Coconut with Vitamin C tablets. These are basically just tablets to help keep your skin beautiful and healthy, I've been taking them for a few days and although not much has changed although I think my skin is not quite as dry as it usually is.  
A wee shaker cup as well to shake all the new proteins in - can you ever have too many shaker cups? 
NEW SNACKS! I love snacks, there also a honey and vanilla tea bag too. The High Protein Chocolate is amazing! Utterly amazing. There are also two skinny protein cookies too, Cranberry & White choc and Berry & dark choc. I've tried other my protein cookies and they are really good so I'm looking forward to trying these ones. 

Have you tried anything from My Protein before? What are your favourite proteins? 

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